I dont know how long I slept, Nekal had told me it had been a good couple of days. All I know was, while they made sure I was well hydrated, only I could make sure I was fed, and damn was I hungry. As for who "they" are, it was ofcourse the elves who had gathered me. After I had lost them they had recieved a message via telepathy, on who I was, and that I wasnt a threat. i fact, i was to be treated as a guest.

Lucky me eh? I too was curious on how they knew who I was, and yet, I didnt care at the same time I was too hungry. Sad yes? Still, it all came clear too me, this place, the village, gave strangth, and augmented life, and that meant it was only furthering my grandfathers life span. He had been a resident here for untold decades, possibly centuries. He was good friends with the King of these elves, King Aren, who fought along my grandfathers side against goblins, orcs, trolls, and the like to gain control of this land and build there city.

When I was rested enough they took me to see the king who was awaitikng me, along with my grandfather. The throne room, was suprisingly bare, marble floors, alabaster wals, crystalline stagmite ceiling, that I will admit was interesting, but nothing hanging, nothing fancy, just a nice carpet leading to a throne where King Aren sat. beside him was obviously my father, though you wouldn't be able to see from his face, he wore a mask, like the ANBU style ninjas would wear. before i could ask anything King Aren spoke.

"Noble Fujiwara. I have heard alot about you from your grandfather. I did not know, however, that you were, in fact a cat."

Whoa Whoa Whoa! Its time for our first impressions and this guy decideds to be an asshole!?! Not going to fly.

I am sorry to say that I never have heard of you good king, though I shall have to let people know I have meet an elf that smelled like a dwarf. Ofcourse I have never smelled a dwarf! At this point I had never seen one!

The Kings face darkened slightly, and I could see the expierience in his eyes, from all his battles, and life endeavors, I knew he was not a man to be reckoned with, but besides the two of us so far, there was no sound. An akward silence cleaned the room until finally my grandfather started laughing out loud, which suprised me and King Aren. Aren then too began to laugh, a merry, hearty laugh. The King stood then and gave me a bow. "Well done Fujiwara,Your lack of fear is a curse and a blessing, but right now, I consider it the latter."

I said nothing, My wife and children were dead, and these two people, one a king, and the other my grandfather, were laughing and having a merry time? What the hell kind of messed up world is this!?! With a growl in my head, which I believe to be Nekal, though it could of been my own, I sent the same thought to each of them.

STOP LAUGHING! I have no time for your foolish games! Do you know what I have been through in the past week!?! DO YOU!?! Grandfather, Selina and our two daughters are dead! Dead I say! The demon Cryshal murdered them, and then changed me to this form. I am stuck you old fool! STUCK! How am I ever to kill that b*****d if all I can do is growl and scratch!?!

Both Aren and my grandfather stopped and watched me, and after some more akward silence I thought they were going to laugh some more, instead my grandfather gestured in the air with his hands, tracing siguls in the air, which seemed to appear after he was done in lines of fire. When he was done he stepped back and pushed forward. The sigul moved from a vertical position to a horizontal one.

"Step under it Fujiwara." was all my grandfather said, and despite my mistrust and anger, I did as he bade me. Unsure of what to do I simply stood there, i could feel the heat on my back and understood how hot it really was. Then my grandfather spoke a few words and the heat was gone, until suddenly I felt it, like a branding iron, in the back of my neck. The sigul, or glyph, or whatever it may be, had been shrunk down to the size of a small tatoo and shoved into my being at the base of my neck. The next words I heard were my last for that day.