A note on your present reads:

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw him, you would even say it glows~ Well, I can't give up my nose - but here's something I hope you'll like! It's even the same color! - Rudolph

(Dec 20, 2010)
- Red Juggling Ball

A note on your present reads:

While it's true I can't rhyme
And I don't have much time
Everyone else has so much cheer

So I hijacked the bandwagon
With my trusty black dragon
And overlarge quantities of beer

And this silly lil girl
Will gift-ify the Gaian world
And random inhabitants here

Please don't show off this poem
They'll see my atrocious rhyming and moan
And their brains will sizzle in fear.

You are the first

-The hijacker of bandwagons

(Dec 21, 2010)
- Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Dress

A note on your present reads:

Merry Christmas. The gift may be cheap but I always say it's the thought that counts. I hope you like your present. Love The Anon With No Epicly Cool Name

(Dec 21, 2010)
- Green Octopus (on my head)


A note on your present reads:

One pompous kid demands another gift. Throw him out, he's easy to lift. ~heliotrope

(Dec 21, 2010)
- Cherry Ring Pop

A note on your present reads:

In an attempt to spread Holiday cheer, I've decided to give gifts this year. Merry Christmas! ~Little Miss Gifter

(Dec 22, 2010)
- Single Pink Daffodil - Bouquet

A note on your present reads:

There is a rush of wind, and it appears that there is a presence now that was not there before.
This being, whatever it is, mumbles under its breath, and begins to rummage through a large bag slung over its shoulder.
&Starter Polo, Starter Polo, old event items, trash... I don't know WHAT that is... Hm? What? Haven't you ever seen the junk faerie before?&
Junk Faerie? You don't know what this being means by junk faerie, but it seems to throw an item at you, then tie up its sack.
&There& It mumbles, &I don't care if you like or not, its yours now and I have to get rid of these somehow, before that fat layabout shows up and steals my thunder.&
Another rush seems to sweep around you, and the 'Junk faerie' or whatever it called itself vanishes, leaving a rather unwanted item in your arms.

-The Whisperer of the Moonlit Wind

PS: I think your username is really cool. ;D

(Dec 23, 2010)
- Leviathan's Grace (Anklets)

Thank you again! ^___^