Actions bold betray bethought motives mildly my mind migrates jus' to hibernate the form from which things originate, counting my chics long before the fox strikes the coy corporeal concentrating soully upon devouring delicious delights the 'lil rascal's perfected con doth deceive; deducing damaging dismay distributed upon my hen & I, the rooster jus' happy to be laid, honestly & humbly antipathetic, I worry of being paid. 'Tis the systematic survival supposed upon hermitted humble human be it my cross to bare, & and I'm not los'; alas foolish foleys fictitiousize fulfillment of the hearts desire, my mind's only hope distilled lessening, purifying, soon to be killed for forfeit of fortune forgone foolishly from a beguilement of temptuous situations suggested, simply embracing a foolhardy reverie that shall flee once touched felt, such a trite endeavor. Yet the cliche surronds belittling the parry of the sword: to fail truly is to be pierced through vital organ, almost orgasm as your act leaves little left. Laying: luminous shades appear; my ideas, my idiosyncrasies lushous garden pretreated with gasoline awaiting the flicker of event the single spontaneous, instantaneous heat that arises whence destined devoted do greet. Unfortunately such items of the reverie seem much too epic to occur in this life, hence my hope is placed in trite atomical ordinaries, which at glance do naught butbut occupy the night. Let me vow: a simplesorrow such as this can not interrupt the eruptionI create within, with amusement with excitement & for myself there is no atonement for i do not follow the rules posted for my law so as others preach to reach your soul until you oo & ah I'll only interact influence inconceivably forcing you & your kin to abandon, ostercize, follow or my favorite simple alter path, iI hope this hasn't been too much to "swallow".