...what's seen slight shade's shadow surmounting smiting sutures
of ye ceilingseeking calm, cool collaboration.
Felt,? you jest surely you mus'n't know the gust
caused by fruitfly. bah! you know not proper inquiries to find
imperies, the series of this individuation. by the by to
clearify, rather nullify "swing and miss" of thy;( sight-illusion
skin-illiterate saliva-illumination) Is superstition nigh?

...amplificate an allocution! for answers, duplicate once done dare double
on your demise a single syllable. i, inquire: Narrate need i? now I jest
a rhetoric as trick, sickle swinging mimicing welcome. if insult incites
departure detection debilitates down self-destructing, humility harkens where
else is incapable. Can it not be? though to be is to contradict the habitual- happenstance
here-placed, stasis chased; childish deed to debauch deco'um.

...begining, by blood reverie truly nightmarish yet forgotten
whence set'led, by anonymous acquintance thus it's begun. How? sincerely- suddenly
sullen sympathies supercede secluded emotions, a miniscule infliction
bickering beyon' conscious trespass. draining: dread deliberates
deadly drought rout! is soul, fowl to y'urself still near to none
notice this essence is simply stolen. epilogue epitomized ev'ry
recurrence reconstructed constitutes continued count'nance
niether notion nor optioin be there, You no longer sass?