With my Moms' health, It is going to be tough for me. And the way my - acts, it's even tougher on me. The way my - are and their reactions on everything, an every single person, an anything about a person, it makes me crumble and my heart reek with the stench of deathly sorrows.

The shs school system, they don't really give an eff on my education, they just want me out of there. It makes me feel like every single teacher there hates me. None of the teachers know what I am going through, and what I have gone through, or what its like as well. I'm starting to think they just care about their paychecks.

Surgery - my life up, but then again my life was already ********... The day I was born.. in not the greatest city as well. To how i have been waking up with feeling like a failure.. to be called a failure by those who are suppose to love their children...

Life can be mortifying, my life has. An I keep on living, hoping for the sun to rise with future fortune, an not the hope of never waking up or what life would be like without me.