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Padraig Mulrennan Art Request!
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I am looking for art of Padraig Mulrennan, a PC in a D&D campaign my friends and I played over the summer. He is a failed family man turned traveling cleric. He has taken an oath to the god of home and harvest and adventures to redeem himself and help others in need.

no arts ;_;

NAME: Padraig Mulrennan (pronounced "parrick" or "parrig" wink
RACE: human
AGE: 26
EYES: Big and bright blue, striking and a bit sad.
HAIR: Thick, slightly wavy and copper red in color, Padraig's hair is short, but long enough to stick up when he gets out of bed in the morning. Since he rarely does anything with his hair after he's crawled out of his bedroll, his hair usually maintains this bed head fauxhawk-esque style for most of the day.
SKIN: Fair and heavily freckled. Padraig's arms and upper back are covered in tattoos. Design pending.
FACE & FEATURES: Padraig's face is diamond shaped and has a distinctly chiseled look, with a wide, square jaw, dramatically pronounced cheek bones and a strong chin. He has a broad, aquiline nose, a wide mouth and thin lips. He keeps himself cleanshaven, mostly because attempts at facial hair have always ended up looking ridiculous.
BUILD: 5'11 and 190lbs. Padraig is large framed and noticeably strong. He looks like an athlete - a rugby player.
CLOTHES: Padraig isn't terribly concerned with appearances. He likes hats and does not like being burdened by heavy clothing (even though stat-wise he is a chainmail cleric, shhhhh ignore that). He often dresses as though he's expecting warm weather.
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PERSONALITY: gentle, caring, meddler, self-deprecating, diplomatic, cautious, mothering, reliable, good, helpful, loyal, overprotective, duty-driven, know-it-all, honorable, impatient, unforgiving, emotionally unstable

☆ In battle, Padraig wields a scythe which he uses to both trip and rend his foes.
☆ He tends to put the welfare of comrades above his own. He also tends to pursue foes relentlessly, with little regard for how much of a beating he is taking.
☆ Mechanically he plays as a front-line utility cleric, putting more of an emphasis on buffing than outright healing.
☆ He calls people "boyo" and "friend" a lot.
☆ Padraig's catchphrase is "We'll be fine if we're all careful." He is constantly touting the virtue of caution.
☆ Padraig was married for five years. After repeated failed attempts at having a child, the marriage went icy. It ended when his wife, an artificer involved in a war of rebellion, died fighting for her city's freedom. He blamed himself not only for her death but for the failure of their marriage, and left on a journey of redemption. He's sort of obnoxiously, inconsolably guilt-ridden over her death.

☆ Full body, waist up or bust; color or sketch. Dynamic poses, battle poses. No chibis, unless I approach you about them, please.
☆ I am looking both at dropping gold on a bunch of different pieces and dropping a lot of gold on one really badass piece.
☆ Pin up-y stuff.
☆ Padraig smiling but still looking sad.
☆ Goofy, grim reaper-esque joke art.

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