dreaming of snow is usually good unless you eat it.That is a sign of a period of sadness. Dreaming of heavy snow is a sign of hard work that will end in a big success. Dreaming of wet snow on trees is a sign of profitable investments. Dreaming of snow on a mountain means goods news is on the way.

How many days old the moon is on the first snowfall will tell you how many big snowfalls you will see that winter. Two circles around a full moon means it will snow soon. A white Christmas means a green Easter. No snow by Christmas means many deaths that winter. A snowman built with new fallen snow is a guardian for your home.Snow on your wedding day is a sign of prosperity and fertility.

In Japanese folklore men were warned not to walk during a snowstorm for long or the Snow Women would lure them to sleep causing their deaths. In German folklore Old Mother Frost created snow by shaking the feathers from her bed. As the feathers fell they became snow.