These are for my friends and con-buddies who may want to do this at a convention with me. I'm only one girls so I can't do it on my own.

Anime: Axis Power Hetalia (APH)
Type: I was thinking of making just one big fun panel of Hetalia-ness. With certain people taking there own time to celebrate Hetalia and hopes of world peace.
Other: Please note that this can and most likely will be changed later.

What would we do: (What I have right now)
Opening Piece:
I'd want a representative of each country to carry a flag up and down the aisles of the room with a few coming forward each time. Save for a few people most of the movement would be with a flag.
Possible part:

Sometime in the panel: Sing-along Hetalia songs

Sometime towards the beginning: World Conference

Sometime During the Panel: It's a small world shout out
Japanese: Sore wa chīsana sekaida
English: It's a small world
French: c'est un petit monde
German: Es ist eine kleine Welt
Hungarian: ez egy kis világ
Greek: Eínai éna mikró kósmo
Italian: E 'un piccolo mondo
Chinese: Zhè shì yīgè xiǎo shìjiè
Russian: eto malenʹkiĭ mir
Spanish: es un mundo pequeño
Danish: det er en lille verden
Estonian: see on väike maailm
Finnish: Se on pieni maailma
Korean: geugeos-eun jag-eun segye
Latvian: tas ir maza pasaule
Lithuanian: tai mažas pasaulis
Norwegian: det er en liten verden
Polish: Jest to mały świat
Thai: Mạn pĕn lok k̄hnād lĕk
Turkish: küçük bir dünya
Ukrainian: tse malenʹkyy̆ svit