Okay folks, for those of you bothering to read this. Sorry I've been gone again for a few months. >.> I don't like being gone, but I tend to end up being gone for a while. I started to work on some things again. My artwork specifically. I'm going to try and get more writing done and actually finish some things. I'm trying to check out some new styles and trying to draw some different things. I've been cleaning my room and the desk in my room. It's a small one that somehow ends up holding a lot of junk pretty much. Goal is to clean out my closet and actually put my clothes in it. It's been holding things that belong to my parents from way back when and no one in the family can wear them for one reason or another. So yea...

I do have a blog, but I haven't updated that thing since before October for one reason or another and I know I need to update it. If you don't already know, my signature picture will take you to my deviantArt page. If you've rather have a link I'll put some links here if you wanna check out some things. I have twitter and that gets updated kinda often, but if you wanna contact me pm is probably the best. I have alerts going to my phone so yea.

Currently trying to get my artwork and writing stuff done and trying to find a job or at least sell some of my work somehow. Links will come after this. Been listening to older music lately. Kinda helping me somehow. I'm not sure how, but I think it's helping. Now for links!

Twitter: PoetRazor13
When I remember the link to my blog, I'll share it here. sweatdrop

Bye for now folks. I'm open for avi art and stuff like that. Simple please? I'm really cheap on it. You can talk to me about how you want it done and that sort of stuff. I'm not the best and you can look through my deviantArt stuff to see or you can ask for an example of my avi art and I'll share it with you.