i being 100% honest, i hate the Christmas season. i will explain why i hate it. 1. i'm never happy when it comes, i my look like i'm about to breakdown and cry because it's almost here!! when i really am stressed out and unhappy. 2. more people come out that u never want to see. some family members who only call for money, and the poor people on the street. i always hated it, because i drives me into a flash back.

* flash back* i was so so tried and my mom made me go to the bank with her, i hated the bank for several reasons. people either felt your we're in their business if you watched them or you had to stand in line which i hated to death. so a we drove through the light snow, i loved to look at the houses because everyone had their decorations up. all we had was a tiny glass Christmas tree in the window, which i can ashore you no one ever saw. i wish we had decorations to put on owner house, well part, side. what ever you an call it, space. my mom parked the car finally and i got out of my car seat, i also hated that thing. ''if your child is not state height they must have a car seat''. rules i always had to follow, DON'T play with the snow, touch your face, or anything but the door, no staring, and NEVER DRAW ATTENTION TO YOURSELF!! as we walked into the bank i saw a man, dressed in rags, by himself, with rose around him. he was trying to sell them to get food. no one brought any, they didn't look at him, or even notice he was there. but i wasn't watching what everyone was doing and looking into the poor mans eyes. i saw reflecting light, people and my face. then he looked down away from me, but it was too late i felt like i saw into his life. everyone pushed him away, didn't want him or cared about him!! i enter the bank with he mother pulling me move it. i waited and thought what should i do and tried not to cry when i looked out the window. i want to do something nice. i remember my grandmother gave me 5 dollars as an early Christmas present, i happen to be holding it in my pocket. i want to give it to him, but what would mom say, no!! so i didn't tell her and as we pasted by i drop the 5 dollar on a daisy. which i saw after it fell and walked away! i was happy and sad. but as we drove pass the front of the bank again i saw another man pick up some roses and i hope he brought them, i hope and prayed. that night my parent put my gifts on my bed and i was a wake but pretend sleeping and pushed my gifts off the the bed. because i was angry that no one cared about the homeless or that man! i was sad and cried to sleep with my life sized care bear. sad and that's when i started hating Christmas!! on my Christmas list i wished people could care more about others then themselves. i also wished i world could change.

Christmas is a season that everyone celebrates differently!! there's no right way to celebrate it.