(Gun GUn Air)

Chapter Four


Date: 09/17/09
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Busena Terrace Beach Resort (Nago,Japan)

"Ah.....nothing like relaxing under the sun on such a beautiful day." said GG "Arent you suppose to be in school?" Asked chiyo "Hey hey hey....i almost died two days ago.....even people with dead shogun's in them could use a little vaction from time to time." Replied GG looking up at the clear blue sky then turning his glance back down at the sandy beach to see a couple of curvy women in nice bikini's playing beach volleyball. "Well hello there what do we have here." Said GG "Wow.......your such a pervert." Replied Chiyo "Hey you been dead a thousand years ok im still young i have every right to be perverted." Laying back down on the towel under the umbrella he looked up once again at the sky but like a scene out of a move one of the girls spiked the ball to high causing it to fly over towards GG "I got it!" one of the girls shouted rushing over to the ball one of the girls leaned over to pick up the ball only to glance an notice the young boy.

"Ginosin.....is that you?" The girl asked leaning up to see a hot girl bent over GG quickly notice the girl to not only be just a classmate from his school but to also be no other then Aiko 'HOLY! CRAP!! AIKO!." instantly in shock GG quickly jumped up. "Wha...wha..what are you doing here." He asked "Well due to all the crap that happened a few days ago i was sent here with my mom she thought i could use a Vacation what about you." She replied. "Uh...Uh....well you see.....ooh look at the time i gotta go." Quickly running off GG slowly began to blush. "Wait!" Shouted Aiko with a sad look on her face he glanced down at the volleyball and ran back to her friends. "Jesus she was hot." Said GG "So why the hell did you run away." Chiyo asked "Well....i...didnt really expect that one of those hot chicks was Aiko." He replied

Making his way into the hotel he quickly headed to his room on the fourth floor only to be stopped by Kima. "YO! big head where you off to." Asked Kima "Long story short the beach is full of surprises." GG replied. "Aww did you get crabs?" Asked Kima. "What! no i didn't get crabs what kind of question is that!" Shot GG "Whats crabs?." Asked Chiyo " NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" Shouted GG "Who ya talkin to?" Asked Kima "No one....what do you want!" He shouted once more "Geez what got your panties in a bunch well me and Hannako are going out to eat want to come or is room service your new best friend." She asked "I think i'll stay in my freakin head hurts." Glancing at Kima he nodded and walked off to his room.

Unlocking the door he sighed of relif as it closed behind him while entering the room. "Well now could this day get any more disturbing." looking out a nearby window he glanced over the beach As the sun slowly set on the horizon later that day GG slowly walked across the beach in his own little world stopping to look at the horizon. Not noticing Aiko slowly creeped up behind him hugging him from behind. Quickly snapping back to reality GG leaped away from the stranger hugging him " I NEED AN ADULT!"

He shouted only to turn and see Aiko laughing. "Not funny....wide a**." he shot. "Very funny flat face....i only wanted to say thank you for saving me." She said Looking down at the ground blushing. "Uh..uh...it was nothing." He replied blushing. Leaning in she quickly gave GG a kiss on the cheek. Blushing even harder now GG was speechless. "Wha...wha...what was that for." He asked. "Well um...." Not able to finish her sentence GG collapsed to his knee's "CHIYO! what is this pressure im feeling." he asked "It must be another Spirit." She replied. "GG whats wrong!." Asked Aiko. "I need you to get as far away as you can." He said 'Why whats going." She asked."

Looking into the water Chiyo notice a figure rising to the surface. " GINO! THE WATER!." Shouted Chiyo. "This was suppose to be my vacation damnit!." He shouted slowly getting back to his feet he glanced into Aiko's eyes as she slowly backed up. Turning his glance back at the water a giant monstrous figure quickly Stood 15 to 20 feet tall "Chiyo.....you know the drill." Gripping his hand tight GG was quickly engulfed in nothing but cherry blossom petals. Blowing away in the wind underneath the petals GG was suited up in all black Suaka Nuri Samurai Armor with an all black Menpo with a lacquered finish. "I don't ever remember having this armor." GG said "Its a gift not fight that thing." Replied Chiyo

Looking back at Aiko he then ran off to lure it away from her. Falling for it the monster like creature followed him "What the hell is this thing Godzilla's long lost cousin!" GG shouted. Stomping the ground the monster caused a mini quake knocking GG to the ground. Struggling to get back to his feet GG was then forcefully smacked by the monster into the water breaking GG's left arm. Quickly sinking to the bottom GG snapped back to reality an swam back to the top "How am i suppose to stop that thing." He said coughing up a little blood. "Like this..." With its back now turned small beam of energy ripped through the creatures left arm. Yelling in pain it quickly glanced over to GG who appeared to be standing on the water. "I won't even ask how im doing this right now" GG said. Without a second thought he charged towards the monster with katana in hand.

With a loud roar the monster pushed him back sending him skipping across the water. Regaining his footing GG slashed at the water sending Mini waves for witch the monster ignored as they did no harm "Looks like we will have to go all out like last time." Chiyo said getting into attack position a red aura formed around GG as he slowly cocked his sword back. The aura was so strong the water beneath his feet quickly turned to steam as the creature slowly opened its mouth to charge a massive counter. "s**t...i should have just went to school." He said to himself as his katana burned red.

Releasing its attack the water parted as it head towards GG "Here go's nothing!" swinging his blade towards the attack a large energy blast jetted from his sword ripping right through the creatures attack an then the creature itself. Out of breath with now blurry vision GG slowly attempted to make his way to shore as his armor an katana slowly faded into the wind same as the monster. Now on shore GG looked down at the sand to see a giant split for which he made slightly leveling the ground. Walking back up the beach he saw a figure of which might have been Aiko running towards him. Trying to focus it seemed like she was mouthing something but GG couldn't make out the words. Finally giving out GG fell to the ground only to be cought by Aiko. "I got you....." Aiko said as GG looked out to the sunset an closed his eyes.

Finally getting back from god knows where ever Kima made her way back to the resort only to see it partially in ruin and the beach now somewhat leveled. "........s**t.......this was suppose to be my vacation......damn him" She sighed an collapsed to the ground as the distant sound of fire engines could be heard. Thous bringing an end to the day of a great vacation.

Writers Note: Hahah this is my first mark of the day i would like to say hi to my mom....my friends bill and steve and oh yea the crew at the studio HI GUY!!......now gtfo.