As I try to figure out what just happened I alerted to a bright light that was speeding towards me. Instinctively I flipped backwards and landed with a slight stumble. "Who did that!?" I yelled as I looked around. I saw nothing...Nothing except the silhouette of a female figure in the dust that arose from the impact of the energy blast and the ground.

"Did you do that?!" I asked the figure through the smoke.

"No dip Sherlock!" the figure responded. The figure's voice sounded just like that of the girl from earlier.

"No way..." I said to myself as I looked at her through the clearing dust. "Are you serious?! So you did that whole flashing thing?" I said with bewilderment.

"Yes. Now shut up and fight!" She spun towards me at a tilt and threw what looked like the rod that came with my training gear. It gave off energy as it was sent through the air.

I instantly rolled to the side and watched the rod hit the wall behind me. It stuck into the wall and exploded. My eyes grew wide with the sudden sight with which I have just seen.

'That could have been me...' I thought to myself as I began to breathe heavily.

The girl wasn't so patient. She instantly sent me another energy blast that hit me directly in my chest. It sent me into the wall behind me right next to her rod. I shook my head and looked at the rod. She no doubt put her own energy into it and threw it at me. That must be one of the functions of the rod. Conduction of energy. I wonder what else this thing can do.

Another bright light. Another instinctive roll, to my left this time. I crouched close to the ground. It was clear that she meant business. And this wasn't just a training was a Death Match....