Don't mind my title
I just couldn't think of what to name it

------Well I feel so hopeless right now, but my friends and I are pulling myself together, and each other so hooray for them! I think I just lost my 90 average, but I pray to god I don't. I also... proposed to this girl in school but I was joking obviously but I think she took it to serious; I have to find a way to tell her that i was without breaking her heart! I'm so screwed right now hah! You know hun, I still love you if you're reading this. I woke up it was December already, god damn I'm so screwed! I procrastinated a lot of sh*t together, but thanks to my best friend Edgenis, I manage to do a lot of sh*t done thus less stress on my back

This is the last time I
Raise my fist to fight.
Reach out your hand to me
And lets just disappear


Well I dedicate this entry to Butterz.
She was a good friend, and shes off in a journey to "find herself".
I pray that she comes back and come fall back into the arms of us.
I remember all the times we had like:

+Blending dead fetuses in a blender and drinking it.

+Surprising each other from behind.

+That box of strawberry shortcake she baked me.

+When she wielded and soldered the steel pieces of my heart back together, and cleaned the rust off, telling me to fight for what I love.

+Ect ect ect, prom!

I'll never forget her! come home safe and "don't you forget me now!

"If you do love her so much, then wait for her to come back into your arms ... Just wait for her."
- Butterzworth