Name: (What's she called?)
Age:50 years old
Type: Colony Ship
Class: 9
Weapon Systems:
Energy Auto cannon x50-Fires blast of high condensed energy that has armor piercing qualities.
Missile Silos x50-payload of 24 missiles-contains a multitude of different missiles
Defense Systems: Energy shields and a hull made from dense strong metals that don't break easily.
Speed: 5
Appearance Outside: [x]
Appearance Inside:
The ship is built like a city has that is the purpose it most serve. Each part of the ship is separated into different districts. Their are 8 different districts-1-Living Quarters,2-Market District,3-Community District,4-Military District,5-Work District,6-The Bridge, 7- Orbital Station,8-Engines/Power.

District 1-The living quarters is where all the occupants of the ship live each one with their own individual house unit, which range from the bare minimal standards to high standards. Each unit is different depending on the size and needs of the occupants though the type remains the same there are three types of housing units Standard Units, Rank 2 Units, and Rank 1 units.

District 2-
History: Has the ship been through the wars? Talk a little about it here.