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random things
These are just random crappy things that i have written or drawn. Thank you so much if you take the time to look at this!
biggrin okay, so i want to take a breif break from my um, other story, and i am going to write the beginning of a series of short stories i am going to be writing. its about a kitten. ^^' yeah, i know, weird, but i want to write a story bout a kitten. lol. i havnt really thought of a name for him yet, but he doesnt need one write now anyways. lol. smile

he stared out from underneath a bush as he licked his paw. it was raining, and he didnt want to get wet. he could see peoples feet walking past. but he stayed out of there way. the last time he tried to cross the big street he almost got stepped on and ran over. and that was not fun. he finished licking his paw and stretched. the rain was stopping, as it grew dark. that meant less people would be out. he curled up in a ball to sleep knowing that when he woke everyone would be gone.

the little five year old tottered around the sidewalk as she held her mothers hand tightly. she knew better than to let go. they crossed the street at the crosswalk and past the bush. she say something furry lying underneath. "m-mommy!" she called up to her mother as she tugged lightly on her hand. "mommy look!' her mother looked down to where her daughter was pointing, but she didnt see anything. "its probably just some trash or something honey. now come on, we gotta get home and start dinner for your father." she tried to pull her daughter onward, but she had her feet planted firmly on the sidewalk. "no mommy! its fuzzy!" she let go of her mothers hand and slowly approached the bush, picking up the sleeping brown and white kitten upside down. the girl giggled. "its a kitty mommy. can we keep it?" she tilts her head slightly as she asks this question. the mother takes the kitten from her daughter and pets its soft fur gently. "i suppose so..but come on. we have to hurry home still." she grabs her daughters hand again tightly as she carries the kitten in her other arm, now heading home.

sooo....yeah..i know that was slightly rushed, but i umm...just needed to think of a way for the kitten to end up with the family. i will re write this so it will flow more smoothly and such, but yeah. i just really wanted to write something with a kitten~ cuz there adorable. redface

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commentCommented on: Sun Jan 09, 2011 @ 05:39am
Awww, I thought this was a really cute and sweet story! Sorry I didn't realize it was here before! (I wish I had something that notified me whenever stories or artwork by my friends were posted somewhere!) I loved how you captured the perspective of the kitten and of the child in the story. This story made me feel all happy! I don't think it seemed rushed at all, it seemed to flow together really well!!!! I look forward to more of this story, too, cause I do love your writing very much! <3

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