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[A screen in a room of blackness reveals the universe in motion. A dark figure stands in front of this screen.]
"Everything here..."
"Everything is perfect..."
"The stage is set..."
"Yes... life as they know it is here... it has been here for endless ages... The birth of the young new universe has proven tragic for those who defend its mother universe... those fools... who thought they could take this all away from me... They... will soon die... I shall be rid of them... forever..."
[The scenery brightens, though the room is still dark. It is a navy blue with high tech streams of lighter blue running all throughout the huge computer room.]
[Another blackened figure, female, approaches the tall male one...]
"Grandmaster... Are things proceeding as you planned...?"
"Yes, Feenix... Prepare to watch the fools of Light and Darkness squabble over their realm's son... They shall finally be destroyed..."
"And you are certain nothing will interfere, Grandmaster?"
"Hmhm... None have the power to fully resist... to fully meddle in this cause... None."
(Are you sure... Grandmaster...?)

Billions and billions of years ago, an incredible event known as the Big Bang occurred in an empty void. This created the universe as we know it... It expanded to fill an indescribably enormous space... We who have been born within this universe continue to do all we can to study it, but we are ignorant of the truth. The truth that lies so close now... For, as we continue to expand our knowledge, the universe has grown to avoid us. And now, it will no longer be able to do so, for it will finally reach the very cause of its existence.

This baby realm, the realm of Reality, will finally have grown enough to reach its mother realm: Fantasy... It will become a part of the chaos which created it... only to be destroyed...

December 24, 2186 A.D. The time is 12:00 AM. This was the moment that the infant realm of Reality reached its mother. It was subtle to all who lived within Reality; to the humans: the only ones who had developed intelligence in Reality... a species supposedly bound for birth within Fantasy.

This was also the exact moment an anomaly was born...

A new anomaly... born in a pretense.

~The Eclipses, ten true, are the defenders of their worlds. They never truly die, for they have been reborn through many generations. Originally, they were not Light or Darkness, though now, of course, they side with Light. For an unknown reason, the Eclipses have become far weaker within after trillions of years, especially in this age. They are so weakened, that they need a defender, for they may finally be able to die...~

~The world of the Soul Spheres and the Radial Spheres. Home of the Sorenians, a more sophisticated version of "chao" from Mobius. These "chao" have developed a very advanced intelligence, including speech, technology, and much more. These creatures are asexual, or able to reproduce on their own. That said, they do not see eye to eye with the "four genders" spread across the planet, therefore a new type of "war" is waged... A war unseen by any other world...~

Saturn Kyuno: The World Eclipse of Soren. She is a Sorenian Fairy with a base primitive of a white ferret, illustrious wings, and a tendency to over-dress for the occasion. She manipulates the power of wind, as well as the rays of the rainbow. Little is known about Saturn, as she keeps her identity a secret to all others... She does know of her position, as she holds close to herself one of the legendary Scripts of Ecliptic Origin.

Kutzu Aria: Eclipse Guardian of Soren. He is a Sorenian Fairy, although male. He is the only male Fairy, supposedly, in the world. He is accepted in his family of Fairies, having practically become one of them ever since a disruption in his neutralization reshaped his entire life.

Princess Susie Haya: Eclipse Guardian of Soren. She is the Fairy Princess, ruler of the Fairies. She is a formidable ruler, perfectly deserving of her title. She has never been neutralized in her entire life, unlike most Sorenians for her age, though she is the youngest ruler of the Fairies in this age.

Chieftaness Ectie Sidhe: Eclipse Guardian of Soren. She is the Chieftaness of the Illusions, the eastern gender of Soren. Despite their differences with the Fairies, they do get along quite will. The same cannot be said for the Dragons and the Cyborgs. Ectie, too, has never been neutralized, though she is the oldest of the rulers. She has created peace for the Illusions in this age.

~Safa is a magical, natural world with intelligent near-Earth-like animals claiming dominance over it. It is a beautiful world, empowered by the Ancient Growths: trees which have lived since the birth of the planet. The Safans who roam this beautiful world love living in tribal communities, worshiping the Ancient Growths, thankful for the life given to them. They live in harmony... though power-mad chaos does tend to erupt from time to time.~

Nuvis Taira: The World Eclipse of Safa. He is a white and striped cyan Safan fox. He possesses plant-like features, such as leaves for ears and a leafy tail. The leaves are a darker blue then the cyan stripes in his white fur. He manipulates the power of ice, as well as plant-life around him. As is the case with Saturn, only the highest of Darkness and Light know of Nuvis' position as an Eclipse, and of his Script. In addition, Nuvis seems to have a sisterly secret...

Safiri Taira: Eclipse Guardian of Safa. She is the sister of Nuvis, a light greenish fox sharing the same plant-like features. She looks highly up to her father, the cheiftan of the Oath tribe. Somewhat reckless, Safiri tends to get herself into trouble more often than just a lot. She is always with her two friends, however...

Rilia Ami: Eclipse Guardian of Safa. She is a light yellow squirrel, a few white patterns in her fur and tail. She feels she is part of an unbreakable trio, capable of handling almost anything Safiri puts them into. She, ignorant of the truth, likes the idea of calling their trio the Eclipses.

Slianna Feisa: Eclipse Guardian of Safa. Slianna and her family were cursed by an evil tribal sorcerer, turned into snakes. They were banished from their tribe, which only allowed mammalian Safans. Slianna met Safiri and Rilia at Oathville, instantly befriending them and taking on this new life as a dark green boa constrictor.

~The Antifigurate is a world similar to Earth. Ironically, however, it is one of the most unique worlds in Fantasy. The species which dominates this world has been called "fleshy reptiles" by other neighboring worlds. Antifigurates, with a structure like a human's, stand as a simplified species within the very fabric of space. With this unlikeliness, war is raged upon this world as well... It is up to its defenders to protect the power source... the Corona Lava.~

Jet Farrox: The World Eclipse of the Antifigurate World. He is a renowned soldier of the Scailian Uprising War; the most critical time period in Anti's history. He is also known for his legendary temper, keeping cool in all situations, hostile or dramatic. Though, guilt eats at his insides. He keeps his sacred position as an Eclipse a secret to all others. Jet manipulates fire, as well as metals. He, too, has control over a Script.

Kenny "the Killer" Com: Eclipse Guardian of the Antifigurate World. He is just about as famous a war hero as Jet is. The two have often found themselves vying indirectly for glory, and for a good cause of course. Despite this, Kenny (Called Kenny the "Killer" wink doesn't know Jet very well. Kenny, himself, is a lot more laid back than Jet is anyway.

Roger "Shotgun" Williams: Eclipse Guardian of the Antifigurate World. Roger is one of Kenny's closest friends. The two have fought side by side, back to back on the front. They have proven to be unstoppable, often laughing in the face of Death. Roger and Kenny, along with Kylie, work as a team to bring an and to Escan (Esca is their country) piracy on the high seas.

Kylie Jelves: Eclipse Guardian of the Antifigurate World. A capable fighter, Kylie has earned the respect of Kenny and Roger, though thinking quite highly of Kenny as well. She, being accepted as the youngest member of the trio, has not found a way to reveal her true feelings to Kenny, as they are constantly up in arms with new issues daily.

~Mobius is the planet of the Chaos Emeralds, also home to the Master Emerald. Unlike its video game counterpart, no humans live upon this world of pseudo-furries. It has, however, been marked with a highly advanced technology. Often, the Chaos Emeralds are controlled for the cause of improving technology, generally for the wrong cause. Organizations scattered across Mobius work together to prevent this evil from destroying their beloved world.~

Stream the Skunk: The World Eclipse of Mobius. He is a skunk with colors reversed in such a way that, rather than a white stripe with black fur, he has a black stripe with white fur. He works with a group known as C.E.P.O., though often works on missions alone. Stream is known for his ability to run at incredible speeds achievable by none other. In addition to that, he manipulates the power of light, as well as space itself. He lets none know of who he is... a World Eclipse with a Script entitled to him.

Surge the Rabbit: Eclipse Guardian of Mobius. He is a white rabbit, and a surfer as well. Despite his appearance as one, Surge, as a close member of C.E.P.O., went through a strange mutation during space travel with other members. It took place in his brain, altering his perception. He has developed the ability of telekinesis, though he is often seen as a "monster" when he does so. He tries to avoid this...

Sengoku the Wolf: Eclipse Guardian of Mobius. Sengoku is a martial arts master. He is also the leader of C.E.P.O. (Chaos Emerald Protection Order), direct successor of the fallen Seed the Hedgehog, who died during space travel. He and Surge are the closest of friends, a mutated scar to prove this. Sengoku suffered virtually the same thing, though backwards, so he is capable of levitation.

True/Trinity the Fox: Eclipse Guardian of Mobius. Trinity, also known as True in disguise, is a three-tailed black fox. She is a member of C.E.P.O., and a childhood friend of Surge's. C.E.P.O., unfortunately, only allows males into their organized "club", though Trinity desperately wished to join this group because of Surge. She disguised herself as a boy, called herself True, and was able to join the group, although no one knows who she truly is...

~Originally named the Pokémon World, Chronic is (obviously) the world of intelligent Pokémon. Their technology is lacking, but they have what it takes to improve, as a strong devotion to friendship is natural upon this world. This world, too, has a video game counterpart, although this is simply the future of that counterpart. Many teams, simply called "exploration teams", bring good about this world, acting as its heroes. This world has seen trouble, as its Time Gears have been in peril, however the exploration teams saw that this terrible future was prevented...~

Pachi: The World Eclipse of Chronic. An unlikely little fellow. He is a typical, young Pachirisu: free spirited, though naive. He's quite shy, and prefers going on explorations alone, oblivious to his own talents. He does not realize how difficult it would be if he were not an Eclipse, which only he knows. Pachi was gifted with a sort of "type-mutation", able to manipulate minds and even time itself, to an extent.

Grovyle: Eclipse Guardian of Chronic. He is a rather calm Pokémon, though very capable of battle whenever the moment may arise. He once held the resolve to sacrifice himself for a greater future with his long lost partner, though those days have come to an end, as he must stay by his team's side to ensure that the Time Gears remain undisturbed within Temporal Tower...

Celebi: Eclipse Guardian of Chronic. She is a pink Celebi. Celebi has promised to stay by Grovle's side forever and keep their world from harm's way. Thus, they formed a three-Pokémon team: Team Time. Despite the crush she has on Grovyle, Celebi, in essence, acts as Grovyle's devoted partner, and will go just about anywhere for him.

Leafeon: Eclipse Guardian of Chronic. He is the newest member to the Team Time trio, but immediately accepted as he had a history with working to make Chronic a better world. He, oblivious to his Eclipse-hood, feels working with these two will prove to bring an even brighter future to his home and for all Pokémon.

~Aquatica, as the name suggests, is a water world of all aquatic beings, some of which are even capable of switching to land beings. The creatures here, known as Aquans, have the ability to breathe both underwater and on land, as their home planet is underneath a caving of ice. Currently, each and every Aquan is participating in the Search of the Lunaquan Fragments. The story, shortened, is such that the Lunaquan Gems were shattered into hundreds of pieces each by Darkness...~

Kuno E.: The World Eclipse of Aquatica. He a white-scaled Aquan with streaks of gray running through his tail fin. He is also one of the rare individuals capable of switching from tail fin to two legs. Kuno works in privacy, attempting to locate as many of the Lunaquan Fragments as he can on his own. He has already found a few, what with his ability to manipulate the water he swims in, as well as keen senses. Again, this is an Eclipse that keeps his work to himself.

Vixx Z.: Eclipse Guardian of Aquatica. Vixx is a dark green and blue-scaled Aquan. He is an even rarer type of individual; one who is incapable of switching into tail fin form. He simply lives in the ice, searching for the Lunaquan Fragments here, for they do exist in this area. He is the head of a trio which he calls the Gemseekers. Though slightly in over his head at most times, he is a capable leader.

Sirocco S.K.: Eclipse Guardian of Aquatica. He is a reddish-orange-scaled Aquan, quite rare. He is a bit shady, however he is Vixx's closest friend and an active member of the Gemseekers. He, unlike Vixx, is able to switch forms. He also possesses the ability to heat up the water around him. The cause of this is unknown, though he keeps it a secret from the authorities.

Monsoona S.K.: Eclipse Guardian of Aquatica. She possesses, red, purple, and blue scales, which is uncommon. (Possessing three colors.) She is Sirocco's sister, though nothing like him. She is more upbeat and cheerful than her brother by far. Though, like Sirocco, she is a member of the Gemseekers. At the moment, the Gemseekers is made up of members who can virtually live on land...

~A unique planet of Fantasy, the rocky planet of Tulwar V never sees daylight. It is constantly guided by the light of its five moons, each with a different story tethered to them. Tulwar V is home to spiny but soft creatures called Scorpii (Plural for Scorpius.) As the name suggests, Scorpii can have one to three scorpion tails, safely wrapped in cloth to prevent accidents. They are also capable of injecting venom into threats. The power sources of Tulwar V are the Etherastones, supposedly high-energy fragments from each of the moons.~

Toxik Xerenarch: The World Eclipse of Tulwar V. She is called the "White Werewolf", because of the clear fact that she was cursed to be a werewolf by none other than Darkness. Upon Tulwar V, moonlight is perpetual, so she is always a werewolf, though she maintains herself because of her Eclitptic power, which she hides from all others. She is simply a friendly anomaly, though very shy as it is. She is very powerful, too, able to control the darkness inside of her as well as the light of the moon.

Axid Xerenarch: Eclipse Guardian of Tulwar V. He is Toxik's older brother, deeply concerned for her. Despite Toxik's appearance, Axid is a yellow and black Scorpius, more common for Scorpii. He has two tails, unlike his sister, who only has one, which is still becoming more of a wolf's tail. He is very defensive of his sister. Any who taunt her often eat dirt, especially the loose bandits around their home.

Poixon Xanafay: Eclipse Guardian of Tulwar V. He is Axid's closest friend, though does have a bit of a crush on Toxik, despite her different appearance. He calls her cute, which she is, but others seem not to think so. Poixon is a black Scorpius with three tails. He is not very spiny; more of a fluffy individual. Sweetness aside, he detests the bandits which run loose with all of their nonsense of Darkness, and -will- fight them.

Xire Xumalyn: Eclipse Guardian of Tulwar V. Xire is a powerful Scorpius, constantly straining himself to become stronger so that he may protect his home from the bandits who run amok. At the same time, he wishes to form an organization with Axid and Poixon aimed at stopping the "lunatics" from bringing unrest in their society. Xire is a tall individual; a jet black Scorpius with but one tail, and a powerful one at that.

~Pimix is an underground world, or, at least, that is how the dominant species sees it. Known as Pimikus, these creatures are the among the most miniature of intelligent species in Fantasy. They burrow and live underground in order to avoid predators up on the surface. Some of these predators have developed a cruel intelligence, lusting power in order to reach the Pimikus. For this power, they turn to harnessing The Sacred; the souls of ancient Pimikus. Guided by the stars upon the surface, Pimikus must face this threat...~

Tutuki Kyun: The World Eclipse of Pimix. He is a white Pimiku with the features of a kitsune, though only three tails. Black patterns spiral up his tails. He and his parents are part of the "Cleansing Program", which is an organization designed to cleanse the surface region of all predators. Danger follows them with every step, but, as an Eclipse, Tutuki as shown amazing power in the face of this danger, even saving his parents from death. Despite being able to control lightning as well as starlight, he denies his Ecliptic origins...

Pumiki Kikun: Eclipse Guardian of Pimix. She is a young, pale blue Pimiku; a tiny thing. She possesses two cat-like tails which are twice and a half her size. She was gifted with a bit of telekinesis, which is an asset in the Cleansing Program. Ironically enough, her older brother is at the head of this organization. Pumiki, innocent as can be, is highly protected in the organization.

Rukai Kikun: Eclipse Guardian of Pimix. He is Pumiki's older brother, one of the many leaders of the Cleansing Program. He has large, elegant ears and equally elegant leopard tails. They are spotted black, going well with his red and gray fur color. Disregarding his size, he is a strong leader, physically and mentally, and keeps the morale of the organization high and mighty.

Serraki Arkun: Eclipse Guadrian of Pimix. She is one of the leaders of the Cleansing Program, taking up the position as a magic instructor. She is able to teach lightning, telekinesis, and earth magic. Indeed, she is a teacher of both Tutuki and Pumiki, and sees great feats of mental strength within both of them, especially Tutuki. She still teaches Pumiki in her normal classes, but sees Tutuki in private to study from -him-.

~Angelwing is home to a species known as Akashes, who are, respectively, "ghosts". They float, don't require food, and are capable of intangibility. Akashes are especially gifted in magic. They have to be in order to resist the corrupting pull of the Veil Plains that haunt their world. At the same time, these Veil Plains are their world's power source... It is believed, also, that the three red moons above Angelwing radiate energy. Akashes live off of an energy known as Aurax, which is seen in their mana force.~

Terrah Striker: The World Eclipse of Angelwing. He is a white Akash with skunk-like features. He is a proud member of En's Guild of Elements, along with his brother Oceanus. Terrah, the most unbreakable Akash in Ebon Heights, mastered the Element of Earth, though not from his Aurax. The cause lies in his Ecliptic Origins, which he keeps to himself. In addition to earth, Terrah is able to manipulate Aurax in ways unheard of.

Chinook Brisu: Eclipse Guardian of Angelwing. She is a yellow and pink bat Akash, as well as an apprentice at En's Elm Guild. She is masterful in the ways of the Element of Wind. Bunking with fellow apprentices Glitra and Floe, she has formed a team with the two and assumed the position of leader. Together with her team members, there is no Veil Plain that they cannot overcome.

Glitra Synder: Eclipse Guardian of Angelwing. She is a pink and magenta-striped lizard Akash who is very new to En's Elm Guild, studying the Element of Light. She feels her power builds every night she watches the moons and sings her Hymn to the skies. In truth, this does actually build her Aurax up so that she may finally gather the power to avenge her brother, Braig, who fell to a Veil Plain.

Floe Firrow: Eclipse Guardian of Angelwing. He is a gray and light blue fox Akash. Before Glitra, he was the newest (and quite unlikely) member of En's Elm Guild. He focuses on the Element of Ice with the help of his good friend, Chinook. He fully agreed to the idea of a trio, even naming the group. "Team Aurora." Ironically, as the only boy of the group, he seems to be most afraid in Veil Plains, but that does not stop him.

~Vrtra, at the end of the universe, is possibly the most Earth-like of Ecliptic worlds, even more so than the Antifigurate World. Vrtrans would be better recognized as anthros, or furries. These furries think on the same level as humans, though have an understanding of the Spirit World. (Life after death.) It is not necessarily "magic", but close. It allows some of the darker-hearted to manipulate past souls as power in a spiritual network, altering reality itself. Key factors in spiritual control are the six Celestial Rings.~

Cree Eitor: The World Eclipse of Vrtra. He is a small, white and blue squirrel with an innocent look to him. He is a secretive boy, though quite powerful when it comes to desperate situations. Cree is one of the soft-hearted, kinder characters who uses the Spirit World for good, though this is still seen as a threat. Only he knows of his Ecliptic origins on his world... Cree's property manipulation is definitely unique; able to manipulate nothingness as well as use spirits in ways unheard of.

Epathy Lunhalo: Eclipse Guardian of Vrtra. Epathy is a light gray fox, quite tall in structure. He, too, manipulates the spirits, although he has different means of doing so. He uses a magic known as Tier, which he was cursed with. Tier allows one to use spirits as psychic properties. He has reluctantly taken up this training ever since he discovered he was of the forsaken Moonhalo Clan. Epathy wishes to break away from the Moonhalo Clan, using Tier for good.

Elicia Lunhalo: Eclipse Guardian of Vrtra. She is Epathy's twin sister, also a light gray fox. Elicia has a history in modeling, though that is long gone. She, like her brother, discovered her connection to the Moonhalo Clan. Elicia has the same wishes as Epathy: to use Tier for good and not some satanic ritual. Elicia has had the most run-ins with the nefarious Liam Muugen, dubbed the "Grim Reaper" by residents of New Chanter. Liam has taught Elicia much about the ways of destructive Tier...

Liam Muugen: Eclipse Guardian of Vrtra. Uncaring of his title as an Eclipse Guardian (for now), Liam is a prodigy in the ways of Tier. He is a black raccoon, a closer race of the Moonhalo Clan. His parents have tried to keep him away from this clan, though they were killed by a notorious serial killer. Two of his other caretakers were killed as well, forcing him to commit suicide. He has been to the Spirit World and back, thus holds the power of legendary souls. He claims that Tier can never be used for absolute good...

~Light aims to protect Fantasy in whatever ways they can. If something threats one world, they leave it alone, though if that same thing threats two worlds, they jump to the defense. Clearly, Light is the Anti-Darkness, generally seeing conflict with Darkness every time it is to step into to the fray. It is often that Light's lust for order becomes deadly to the worlds once it comes into conflict with Darkness' lust for dominance. Light wishes not to see the worlds in turmoil because of their efforts to protect them... Darkness strives to harness the power of the Eclipse Guardians, though Light is always there to bring them down. Even Darkness, however, knows not to tamper with the true World Eclipses... until now.~

~The Phazes are a family of celestial characters who are the direct sons and daughters of Light. They embody the very fabric of Light within Fantasy, as well as serve as the true defenders of its purpose under Father Hideaki, the over watcher of Light.~

Hideaki: The Phaze Lord, father of Phazes. He is the ruler of Light; an all powerful "Great Figure". He is a majestic character, among the most impressive, awe-inspiring, and powerful of characters within Blast.

Crescent: Phaze of the World of Soren. She is a radiant Sorenian Fairy, adorn in all things florescent and related to the crescent moon. She holds within her the power of the Soul Spheres and Radial Sphere.

Supernova: Phaze of the World of Safa. Being a graceful dragon Safan with white mage-like attributes, she is the image of a Safan goddess, holding within her the power of the Ancient Growths.

Gibbous: Phaze of the Antifigurate World. He is more than a mortal warrior, in all aspects a god of war, though just in his cause. He is a samurai Antifigurate, holding with him both the skills of a master as well as the Antifigurate World's Corona Lava.

Sol: Phaze of the World of Mobius. Sol is a brilliant dragon Mobian, possessing an amazing knowledge with a very capable and wide perspective for many types of magic, even including manipulation of Darkness. He holds within him the power of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald.

Wax-Wan: Phaze of the World of Chronic. He is a mighty Pokémon; a Victini. He strives for a clean, righteous victory for Light's cause, ready to defend it at any means with the power of Chronic's Time Gears inside of him.

Coruscant: Phaze of the World of Aquatica. Stellar Coruscant is an Aquan, able to shift between a tail fin and two legs. He carries a mighty axe, proudly defending the heroes of Light with the energy of the Lunaquan Gems infused within him.

Lunaire: Phaze of the World of Tulwar V. She is a ninja of the illustrious white, and a Scorpius of true Light. Controlling the moon's light, she carries with her the power of Tulwar V's Etherastones.

Asterisk: Phaze of the World of Pimix. With his nine graceful tails and his rare, majestic kitsune-like form, he is quite an alluring Pimiku, using his destructive divine magic and the strength of The Sacred -- the souls of Pimiku -- to protect all that is dear to him.

Phantasma: Phaze of the World of Angelwing. She is the most beautiful of Akashes, and also the most powerful. Her Aurax cannot be compared to a mortal Akash's, for she is a force not to be trifled with, especially with the magic of the Veil Plains inside of her.

Celeste: Phaze of the World of Vrtra. A great dragon Vrtran, also known as a furry, of the highest caliber, he wields his spear of order to bring ruin to Darkness and defend the righteousness of Light. He holds the power of the six Celestial Rings.

~The Phaze Guardians, ten, each have a story behind them. They were once dedicated to restoring the Phazes to their true forms, which they have done. They were entitled the Phaze Guardians by HIdeaki because of their amazing feats. To this day, they continue to protect Light's cause, as well as the Phazes. They seem to be an equal force against Darkness' Shades, perhaps formed -because- of the Shades.~

Rush: Crescent's Phaze Guardian. She is a black and red snake Sorenian. None know of her last name. She was born in the midst of the high point of war on Northern Soren and fought alongside Kutzu while in the Dragon army (At that time, both of them were still male before a fated conflict), though she strayed off course after defeating the Fairy sorcerer Lea, who harmed Kutzu in a neutralization incident, along with many others. She sought to protect a certain Light from there on out... Crescent. Rush, being the most mysterious Phaze Guardian, is not very well known elsewhere.

Lavender Ami: Supernova's Phaze Guardian. She is a white and light purple squirrel Safan. She is also Rilia's sister. Before Slianna came along, she, Rilia, and Safiri were the "Eclipses" trio. During one adventure with one of Nuvis' friends (Danny), the four explored the Ancient Growth Forest, disobeying the tribal warnings of the Icicle Fox. They tampered with the power of cursed magic, and were forced to escape. Danny, however, was not too lucky... Lavender one day returned, tested with Darkness to save the tormented Supernova.

Red Freewind: Gibbous' Phaze Guardian. He was an average soldier in the Scailian Uprising War. He was constantly assigned missions which forced him to infiltrate an infamous professor's hideout. One mission he received was with Kenny and Roger. He saw direct conflict with the professor's new projects, powered by Darkness and Gibbous' energy. That day, he used a peculiar Light to defeat his opponents, but the war was not yet one. These projects were scattered across the Scailian military, and were to be destroyed to save Gibbous, the professor's prisoner.

Equinox the Nightwish: Sol's Phaze Guardian. She is Trinity's cousin; a black fox. She is often called the "Nightwish" because she only appears at night, seemingly able to defy nature. She has developed an affinity for the Chaos Emeralds, capable of using their power without their presence. Thus being said, some organizations are after her. One in particular, with a leader known as Ginsengaar, managed to capture her once. She learned of dark secrets, as well as the presence of one known as Sol. She escaped, though worked with C.E.P.O. in order to bring down Ginsengaar's group. There, she rescued Sol, who was being used as a substitute for the Chaos Emeralds.

Riolu: Phaze Guardian of Wax-Wan. Riolu, a young Pokémon, set out for a life of exploration after graduating from explorer school. He was a prodigy through it all, and found himself working with a Pokémon named Leafeon. Before Leafeon joined Grovyle and Celebi, he and Riolu had a team known as Team Top-Notch. Together, they focused on a common enemy: Mewtwo. Mewtwo was a follower of Darkness who saw new ways of harnessing the Time Gears. Tiem and time again, he was stopped by Team Top-Notch, but one day went too far, driving them apart with Wax-Wan's power. Riolu stopped him on his own, saving Wax-Wan and earning his title, though losing Leafeon... or so he thinks.

Cascada C.: Phaze Guardian of Coruscant. She is a deep azure and gray Aquan, only able of taking on the tail fin form. Good friends with Monsoona, the two formed their own duo in searching for the Lunaquan Fragments before Monsoona joined her brother and Vixx. Cascada and Monsoona constantly beat another team at finding fragments. (This other team had two members: Corro and Jyun.) Eventually, Corro, mad with revenge, turned to Darkness, abandoning Jyun. Jyun tried to stop him, but was killed in the process. Corro turned to other things after finding Coruscant, like ruining Cascada's reputation. This succeeded, driving Monsoona away from her. Cascada managed to defeat Corro, saving Coruscant. But now, on her own, she is torn.

Zephyr: Phaze Guardian of Lunaire. He is a white and black Scorpius with one tail that splits into two; very rare. Not much is known about Zephyr, not even a last name. Some simply call him Z. He does have past with the bandits, especially the bandit leader known as Xulfur. Formerly, Zephyr was a member of the bandits, though he questioned their methods and left them for a better cause. Xulfur vengefully sought him out, harming many innocents just to reach him. Zephyr bested him in a battle to stop the nonsense, but indeed no, it did not stop. Xulfur turned to Darkness and stumbled upon the Phaze Lunaire, which he did. Even still, with bandits strong, Zephyr defeated the empowered Xulfur with a mighty spirit, rescuing Lunaire.

Taoku "Edge" Kunaki: Phaze Guardian of Asterisk. "Edge" is an ocean blue Pimiku; a half cat, half squirrel with one huge white and blue tail. He gets his nickname from always being on the edge of danger, though never going over it. He finds a way out of nearly every situation, making it interesting every time. Edge has moved to this section of the world ever since an evil Pimiku, Ionoki, sided with the predators to gain dominance. Edge used his magic to bring Ionoki down, though fled afterward. He is sought out by Ionoki, who has moved to greater lows; Darkness. In the process of searching for Edge, Ionoki found a Phaze. Aterisk. Eventually, their paths crossed, but Edge barely managed to take Ionoki down, rescuing Asterisk from his clutches.

Braig Synder: Phaze Guardian of Phantasma. Braig, a red lizard Akash with various patterns, is Gitra's brother. Braig was corrupted by a Veil Plain after being defeated by a mysterious force who was aiming to take the glory of his mission. Without free will, he faced his sister, who defeated him, ending in his death. In the Spirit World, Braig met a raccoon furry named Liam (from Vrtra). Liam worked with Braig to leave the Spirit World, which they managed to do. Braig, however, was oblivious to Liam's horrible Tier. They went their separate ways. Braig, now on the other side of the world, knew the truth; how close the threat was to his sister. He returned to Ebon Heights, immediately rushing into conflict with the Guild's own Occulu, his assailant. His suspicions were correct, as he defeated Occulu, who had trapped Phantasma in a peculiar, mental dimension.

Amen Tiriell: Phaze Guardian of Celeste. Amen (Simply called by his last name), a grand blue dragon, is the oldest of the Phaze Guardians, and possibly the most formidable. He has experienced numerous connections to the Spirit World, especially with the threatening Ageha, who constantly warns him that she will return from the Spirit World to destroy him due to what had occurred in the past life. Unmoved by this, though aware, Tiriell seeks out the aid of the Moonhalo Clan to investigate this cause. What he finds is Ageha, having awaited him. She explains what he did to her in a past life, and promises to bring his soul death. Tiriell stands tall, feeling he can fight, though becomes surprised when he learns of Ageha's manipulation of Darkness and the Phaze Celeste. In truth, Ageha never died. It was all a trick. Tiriell managed to beat Ageha eventually, freeing Celeste from her.

~Darkness is the Anti-Light. It detests the ideals of Light and seeks dominance over all worlds, wishing to harness the power of the Eclipse Guardians now that it has failed to do so with the Phazes. The rule of Darkness is to always be there before Light; to lurk in the shadows and consume Light on a heartbeat. Just as Light creates beings known as Lightspawn, Darkness creates those called Nightmares, which are demonic beings (versions of Ecliptic creatures) bent on causing mayhem for Light. Vaguely aware of the ever-expanding child universe nearby, Darkness is looking to turn to the World Eclipses...~

~The Ruinous, much like the Phazes, are the separate embodiments of Darkness. Less is known about The Ruinous, however. They were said to be present while each of the Ecliptic Worlds were born. In truth, they are a part of the Phazes; the "Darkness counterparts" of them, so to speak. The Overlord of Misery, that is, Naught, looks over them as the ruler of all Darkness.~

Naught: The Overlord of Misery, supreme ruler of Darkness. He, like the Phaze Lord, is a "Great Figure", although the exact opposite in viewpoints and goals. Naught seeks absolute dominance over Fantasy.

Tribulia: Dark Mistress of Soren. Tribulia is a black cat Sorenian Fairy. She is Crescent's dark alternate force. Tribulia manipulates black wind, and is the teacher of Lea.

Maaya (The Icicle Fox): Dark Mistress of Safa. Maaya is a black fennec fox with a split tail. She is Supernova's dark alternate force. Maaya manipulates black ice, and is the teacher of Danny.

Idi: Dark Minister of the Antifigurate World. Idi is a cloaked Antifigurate. He is Gibbous' dark alternate force. Idi manipulates black fire, and is the teacher of Professor Dread. (Dr. Darkness).

Havoc: Dark Minister of Mobius. Havoc is a red presence; a shape-shifting spirit. It is Sol's dark alternate force. Havoc manipulates "black light", and is the teacher of Ginsengaar.

Darkrai: Dark Minister of Chronic. He was once defeated by the world's heroes, but was revived by Darkness. He is Wax-Wan's dark alternate force. Darkrai manipulates nightmares in minds, and is the teacher of Mewtwo.

Abyssea: Dark Minister of Aquatica. He is a pitch black and navy Aquan, capable of both forms including swimming in the air. He is Coruscant's dark alternate force. Abyssea manipulates black water, and is the teacher of Corro.

Vesse: Dark Mistress of Tulwar V. She is a shadowy Scorpius with four tails. Vesse is Lunaire's dark alternate force. She manipulates the blackest darkness, and is the teacher of Xulfur.

Synkai: Dark Minister of Pimix. Regarding a "yin-yang" effect, he is the opposite of Asterisk in color, also being his dark alternate force. Synkai manipulates black lightning, and was the teacher of Ionoki.

Vayla: Dark Mistress of Angelwing. She is a black and pink snake Akash, the dark alternate force of Phantasma. Vayla is capable of manipulating black earth, and was the teacher of Occulu.

Exodus: Dark Minister of Vrtra. He is a black, red, and white dragon. Exodus, being as the dark alternate other of Celeste, also manipulates black nothingness. He was the teacher of Ageha.

~The Shades are the dark counterparts of the Phaze Guardians. They, rather than protect The Ruinous, look to them as exemplary teachers. If it were not for the Shades, there would be no Phaze Guardians, and vice-versa. In addition to this, the Shades have also had many run-ins with the leading Eclipse Guardian of the worlds, though not the World Eclipse. Ironically, the leading Eclipse Guardians know not of their leadership. The Shades are the closest minions of Naught, while The Ruinous are not minions at all, but children to Naught. They have full control over Darkness' Nightmares, however now resemble The Ruinous.~

Lea Fallsong: Student of Tribula. She was formerly a green and pink wolf Sorenian before the power of Darkness turned her fur dark purple. She detests masculinity, and was devoted to completely neutralizing the Dragons on her time in Soren. With her forbidden teachings from Tribula, she became obsessed with power after she ruined the lives of many. Tribula guided Lea to Crescent after Rush defeated her and she was banished from the Fairies for using this forbidden magic. Before Soren could become endangered, Rush once again rose to stop her...

Danny Freece: Student of Maaya. He is a navy and icy blue wolf Sorenian; quite small-boned. Danny was one of Nuvis' friends until the day he joined Safiri and her trio to journey into the Ancient Growth Forest. There, an evil magic overtook him. The others ran, and the last thing he remembered was seeing Lavender abandon him, although there was no other option. The magic caused him severe pain and mutation (Ice crystals on his body) until Maaya rescued him. She gave him her power, as well as Supernova's power. The next power he needed was the Ancient Growth's, though he was stopped by Lavender...

Professor Dread/Dr. Darkness: Student of Idi. He is a crazed Scailian doctor who fiddles with crisis-inducing gadgets day and night. He played a huge role in the S.U.W., sending all sorts of mechanics to stop the Escans from gaining the upper hand. He became so obsessed with his power of creation that he began to turn to Darkness, and Idi witnessed. He came to Professor Dread in visions, teaching him how to infuse his creations with the power of a dark fire. It was then that Professor Dread took on the title of Doctor Darkness. His machines grew far more powerful... until Red, Kenny, and Roger stepped in right on time to stop the power from growing too far out of control.

Ginsengaar the Ninja: Student of Havoc. Ginsengaar is a very self-disciplined wolf Mobian. (Black fur all around.) He leads a group known as the Shinobi, who are against the Chaos Emerald issue. Ginsengaar feels that Chaos Emeralds do hold power and can be used freely, only because he possesses one. He turned to the mystery of the Nightwish, managing to capture her while at the same time learning of the secrets of the Darkness he has been so close to. Havoc, the spirit, has been present and watching... He has also learned of Sol. Foolishly, however, he spoke of this to the Nightwish, who did manage to escape with the knowledge. On the brink of obtaining worldly power, the Nightwish brought Ginsengaar and the Shinobi down.

Mewtwo: Student of Darkrai. Mewtwo was always a devious Pokémon who embraced the paralyzed world he once witnessed. The Darkness was the only answer. He thought of many plans to take the Time Gears from Temporal Tower once again, freezing the world in a dark apocalypse once more, however all of his attempts did not get him far, as a pesky Team Top-Notch kept from achieving his goals. Darkrai, however, witnessed his attempts, and slowly began to empower him with a discreet Darkness. Eventually, he became powerful enough, and Darkrai came to him in a vision, commanding him to seek out Wax-Wan for complete power... He did so, and obtained this power before setting off to devastate Temporal Tower. He was stopped by Team Top-Notch once again, although this battle was nearly his for the taking. He managed to break their team apart.

Corro O.R.R.: Student of Abyssea. He is a dark red and gray Aquan who is able to take on both forms. He was always a mad Aquan, dedicated in locating every single Lunaquan Fragment and going to whatever lengths necessary to get them. He was constantly beaten by Cascada and Monsoona, however, so he looked to Darkness, and Darkness answered him. Abyssea saw the cruelty within Corro, and tested him. If his partner, Jyun, were to get in the way of his path, Corro would have to cut him out of the picture, which he did after obtaining the power of Coruscant. Nearly complete, Corro set out on a violent rampage to seek revenge on Cascada before taking the Lunaquan Fragments, and he had just the plan to do so. He spread a bad word about Cascada, which reached Monsoona. A dramatic incident separated the friends, and Cascada was forced to face Corro alone... though she succeeded.

Xulfur Zcry: Student of Vesse. Xulfur is a dark brown and black Scorpius with one mighty tail. He is the foolhardy leader of the bandits. Xulfur once pillaged innocent towns alongside the mysterious Zephyr, however Zephyr pondered his ways and left the bandits. Xulfur could not help but question this. He became weaker as his partner left do right his wrongs, so he sought assistance elsewhere. Vesse found the pathetic Xulfur praying to Darkness, infected him, and left him with the mission of finding Lunaire, as well as acquiring an Etherastone or two. He did this, becoming far more stoic along the way. Now with Darkness, he had an unfinished goal: to seek revenge on Zephyr. Lunaire provided him with answers, and Xulfur found Zephyr, although he, too, had grown. Zephyr managed to defeat Xulfur, reclaiming Lunaire and the Etherastones he stole.

Ionoki Kuniké: Student of Synkai. Ionoko is a yellow and black fennec fox Pimiku. His ideals were always radical and generally negative. He was powerful enough to side with the predators on the surface. He managed to control them, bending their wills to his own and driving many from his home. A timid Edge finally mustered the courage to stand up against Ionoki, but fled afterward. Furious, Ionoki began his search for Edge. Along the way, Synkai embraced him into a blackness which, in turn, led him into discovering Asterisk. From there, he managed to gather the soul aura of the Pimikus. In time, he found the region where Edge moved to. Edge, with a little help from a small Pimiku named Pumiki, only just brought Ionoki and his predators down.

Occulu Tabula Rasa: Student of Vayla. Occulu is a purplish-pinkish snake Akash with darker purple stripes on his back. He was always thought to be a bit of a book worm. As an apprentice of En's Guild of Elements, Occulu read many dark scripts of the past. None suspected anything of this deceiving Akash, as he fit perfectly in with the rest of the apprentices. In his later days, he became obsessed with stealing missions from others in Veil Plains, not for glory, but for power. He learned how to harness its energy. Unfortunately, one of his victims' relatives joined the guild, which made him uneasy. He, as a mind manipulator, was obsessed. He called to Darkness, which answered him in a sort of "Mind World" he had unknowingly created. Mad with power, Occulu sought to send all of his victims to this world and use their power, though he was stopped by a heroic return of one of his victims: Braig Synder.

Ageha Fudo: Student of Exodus. She is a black and purple butterfly furry. Ageha was a rare individual, having experienced rebirth in a way unknown by all others upon Vrtra. She had died from a cause believed to be by the living Moonhalos and Amen Tiriell (Whom she later sought out to eliminate.) Within the Spirit World, she learned of Tier, and forced the fallen Moonhalo clan to teach her this. Eventually, she mastered it, and attempting to escape the Spirit World with it, having destroyed the dead Moonhalo Clan. She could not, as her soul was nearly ripped to shreds by Liam Muugen in revenge. Exodus found her, revitalized her, and granted her with the power of Darkness, Celeste, and even some of the Celestial Rings. This was enough to bring her back to life. Having sent phantasmal visions to her victim, Amen, she set out to erase the living Moonhalo Clan, which she almost did... until Amen arrived to defeat her.


~Us Unlikely Heroes: The Circle.~

Cruce Maximilius A young, eccentric and enthusiastic boy who carries a myriad of wild beliefs. He is a dreamer, though that tends to act as a potential downfall in his world, as he often carries a pessimistic thought with these dreams: "this will never happen, and life will never be exciting, lest chaos is following." He does not know what the future holds for him and his group of friends which is well known as the Circle.

Nic Esten: A ponderous individual who often questions the integrity of the school he attends. He is a thinker and a creative mind who enjoys writing. Somewhat like Cruce, his pessimism shows, though not too much. Cruce considers Nic his best friend, though isn't sure how to feel around his other friends, in terms of "best", that is. Nic, too, looks at Cruce as a vital character in his social life.

Pat Vienna: She is an active Circle member. For some reason, a few of the Circle's members refer to this kind soul as "Zazoo". She is a small, quite adorable character. Despite her petite size, she is very capable of dealing with pain, whether it is mental or physical. She looks highly up to Nic and Cruce, while receiving much concern from Cruce himself. He looks at Pat as a friend he will always have. The same can be said with Pat.

Al Sanders: He is loosely a member of the Circle; an individual who often hangs out around other friends, though keeps the Circle as close as he can. Al is nicknamed Alex, though simply called Al by his Circle friends. He is an athletic perfectionist. If he does not do well on a test, he will push himself to do better, even if stress is involved. Cruce has been friends with Al since preschool. The two visit each other more often than any other Circle friend.

Billy "Bongo" Len: He is an active member of the Circle, and perhaps the busiest, which affects the meetings. Billy is a hyperactive individual, often irritating the other members of the Circle, though in good humor. He tends to get himself into trouble more often than a little, but somehow that always turns back to kick Cruce in the butt. Billy is one of the later Circle members to join.

Ivan Ridge: Ivan started in the same situation as Al: not actually a Circle member, but a good friend of Cruce's. He came to Cruce's school just before Billy had, immediately accepted by Cruce's other friends. Ivan is a warm, humorous fellow with a dreamer side. Given the opportunity, he now wonders more about the creation of this world, as the school he attends with Cruce is Catholic. Cruce finds his traits to be entertaining. He is overall enthusiastic.

Emelina Greene: Not the most active member of the Circle, but not the least active, and also the newest. She is a bit of a fangirl, though hides it with a sort of gothic appearance. Despite this, she is welcoming and sweet. She thinks of Pat as her best friend.Her strong side in the Circle seems to be her imaginative ways of depicting certain scenes, which inspires her to draw many comics. Cruce gets a lot of his ideas from her.

Topher Reigh: Though his real name is Christopher, he is often called Topher. His feminine side is rather strong, and it is partially because of this that his parents send him to live with his aunt and cousins in southern California. His best friend, who is also his cousin, is Cruce. Since he is so accepted, he feels very close to Cruce. Joining the Circle, he feels even more attached to a certain member.
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