Guess what side I took up in the battle! Here is a sample of just some of the superstitions and lore that can be found on this pet.

If a cat continually looks out the window then you will have rain that day. A cat sleeping with all it's paws tucked under means bad weather is on the way. A sneezing cat is a sign of future wealth. To find a white hair on a black cat will bring good luck. If a black cat sneezes near a bride on her wedding day it will bring good luck. In Scandinavia the cat stood for fertility. Sailors took good care of cats because it was thought that they had magic in their tails that could start storms. In Hindu cats were a symbol of childbirth. In England a black cat in the house would bring a lass many suitors. In 16th century England visitors would kiss the cat of the family they were visiting to bring good luck. In Transylvania a cat jumping over a corpse would turn the person into a vampire. Another English superstition says that if a cat deserts a house that house will always be ruled by illnesses. In ancient Japan it was thought that cats had a special single hair on their tails that could restore life to a dieing person. Druids though that black cats were once humans that were being punished for evil deeds. In one legend cats were created on Noah's ark when the boat became infested with rats. Noah told the lion to sneeze and out came the cat. Another cat creation story says that it was a failed attempt by the devil to make a man. The poor thing was hairless but when St. Peter saw it he gave it a fur coat.