Realistic/Criminal Roleplays

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Police vs. Criminal

Carly Morgan was twenty three years old; fresh out of the police academy and had joined the ranks of the NYPD. (New York Police Department) Her goal someday was to become a well respected detective or to possibly make it into homicide. Today had started off just as normal as any other day, Carly and her partner Sean had been on route when they recieved a radio call from the station about a criminal that the force had been tipped off about. Apparently an anonymous caller had known his where abouts and saw him enter an abandoned warehouse in one of the worst parts on the west side of New York City. Carly and Sean being the closest to the site were sent to round him up and hold him until renforcements came. When they arrived on scene, Carly and Sean had no idea whether or not the man was armed, so they both pulled out their guns and entered the warehouse with caution. It was dark, dusty, and falling apart. Attempting to be quite, they used hand signals to communicate. They had decided that Sean would check out the main floor along with the basement, while Carly would take the upper floors and the roof. Carly wasn't concerned, she had her radio on her belt along with cuffs, a flash light, and pepper spray. When Carly realized no one was in the warehouse on her levels, she opened the door to the roof and stepped out.

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Bank Robbery

Today was just like any other day for Natalie, she had woke up at six in the morning. She had showered, had her two cups of coffee, dressed, put on her makeup, and read the newspaper. It was only at ten after eight that she realized she had better eat her breakfast quick or she would be late for work. Natalie was often told she was far too young to work at bank, but at age twenty-three she already knew that it was something she loved to do. When she arrived at work that morning at around nine, things were running smoothy out front with the other bank tellers just like usual. Natalie waved at rick, a thirty something year old that had a crush on her since the first day she started working there. Natalie was never interested in him, but she loved his sense of humor. Natalie headed to her office near the back of the bank and set her belongings down under her desk as she turned on her computer. She gave a soft sigh as she walked over to the window, looking outside breifly. "Well time to begin another day." She said to herself as she grabbed a pile of papers that were on the corner of her desk from yesturday. Natalie walked out towards the front of the bank, carrying the papers that needed to go straight to Eddie, the manager for approval. Natalie didn't find him in his office, so she walked over to Sandra. "Morning Sandra." Natalie waved with her free hand. "Have you seen Ed-" Natalie didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, because the shouting from the bank enterance made her turn along with everyone else.