The girl walked up to me and said, "Stand up and fight you coward! Unless you want to die that is." She said that statement with such an intense passion. She almost made it sound like she was seriously going to kill me if I didn't fight.

"You want a fight?" I asked as I stood up and looked at the girl. "Then you've got one." I threw out my hand and shot off an energy blast straight to the girl. She was in such close quarters with me that it hit her directly in her chest, sending her sliding back. "Let's go."

I ran towards the girl and jumped in the air. About a good 10 feet. I sent a fire blast to her this time. But when the fire blast hit the ground the girl was no where to be seen. I looked around from the air (because I was flying now) and didn't see her anywhere. Did I actually hit her and disintegrate her? I certainly hoped not. Then, I felt an intensity coming from behind me, but, before I could react, I was hit with a lightning bolt that sent me crashing to the ground.

My back was hurting a lot. Obviously. I could barely get up. The girl landed beside me and slammed me on the ground with her foot. "Say good-bye Cross." she said as she brought her hand up, charged with energy, and slammed it onto my head.

The impact caused a crater in the ground where my head would have been. But, thanks to my quick thinking and fast reflexes, I managed to avoid it. Like my opponent, I also disappeared.

"That worm!" the girl shouted to herself as she walked around the arena looking for me.

"Looking for me?!" I asked the girl as I threw my flaming baton at her. The girl turned around just in time to dodge the attack. "Missed!" she exclaimed with a dark expression. "You sure?" I asked her as the girl's own baton hit her right on her stomach, knocking her down to the ground and causing her to get knocked unconscious.

I walked over to the girl and said, "Who's the winner now?" After that statement was said a bright light appeared all around the arena, blinding me yet again. When I opened up my eyes again I was in my room....