Other Characters!

Name: Throaer
Age: 215
Job: Retired (formerly a minstrel)
Personality: Friendly, Inquisitive, Knowledgeable, and PERVERSE BEYOND REASON

Bio: Ever on the quest to tell the perfect tale, Throaer traverses the land, learning many life lessons. However, his favorite tales entail the most erotic of acts. As a young man, Throaer was virtually irresistible. All he needed to do was serenade a maiden and she would be in his bed moments later. This went terribly awry when he tried to seduce a powerful sorceress. Insulted at his advances, Throaer was cursed to be infertile until he found his true love.

After a series of misadventures, Throaer found his true love and bore a son, Kaspar. Now in his twilight years, Throaer is every bit as lively as he was in his youth. Girls watch out! This dirty old elf is watching you!


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Name: Kaspar (Destiny's Fist)
Age: 148
Job: Martial Arts Instructor
Personality: Easy-going, competitive, jolly

Bio: Kaspar's life as an elf was pretty normal, considering he he visited the human cities quite often. Always looking for a challenge, Kaspar found himself training under a human martial artist that claimed to be over 200 years old, and yet he still was able to defeat the then young Kaspar with a single gesture. Training under this old man for years, Kaspar eventually became a master in his own right.

Eventually, Kaspar met and fell in love with a druid's apprentice named Amanis. The two quickly married. Despite their love for each other, their views on the physical world and magical one often causes marital squabbles that are ended as soon as they begin.

Kaspar is very competitive and always on the look for a challenge.

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Name: Amanis
Age: 145
Job: Magic Instructor

Bio: Coming soon


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Name: Dhoaque (translated to the forgotten falcon)
Alias: Feradeth (translated to the Eternal Champion)
Age: 115
Job: Space Pirate
Personality: Callous, arrogant, greedy above all else

Bio: The eldest son of Kaspar and Amanis, the Dhoaque had big shoes to fill. His father was a master martial artist and his mother was a revered druid. The weight of this pressure caused Dhoaque to alienate himself from his parents a bit. Thinking that the forces of magic were too chaotic to control, he took after his father and studied in martial arts. So disrespectful to magic was he that at a young age, he sold one of his mother’s ancient archives. He felt a satisfying rush as he was given his gold. Devastated by her son’s actions, Amanis kicked Dhoaque out of the house.

Rather than being heartbroken, Dhoaque decided he would continue to steal to feel the satisfying rush he had felt before. So for some time, Dhoaque was nothing more than a petty thief. One day, Dhoaque learned of a strange, golden artifact that was going to be on display at a museum. Figuring that it would be worth a small fortune, he decided to steal it. Thanks to his father’s martial arts training, stealing the golden artifact was quite easy. The golden artifact was a strange, otherworldly sphere. Upon examination, Dhoaque discovered a button and pressed.

After pressing the button, Dhoaque was transported to a strange, alien vessel. The sphere then infused the wood elf with knowledge on how to properly pilot the vessel. With a ship at his command, Dhoaque embarked on a grand quest for infinite wealth. Dubbing himself the Eternal Champion in elven, he recruited miscreants to be his crew