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It just makes sense...
...or, perhaps, NONsense.
Voice in My Head
yum_tea yum_tea yum_tea

Huh? You're even mildly interested in the person controlling the Hare? What in the world for? I'm kidding! Nice to meet you!

I'm not very interesting in real life. I'm 23 and a college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology. After much lamentation, I've finally scored a job! A meaningless, minimum wage job! SO EXCITED! ^_^; I hate to drive, and my car was recently killed in a car crash... don't worry; no one got hurt. I have a dog and two cats, one of which is a sweet but psycho little beast I'm taking care of while my brother's in the service. I hate talking on the phone, love to dance, sail, and read. I'm addicted to caffeine; specifically, soda. I've consumed enough of it to kill a regular person... I think consuming cola may be my super power. *_* And I (hopefully?) am a pretty nice person; don't be afraid to contact me and say hi!

Now, to the interesting things: my Gaia life. I have a whole slew of interests; talk to me sometime, and I'll tell you about them. But my favorites are pretty obvious: I love writing, role playing, Alice in Wonderland, and Gaia. Probably a little too much... I need a hobby. >_>;

I'm pretty obsessive about my fanfics. If you have an account on Lunaescence or Quizilla, look me up! I'm Nobody's Damsel on both, and I used to have another account on Quizilla under the pen name Lady Alchemist. I write fics for Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Cat, Kingdom Hearts, and a few originals. I'm kind of stalled out on my updating schedule at the moment; my enthusiasm died a bit due to some personal stuff. @_@;

I LOVE to role play. Alice in Wonderland-esque types are my favorites, but I'm really up for anything. As long as I can play more than one character, I'm good. Interested in role playing with me? Well, leave me a comment if you want to rp with my March Hare, or shoot me a PM if you want me to join your rp or if you're interested in us starting one of our own!

Anyway, if you have any questions or want to get to know me... um... just ask? I like making new friends. ^_^ Comment on my profile, shoot me a PM, find me in a thread or whatever. Nice to meet you, and thanks for coming by!

yum_tea yum_tea yum_tea

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commentCommented on: Mon Feb 05, 2018 @ 04:28am
OOhhHh my gOSH! Your store was so pretty I wanted to compliment it and then your profile was so interesting I wanted to check the links and you're so interesting I wanted to say it here! Wow! Woah, Criminology, congradulations! You're a really good writer, holy heck, by the way! And that profile is pretty and that store is gorgeous, too, idk if you drew it or organized it but it's splendid! And you sound cool, too, though I guess I still know very very very little about you so I can't accurately say that! Still, just wanted to say that! < 3333 I hope your day is incredible!

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