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Name: Kim Jae-Hwa
axe-crazy jopok

Race: Korean human

Gender: Male

Age: 28 years

Eyes: brown

Hair: bleach-blond, styled one way or another (usually feathered)

Build: Slim figure, pale-skinned, strong arms, high cheekbones, patchy eyebrows

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 140 lbs

Clothes: Dressy button-down shirts, nice slacks, black loafers. Pretty much refuses to dress down. Likes shades of red and earth tones. Wears a tuxedo suit at concerts.

Occupation: Successor to the Gang family Don, concert violinist, and serial killer

Relationships: Yuya Federico (girlfriend, potential victim, and link to the Federico family); Gang Il-Sung (uncle and Leader); Han Kyung-Yoon (bodyguard)

Personality: Laconic, patient, calculating, adamant. Appears vacuous and bland in conversation, but is quite a good businessman. Enjoys torturing and killing young women before his performances to boost his adrenaline. Likes Yuya because he tried that s**t on her and she beat his a**. Still tries to kill her on occasion, as a sort of deranged foreplay. Occasionally picks fights with strangers out of boredom or just as an excuse to be violent.

Likes: Playing the violin, war novels, strategy games, any kind of excitement

Dislikes: Casual conversation, tranquility, rap music, subterraneans

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