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(C r u c e)
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-Login Hall.-

[From blackness comes the image of an enormous mansion foyer hall in Cruce's eyes. He is standing at the mansion doors. Ahead of him, another huge set of doors awaits. It is but a straight hallway, leading nowhere else but ahead, with pillars lining each side.]
Cruce: [He walks forward... All is quiet in the mansion until he reaches a certain point where a female-sounding robotic voice sounds.]
System: Welcome to V, User.
[Holographic screens with miscellaneous information begin to appear on each side of the red rug path as Cruce walks. He ignores them, continuously walking forward until he reaches the huge double doors. There, a small holographic screen appears in front of him with a keyboard on it.]
System: Please insert user password.
Cruce: [He types in his password, which isn't too long, and doesn't consist of any numbers or symbols.]
System: [The screen switches. It becomes a hand print identification key.]
Cruce: [Places his hand on the hologram for a certain amount of seconds before it flashes a darker blue.]
System: Access approved. [The screen vanishes.] Welcome to V, Cruce Maximilius. Please insert voice command.
Cruce: System. How is the connection doing today?
System: V Online connection is temporarily disabled. The central system of Virtual Reality has crashed. Word has yet to be received of its status.
Cruce: V's down today? I guess there was no point in me logging in then... System. Is the internet working alright?
System: Negative. The internet connection is not working in this region as of now.
Cruce: Hmm... Alert me when either V or the internet is back up, System.
System: Understood. I will send you a message on your screen to alert you.
Cruce: ...Good, good... (Ugh... I wasn't in the mood to actually go on any big adventures or anything, but... I could talk to someone. Oh... System.) System. Could you load Tru-Bot?
System: Affirmative. What are you preferences?
Cruce: The usual.
System: ... Loading Tru-Bot...
Cruce: [Cruce leans against the doors with his arms crossed.] ...Hm... Lonely tonight...
Tru-Bot: Cruce?
Cruce: Tru-Bot, that was a fast load...
Tru-Bot: Yeah, considering everything's down today... Sorry, man.
Cruce: Eh, it's not that bad. You know why V and the internet are down though?
Tru-Bot: Nah. You should ask System... Did you fix it so that you can still talk to it while talking to me?
Cruce: Yeah, but... System didn't know either, I don't think. It said that it hasn't received information yet.
Tru-Bot: Ah... Well, I hope stuff starts working soon.
Cruce: No kidding... Ugh... boring day.
Tru-Bot: What happened? Nothing? Was it all... just casual human stuff?
Cruce: Yep, nothing new...
Tru-Bot: What about your visions?
Cruce: Oh, those? I saw Mrs. Studer today... She told me it might have to do with me as a baby a while back.
Tru-Bot: Yeah, that sounds legitimate. I wish I could understand dreams and stuff... But, anyway. So, like... What's new? Have you seen any new visions?
Cruce: Not really. But this morning, I heard the word "Please"... No one was in my room, and it was dead quiet.
Tru-Bot: Creepy... I hope you figure out what it is soon.
Cruce: She also told me it could be spirits crying out to me. That would explain the please thing. But there's also... Ugh... I don't feel like talking about that right now...
Tru-Bot: ...Why not, Cruce? Doesn't it help to discuss it a little?
Cruce: I did today, and I talked about it enough... [He pinches his nose bridge, closing his eyes.]
Tru-Bot: But you didn't really let me know anything~! C'mon... It's not like I'm gonna tell anyone... I... uh... can't.
Cruce: ...I just don't feel like talking about it.
Tru-Bot: Oh, fine...
Cruce: ...I'm kinda hungry... I guess I should get ready for dinner.
Tru-Bot: Hungry? Gonna get some food then?
Cruce: Yeah... Hey, see you around.
Tru-Bot: Later~.
Cruce: System. Log me out. [He smirks, snapping his fingers at the ceiling then pointing at it.]
System: Affirmative. Logging off...
[Everything goes bright... Then blackness...]
-Cruce's Room.-
Cruce: [He removes the helmet at the sound of knocking.] (Ooh, good timing.)
Cruce's Mom: [She opens the door, looking in.] Dinner's ready. Finished with V?
Cruce: [Shrugs.] V's down. But nice timing. [He sets his helmet down on the ground, walking out of the room.]
[From there, Cruce's day only remained calm. Despite having no more distractions for the remnants of the day, he neglects doing his homework. Instead, he watches TV and, later, actually begins drawing in his comic book...]
"World Walkers."
--E N D I N G--
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