Well vacae's over.... that was fun
Finally found a place where I belong again... I missed that feeling... hah


Thank You....
- Jet <3
- PenPen n_______n
- Jack ?!?!? 8]
- Qu4rtz o 3o

But yeah... finally found that somewhere again
I hope it will last...
I pray it will last...
I wish it will last...

Well, I'm still thinking where my old crew is now... I remember those good time, there were 9 of us:

And of course Steel or Jenni...

Miss the times we had... Thank god Digi and I took pictures

But of course they are gone and we have departed our own separate ways...

I finally found a crew again...
And I have grown strong!
Not shrouded by lied anymore
and My 6 Forms Of Mercy!

I'll live on! I won't fade away in loneliness! I wont die in the shadows

I wont fade away

My legacy will continue...

And this book isn't over