There's no typo in that title. =3
"If I Return..."
...Probably one of the most battle-oriented parts so far.
~~Treasure Town~~

"What... what happened...?"
"Did I get sucked back into my dimension...?"
"No... That's not it... I hear waves..."
[He wakes up, only to find that he is laying on the sands of an all too familiar beach. The expel point of this world.]
Cruce: [He remains a Zorua, ironically fitting for the world he lays upon.] I'm back on the Pokémon World... I... I had no intentions to come back here, but... maybe I should see how things are going before returning to Soren. [He stands.] (It's nighttime...) ...
[At this very moment, a few white-eyed Safan Nightmares rush from the Beach Cave nearby. As soon as they notice Cruce, they move to the offensive against him.]
Cruce: Ugh, how many of you are there? [Prepares himself.]
[The bear Safan strikes, dark energy dripping from its body. Cruce avoids this easily, his small size working to his advantage. He quickly takes one step forward, opening his mouth. A black circle of dark lightning widens from his mouth, blasting forth and consuming two of the four Safan NIghtmares. This move is exclusive only to his Pokémon Zorua form. {Sonic Circle.} Quickly noting the locations of the other two Nightmares, he warps before the dingo Nightmare can strike him. Teleporting directly above this Nightmare, he uses his Sonic Circle move again, obliterating the foe before falling into the sand and conjuring a splash of lightning spikes to rise around him, one of which striking the last Nightmare.] Hm? Ah, crap. [The last Nightmare still stands. It charges after Cruce, dark aura strong. Easily unswayed, Cruce leaps back, symboligical circles forming horizontally along his path. As the Nightmare charges under them, they act as mines. Spikes of black matter shoot downward, eliminating the Nightmare after only two strikes.]
Cruce: Hm?! [To his surprise, another six Nightmares instantly have him surrounded. Four are pixies, while two are demons. Their eyes vary from pink to light blue and all in between. Black beams shoot at Cruce as two of the demon Nightmares come in for a swing with their great axes. Cruce sinks into the ground with a corridor, leaving behind a large symbol circle. An enormous black spike shoots upward from this circle, throwing them away from each other. Cruce, now a ways away from the Nightmares, holds his jaw wide open, a black electrical orb growing inches from it. As the Nightmares rush for him, this orb explodes in a salvo of about ten smaller electric bolts which seek out their targets. This wipes out the pixies, leaving the demons behind. Stunned from the attack, they attempt to recover, but it is of no avail as Cruce quickly casts a tier 2 Thundaga to finish them off without expending too much mana.] Is that all...? Are we done yet? [Not yet. A new trio of Nightmares begins t form before Cruce. Two Nightmares resembling Pokémon, a Raichu and a Steelix, stand beside a floating demon Nightmare holding a dark spell book of some sort. This demon immediately begins casting just as the Raichu unleashes a sudden Thunderbolt. At the same time, the Steelix rolls ahead at Cruce.] Ooh, it's getting fun... [He vanishes quickly, reappearing in midair and arching down the rest of the way. All of this is done above the Raichu as the Thunderbolt misses. As he arches a black trail of dark aura remains behind. Points within this arch shoot the same concentrated energy at the Raichu, eliminating it.]
[Cruce as forgotten the wizard Nightmare. It had casted a potentially dangerous spell upon Cruce: Quake. As an earth-based spell, this affects Cruce heavily, throwing him off balance and launching him into the air as the earth rises and falls below him, becoming a distorted mess of rocks. The sheer force of the rocks smacking him is enough to deal some damage.]
Cruce: [Falls on the rough surface of the broken rocks.] Ouch! Haha! You actually hurt me! Bastards are gonna get it now!! He quickly stands, forcing himself to quickly cast a deadly spell.] Laserfall!! [He casts, opening dark symbolic portals above and below both Nightmares. Black and purple lasers rain from above at breakneck speeds. The spell is unrelenting, continuing seconds after both Nightmares have already perished... it lets up finally, both portals vanishing.]
[The last of them have been dealt with.]
Cruce: ...[Eases himself.] ...Damn... Good God... Are this many Nightmares really just running loose here...? [He looks to the natural ramp to town.] ... Hm... ('Guess that means something considerable is going on...) [Feeling inclined to investigate, he trots to the ramp, expecting danger around any corner...]
~~Wigglytuff's Guild...~~
[The guild members have all gone off to bed. Al and Adam are speaking with Elebi.]
Elebi: I guess I have the power to heal injury, whereas Chris has a more destructive power.
Al: Wow, that's awesome!
Adam: I still can't believe how easily we were knocked around by that Nightmare...
Elebi: Like I said, Darkness is no average evil... It's the most sinister, most powerful, and most central evil that exists.
Al: That is something to keep in mind... When I ever come face to face with trouble, I'll think that there is always greater trouble.
Elebi: There you go! Think of it that way!
Al: Elicia...?
Elebi:Yes Al?
Al: ...Thank you, really... You helped us out so much.
Elebi: Of course. The two of you have a bright future. You don't deserve to be pushed around by Naught. Tomorrow, we'll show those Nightmares not to mess with this world!
Al & Adam: Alright!
[The three of them agree happily. They decide to call it a night...]
Al: Hey, Elicia. If you have nowhere to go, why not spend the night here?
Elebi: You don't mind?
Al: Of course not!
Elebi: Well, okay! Thanks you two!
[With that settled, Elebi would be sleeping over at Wigglytuff's Guild...]
~~Treasure Town...~~
[Lucario, Equinox, Shadow, and Cream have found a place to sleep for the night, however they will be keeping a vigilant eye on the town.]
Lucario: Hmm...
Cream: What's wrong, Lucario?
Lucario: Two things concern me... One, about Skyelord. I am eager to know what he might have found. Two, I feel a sinister aura nearby... perhaps Darkness, perhaps not.
Shadow: I suppose we will have to receive the news from Skyelord himself.
Lucario: Indeed. We cannot take our leave of the town now...
Equinox: And of this aura?
Lucario: It is... familiar. It is irregular.
Cream: ...Hmm... That sounds scary... Oh! Look! [Points in the direction she is staring at, which is at the Crossroads.]
[Everyone looks. They spot a gleam approaching... Soon enough, three figures collide, one with the other two.]
Cruce: [Seems rushed.] Hmm--Ermph--[Bumps into Skyelord.]
Skyelord: [At ease.] Hah, we're ba--[Gets bumped into from the side. He is nearly knocked over.] Whoaaa there!
Jirachi: Oh. Skyelord, are you alright?
Cruce: [Shakes his head.] My bad. It's tough to see me at this time of day.
Skyelord: [Looks over to Cruce curiously.] Just a little bit. Hey, sorry about that. No hard feelings?
Cruce: (A Shaymin... and a Jirachi. Two legendary Pokémon in one spot's gotta mean somethin'.) It's cool. Hey, you two wouldn't happened to have seen any pitch black, evil looking things around, have you?
Skyelord: The Nightmares... what do you know about the Nightmares? [Suspicious.]
Cruce: I've been beating them by the boatloads now. Like sixteen just gave me a surprise birthday party at the beach down there. [He turns his head a bit, looking over to the supposed residents of Treasure Town... instead, he is surprised to find Lucario among this group...] (Lucario...?)
Skyelord: ...Hm, I might've made a great discovery here! Naturally, of course. But let's get back to my friends and discuss stuff there, 'kay?
Cruce: [Seems to be ahead of Skyelord, already approaching the group.]
Jirachi: [Giggles.] He seems to be one step ahead, Skyelord.
Skyelord: Wh--hey! Wait up! I called it! [He trots ahead, followed by a giggling Jirachi.]
Equinox: He has returned... with company, I see.
Shadow: [Chuckles.] Apparently so...
Lucario: Now, who would these unfamiliar faces be?
[They regroup.]
Skyelord: Hey everyone. Nice to see you're all still up.
Cream: Nice to see you unharmed!
Skyelord: Naturally! I'd like you all to meet Jirachi here. She's exactly the Pokemon I was hoping to find.
Lucario: Might she be...
Equinox: This girl is an Eclipse.
Jirachi: [Gasps.] Pray tell, are you an Eclipse as well?
Equinox: Correct. [Gestures with names.] Shadow, Cream, and I are from a world known as Mobius, and I am an Eclipse.
Jirachi: Truthfully!? How wonderful, my lust for answers came with the utmost reason...
Shadow: I venture you experienced a strong, celestial feeling that motivated you to seek the source?
Jirachi: I couldn't word it any better.
Lucario: Excellent. An Eclipse... that is perfect, Skyelord. Well done.
Cruce: (Skyelord...? Say what...?)
Skyelord: I am awesome, aren't I?
Cream: Yep!
Lucario: Now, who might this young Pokémon be? [Eyes Cruce carefully. Suddenly, he shows shock.] Wha--!!?
Equinox: Lucario? What is the matter?
Lucario: This boy's aura... it is you, Cruce.
Cruce: [Nods.] Nice to see you again, Lucario.
Skyelord: Whaaaaaaaat?! [Slowly turns his head to Cruce.] You're Cruce?! You're that big scary guy that they were talking about? You?
Cruce: [Smirks at Skyelord.] That'd be me.
Skyelord: [Aghast, he simply stares at Cruce.] ...You're a lot... different than... I picture...d...
Cruce: 'That so? Heheh. So, you're Skyelord then?
Skyelord: Ahh-yes! I am Skyelord, Leo Avenger! Here to save the day from the evil Darkness!
Jirachi: Hehe, and I'm Jirachi~!
Lucario: (Cruce... why have you returned...?) Ah, Jirachi. My name is Lucario. I know who you seek. At present, she is absent, tending to the wounds of others.
Jirachi: It's quite alright. I am joyous to know she resides nearby. This ever present feeling remains powerful within my being.
Equinox: At the time being, we are keeping a sharp lookout for any suspicious activity hosted by Darkness.
Jirachi: I will join you, but sadly, I require rest from my lengthy journey.
Skyelord: You can rest up here. We'll watch out for you.
Jirachi: Thank you, truthfully!
Skyelord: Sure thing. Now... um, back to this guy... [Turns slowly to Cruce again. The whole group seems to do so.]
Shadow: Cruce... you have a reputation here.
Cream: Uh-huh! Where are you from?
Cruce: (Those voices...) I'm what you might call an offworlder. Don't let appearances fool you... I couldn't really tell you much about where I'm from, since I suffer from... from a little amnesia. 'Course, my journeys with the Eclipses and... (A Starsign Avenger... can't tell 'im about Chris.) ...and Light's helping me remember my purpose.
Jirachi: Pray tell... you venture alongside Eclipses like myself?
Cruce: Well sure. [Smiles at Jirachi.] Important people, that they are. I was on Soren... but... something spit me out here.
Skyelord: You came here? All the way from Soren?! By the Phaze Lord, what the heck is going on anymore?!
Cruce: Too much... Hey, what's been happening recently on this world, Lucario?
Lucario: Ah. Mew has been resting, while our friends Adam and Al have recently witnessed the power of Darkness... Elicia, Chris' sister, is tending to their wounds now.
Cruce: (Chris... has a sister...?) He has a sister...? (This is worth checking out.) What's she like?
Equinox: She is a kind soul. I, as an Eclipse, feel a Connection with her already... Such a stable figure in the face of evil... she is fit for such a grand duty.
Cruce: (So Elicia in this dimension is the Connector's sister. Not only that, but she actually is a Connector herself...) This I gotta see.
Skyelord: (This offworlder... ....I'm not feeling so comfortable around him...)
[They continue speaking into the night...]
[Night passes...]
-The next day.-
~~Wigglytuff's Guild...~~
Loudred: [Enters Team Kross's room.] UP AND AT 'EM! IT'S MORNING! [Leaves.]
[The morning call was devastatingly loud to the three, especially to Elebi, who was not used this...]
Al: Ugh... Good morning Adam... and Elicia! [Shakes it off, waking up entirely. The fact that Elicia was with them had broke him free of drowsiness.]
Adam: 'Morning. [He, too, shares the thought.]
Elebi: Mmf... Wh-...What a burst... of...
Al: [Laughing.] Yep, that's how we roll around here!
Elebi: 'Guess I'd better get used to this new stuff... [She sits up and stretches her arms.] Ooh! And this new form.
[About three minutes later, they leave the room and join the briefing that Chatot and Wigglytuff assemble regularly. Everyone recites the guild oath, at least everyone but Elicia.]
Chatot: Very good, everyone! ...Now I must deliver some news to you... Bad news...
Loudred: WHAT is it?
Chatot: We have received word that far northeast from here... In an area known as Treeshroud Forest... Time has stopped.
Everyone: [Shocked.] WHAT!?
[Murmurs of agitation and confusion.]
Elebi: (Time has stopped...? Carbuncle?)
Carbuncle: (I believe it has to do with this world's source of power... the Time Gears... If it is not, well, it is Darkness.)
[Chatot explains to them about a Time Gear being stolen.]
Elebi: (Time Gears...) [Thinks back to Grovyle.] (Oh, that's right! That Grovyle guy said some things about what he was doing, but even then, he was a bit modest... He didn't want me to mention anything about him... Hmm... What should I do?)
Sunflora: It's unthinkable!
Chatot: That's correct. The unthinkable has happened.
[Everyone turns back to Chatot.]
Chatot: We are awaiting further word from officer Magnezone. For now, we will have to continue with our regular guild duties.
Elebi: (Maybe It's best if I don't say anything.)
Chatot: Now everyone, off to work!
Everyone: HOORAY!!
[The guild members disperse into their casual duties.]
Chatot: [Catches Al and Adam.] Ah, you two! Let me give you your assignment for today.
[The two approach Chatot.]
Chatot: Look up jobs on the Job Bulletin Board and Outlaw Notice Board. That will do for today.
[Al and Adam turn to each other and nod.]
Chatot: Well, if you understand, hop to it!
Al: Right away!! [Before he takes off, he remembers Elebi.] Oh, wait... Chatot...
Chatot: Yes?
Al: What about Elicia?
[They turn to Elebi. She waves innocently.]
Chatot: Ah, don't worry about that! I will see to it!
Al: Ok. By Elicia! Let's go Adam.
[The two leave for the upper room.]
Chatot: Elicia?
[She approaches.]
Elebi: Mm-hmm?
Chatot: Your friends are waiting for you outside in town. They have located the second Eclipse and brought her here.
Elebi: Oh, that must have been the strange presence...
Chatot: I would assume so!
Wigglytuff: Chris had what was called the Connection with the Eclipses~! I wonder what it's like for you, too~!
Elebi: It's powerful! It feels inspiring... By the way, have we had any activity with the Nightmares, aside from yesterday's incident?
Wigglytuff: Nope. Eveything is nice and peaceful here~! I can't say the same for Treeshroud Forest...
Chatot: Elicia, forgive me for meddling, but might you know of anyone who would do such a thing to the Time Gears?
Elebi: (Erm...) Um... No, not really...
Chatot: Oh... I see. Maybe it really is a Pokemon from this world then...
Elebi: I can look into this if you like.
Chatot: Oh, heavens no!
Wigglytuff: We couldn't bombard you with missions like that!
Chatot: Yes, yes! You have your priorities to tend to, as we have ours!
Elebi:{/i] (But, when two are one... When Naught can do anything to this world, it's everyone's problem.) Okay. Thanks for letting me stay overnight.
Wigglytuff: Of course, of course~! Anytime~!
Chatot: Stay safe out there!
Elebi: I will, thanks!
Carbuncle: (Agh... Elicia!)
Elebi: [As she's leaving.] (Wh-what is it, Carbuncle?! What's wrong?)
Carbuncle: (That presence! The presence is here!)
Elebi: (Presence?! What's going on, Carbuncle, what do you mean?)
Carbuncle: (...It's... a dark force... I-I... I cannot explain this...)
[Elebi, disturbed, leaves the guild...]
~~Treasure Town...~~
[Elebi makes her way through Treasure Town, attracting fair greetings from the citizens. Finally, her senses lead her to the group. They were camping out under a group of trees off the main path.]
Elebi: [Greeting the group.] Hey everyone!
Lucario: Good morning, Elicia.
Equinox: You slept well, I presume?
Elebi: Yep! I feel great!
Shadow: That's good. We've heard some bad news around here...
Elebi: Oh, I think I know...
Jirachi: El-Elicia...?
Elebi: [Gasps.] You're... You're the Eclipse!
[They scurry up to each other. Equinox joins in.]
Jirachi: To meet one such as yourself, I am in awe, truthfully!
Elebi: The Connection is so extreme! I feel so correct and whole!
Equinox: We are united, and our power is amplified!
Jirachi: Pray tell, is this feeling the power coursing through me...?
Equinox: Indeed, it is!
Elebi: Now the Nightmares won't stand a chance!
[It is at this time that Cruce rejoins the group, a dark look on his face. This is casual for him...]
Elebi: Hm? [Turns to Cruce. She immediately begins trembling.] ... (C-C-Carbunc-cle...)
Carbuncle: (It's him... he is the dire presence among these worlds, hidden away by the threats of Darkness. Him...)
Cruce: [Notices Elebi.] Hm? (A Celebi... Wow, she looks terrified of me. Is this Elicia?) ...Hello. Are you Elicia?
Elebi: [All she can do is nod...]
Cruce: Well, I'm glad to get to meet you. My name is Cruce Ifai. Call me Cruce. [He smiles at her, looking as bright as possible... though still quite dark.]
Elebi: [Gulps.] ...O-oh... (He acts friendly, but... who really is he... h-how'd he get here...? Wh-what is he? I'm so afraid for some reason...)
Carbuncle: (Oh, this is grim. Phaze Lord Hideaki informed me more of him while you were asleep. It is said that Cruce has defied nature thus far, laughing in the face of Darkness and breaking them down without breaking his own sweat. We do not know his true purpose, but it is believed he has come from a different dimension with others we call The Ruinous, who wish to completely desecrate this dimension... but... we cannot say Cruce is a part of this... we do not know enough about this anomalous boy.)
Elebi: (He laughs in the face of Darkness...?)
Carbuncle: (Yes. I believe that, with him around, your trials will be far more difficult, as he provokes madness.)
Lucario: Everyone...
[Everyone turns to Lucario.]
Lucario: I would like to announce something that may further our success in this search... As you all know, Skyelord has gone to investigate any apprehensiveness nearby, but I assume he is merely searching for the cause of the new case... The missing Time Gear.
[Shadow, Cream, and Elebi glance at one another.]
Lucario: Equinox... The Alpha Nightmare was banished, correct?
Equinox: That is right. I joined with Adam and Al to defeat it.
Lucario: At that moment, the cruel minions' appearances were put on hold...
Equinox: That must mean the issue lies elsewhere...
Lucario: Yes, and where might that be? ...My best assumption is Mobius...
Cream: Oh no...
Shadow: I get it... We're still Pokémon, yet I heard from you that Mewtwo and Eggman were defeated. That alone should've broken this spell...
Lucario: Precisely correct, Shadow. The spell was not broken, therefore if there is nothing left upon this world aside from its own issues, then we must venture back to Mobius.
[Suddenly, Skyelord returns with a hurried expression.]
Skyelord: Guys, guys, GUYS!!
[Everyone quickly turns to Skyelord.]
Skyelord: I found something that you'll all need to see to believe!! Hurry!! We need to go, now!
[Everyone nods. The large group rushes to the Crossroads of Treasure Town. There, they run into Team Kross.]
Al: Huh? Oh!
Adam: Hey everyone!
Lucario: Adam. Al... It is nice to see you two are well.
Skyelord: I found something I need to show everyone! We need to really haul it, guys!
Shadow: Well then, let's.
Elebi: Good luck with everything, you two. [Winks to them.]
Al: Thanks! You, too! Bye!
[The group rushes off... however, Cruce remains at the back of the group. A trio of Nightmare appears between him and Team Kross. They all stop.]
Al: [Shivers.] A-Adam...?
Cruce: Al, Adam... stay completely still. [He spins around, provoking the Nightmares with this movement. They are each demons with white eyes.] Come at me, vermin!! [He leaps back, forcing them to dash at him. With no time to spare, he blows them out of existence with an unexpected Sonic Circle.] ...Done. Easy. [The commotion causes the group ahead to turn around.]
Lucario: Cruce? What are you doing?! Come quickly!
Adam: Cruce? [Turns around.] ...It's you, Cruce?
Al: [Turns around as well.] Cruce?!
[Another group of Nightmares spawns. Two sorcerer Nightmares with red eyes and three demon Nightmares with white eyes.]
Shadow: [From the group.] Nightmares?! Here?!
Equinox: These foul demons have come even to this town!
Skyelord: Well, we gotta get 'em!
[As Skyelord speaks, a large multitude of Nightmares surrounds them. About thirty in the area appear. There are Pokémon, Safan, pixie, and even Antifigurate Nightmares with eyes of all colors.]
Cream: [Screams.] That's so many!!
Shadow: Gah! We have to get out of here!
Cruce: Guys! Go! There's no Chaos Emeralds, I know, but try to invoke Chaos Control, Shadow!
Equinox: Ah, yes. [Chuckles.] Shadow, if you would be so kind... let us escape together.
Elebi: Cruce, can you handle all of them?!
[The Nightmares close in...]
Cruce: Yes!! Now get outta here!
Elebi: [Gives Cruce a final concerned look...]
Lucario: Al! Adam! Run!
Equinox & Shadow: Chaos... Control!! [This entire group disappears in a flash of blue...]
Cruce: [Now left on his own.] Agh... Alright, guys. Let's rock! [He teleports into the center of all of the Nightmares, leaving Al and Adam aghast.]
[Cruce waits until each of the Nightmares are close enough. In this waiting, he begins casting... As soon as they reach him, he teleports high into the air above the scene.] Overwhelming Impact!! [He casts, a large meteor of dark matter shooting from a giant symbology circle in front of him. It plummets down into the Nightmares, exploding in a chaotic torrent of bits of dark matter and dark electricity, sparking wildly. The shockwave blows Adam and Al back before they can be injured badly...]
[Cruce lands in a swell of ruptured earth which his spell created.]
Cruce: ...[Panting.] ...Urgh... I need... to stop... casting such ridiculous spells... [With his mana force falling, he begins to feel slightly weaker.]
Al: Ugh... Owow...ow... [He stands.] Whoooaaaa...
Adam: (Ah, such power... I really felt that.) [He, too, stands.]
Cruce: ...[Shakes it off.] ...Heh, Overwhelming Impact... that's... the first time that spell's been of use to me. If only it didn't totally wipe out my mana force there...
Al: [He runs up to Cruce.] Cr-Cruce! Are you alright?!
Cruce: [Turns to Al.] Yeah... Yeah, I'm good. Thanks. Did I hit you? Sorry if I did...
Al: N-not at all! That was amazing! I've never seen a move like that... It was unreal!
Cruce: [Grins weakly.] Heh... Thanks... Hm? [His ears flick up as a dark corridor sounds behind him. He turns, growling, then shows confusion at the sight of a faceless Nightmare... or perhaps something else.]
[The figure is cloaked in a black and charred red jacket... He looks like an Antifigurate... Without even speaking, he throws one arm out, a furious fire burning in the shape of a weapon before forming into an all too familiar scythe, which he wields in an all too familiar way.]
Cruce: ...No way... (Another Shade... it's... Idi.) [Weakened from the previous spell, Idi takes advantage.]
Idi: [Having not said a word, a fiery corridor warps him closer to Cruce, the force blowing Al away as he strikes the ground with one fist. Pillars of dark fire skyrocket, throwing Cruce into the air. Idi jumps, following with multiple high-speed swings of the scythe, each blade cutting through Cruce's black matter body, though still harming him. He follows up with a sort of secondary jump, tackling Cruce higher before warping closer and swinging away with incredible speed, following up with a powerful vertical cleave, shooting his tiny adversary into the carved ground. He then throws his scythe down at Cruce, black and red fire blazing behind it like a comet's tail. The same colored explosion bursts from the scythe's energy, igniting the earth with such intense fire that Al and Adam are forced to back away further. They have barely kept up with the figure's attacks, who warps again with his scythe doing the same. He stands in the same location he appeared, watching Cruce burn a black fate.]
Cruce: [All wounds have recovered, though he has felt their sting and suffers heavily from the damage. He is ablaze with dark fire.] Ahh... Aghh... Holy... s**t...
Idi: [Begins casting a spell, holding his scythe up in front of him.]
Al: N-No!! [Thinking quickly and recklessly, he musters all of his strength to attack Idi with his newest move: Water Pulse. The ring of water causes Idi's spell to become interrupted as he slightly topples forth.]
idi: [Quickly warps in front of Al and Adam, startling them to the point of petrification.] Begone. [With one powerful swipe of his scythe, the forces the two far back.]
Cruce: [For the few seconds Idi is away, rage awakens with him. He shuts his eyes tightly, growling.] Grrrr, you're DONE! [He morphs quickly back into a human, standing, ablaze with fury. Volatile blackness sparks around him as he begins to conjure a weapon of his own. It is a single, cross-shaped blade soaked with the mystifying dark aura he possess. The blade is serrated at each of the six edges, much like lightning bolts. The weapon's shape is the same as Cree's weapons, though large, and wielded with two hands. He prepares himself.]
Idi: Yes. [Warps in front of Cruce, again ready to attack.] Come.
Cruce: Gladly!! [He charges, expecting Idi to warp, which he does. Cruce, too, warps. Both are bound for the sky. They appear, having sighted each other in spaces of their corridors, so they clash, their weapons colliding in a ferocious deadlock. This is broken in a second. Both of them quickly cast spells Fire and Thunder at each other in the deadlock, again avoiding this by falling, then coming at each other with strikes and parries of their own in rapid close combat that can hardly be made out. Everything for them is in slow motion. If a move came to close, one would warp and the other would follow. The combos and parries continue until Cruce's body begins to step to its second tier of rage. Electric markings on his body show up. His strength increases. Black lightning shoots out with each and every parry. These strike Idi, catching him off guard for a myriad of swings to reach him and potentially cut him down. Finding an opening, Cruce warps over him, dunking a large quantity of bolts down upon Idi before striking him in the chest with both feet. Idi falls to the ground. Cruce follows, weapon thrust forward and shooting at Idi with himself holding onto that weapon. Contact. Black mayhem erupts before the many observers, which are the residents of Treasure Town and some of the guild members. Idi, recovering from this quickly, warps back into the sky while Cruce is down, and casts a spell to empower his weapon with an even more intense dark fire. Cruce locates him, jumping up to the sky and coming at Idi for another barrage of destruction. Streak of purple, red, and black distortion light the sky before everyone's eyes. Each of these streaks symbolize an attack by one of the fighters. It is a meteor shower gone mad. The air turns a blistering red as both of their energies reach the next level.]
[It is now that Cruce reaches the third tier of his rage. His skin becomes gray, and a force field of black shining hexagons envelops him, forcing Idi to hover in midair and await his new power... The hexagons reveal Cruce, parting from him and now floating around him at his command. He no longer sparks with dark electricity, but a gray, white, and black radiance. The hexagons encircle him as well as the edge of his weapon.]
Idi: Yes... Yes, Cruce... You have come to this world to destroy it... now that you have the power, go. Destroy this world.
Cruce: [Ignoring Idi, he swings once, energy hexagons following this path. Idi parries it, however the force knocks him back.]
Idi: [Grunts as he flies back a bit.] ... Very well. It would appear I am in your way... Enjoy yourself, reckless fool. [A dark corridor takes him away...]
Cruce: ...(Phew...) ... [He slowly descends, the citizens watching him with terror, even Adam and Al.] ... [He looks at them as he touches down, anger no longer in his face. He still glows with the gray, black, and white aura, hexagons stil following his every move.] ...Ugh... he... he made me seem like a monster, didn't he...? (...Thanks for revealing the truth, Idi... Word spreads fast here...) [His weapon vanishes in a hexagonal corridor.]
Al: [Approaches slowly.] Cruce...?
Chatot: [Now outside with some of the guild members.] No! Al!! [Flaps his wings.] Don't go near that human!!
Adam: [Follows Al.]
Sunflora: Oh my gosh! Adam too!
Bidoof: By golly, this is troublesome!
Al: Cruce... are you... are you okay...?
Cruce: [He gives Al a thumbs up and a small smirk.] I'm fine. Idi allowed me to invoke this power... I've never really been able to fight with it, because it's so overwhelming...
Adam: I can even feel it from here... it's amazing.
Al: What is it called, Cruce?
Cruce: There's no name that I know of for it... I call it Blast. ...[He again notices the expressions of fear that greet him.] ...Hey, guys... don't think lowly of me... but...
Al: ...? [Tilts his head.]
Cruce: ...This entire... dimension... If I return... If I return home, that means this dimension will have died...
Al: What...?! What are you saying, Cru--...Cruce...?!
Cruce: [Shakes his head.] Don't let it bother you now... The universe you live it in doomed to a fate worse than dimensional death... It no longer exists as itself... All of this, guys... All of this is in my head. You're all figments of my imagination... brought to realism because I'm asleep... and if this dimension doesn't see death, you will see a fate so terrible that... to call it death would be comforting... (And now, I'm sorry... But I've told you too much.) [At their silence, Cruce discreetly sends two of the hexagons underground beneath them... Now, the two enter a world of nothingness. Only Cruce's voice can be heard, speaking to their souls.]
"You two, I'm sorry it has to be this way... I've no malice for this dimension, but if I don't save it by killing it, then we will all suffer something unspeakable. There's no way of making you understand, and there's probably no way I can understand it, so I go about my business and just do it... But you two know too much now, and I have to bend your souls to the will of my Blast... You can't speak of this to anyone. Just don't. Please. Your bodies may soon belong to me, and... for that, I can't apologize enough, but it'll be worse for all of us if I don't do this... Al, Adam... honestly... with all of what my heart should be, I'm sorry."
[The world returns to the two... They both have blank stares... Cruce lowers himself to their level, rubbing both of their heads and smiling.]
Cruce: Go on, you two. You had duties to fulfill back at the guild, right?
[The two blink, their daze broken. The Blast energy inside of them remains and grows, just like the dark lightning...]
Adam: Oh!
Al: Oh, right! We gotta go, Adam! See you soon, Cruce!
[The two rush back to the guild.]
Cruce: [Cruce frowns, watching them... Saying no more, he walks into a hexagonal corridor formed in front of him...]
[The other group reaches a strange terrain just south of the Drenched Bluff... It is some sort of slippery, icy matter that is diamond-hard. It seems to form into a massive cave...]
Cream: I sure hope Cruce is alright...
Shadow: He can take care of himself. We must be concerned with the road in front of us... 'Looks like it's given us this obstacle.
Lucario: This... was not here...
Skyelord: I know!! I was looking around for any signs of Darkness, and well here you go! I found it!
Shadow: But what exactly is this?
Equinox: This is ice... black ice.
Jirachi: Pray tell, an entire cave of black ice?
Lucario: If that's the case, there must be ice and dark-type Pokemon in there...
Elebi: You guys... I'm getting a strange feeling... Someone powerful is in there waiting for us... This might be a trap.
Skyelord: If it is, I'll bring us all to safety!
Shadow: Let's just take it slowly.
[They decide it is necessary to enter the cave of black ice.]
~~Aphotic Ices...~~
[The cave is far smaller than anyone anticipated. It is merely a downward slope leading into an abyss. They delve deeper... The slope becomes steeper and steeper, until finally...]
Cream: Hm--[Falls and slides down.] Whaaaa!!!
Shadow: Cre--! Agh, erm--[Trips. He, too, slides down the slope.]
Equinox: No point in this then! [She spreads her legs, one in front, one in back. Equinox slides as if she were riding a snowboard.]
[Elebi and Jirachi are in flight at the moment. Lucario and Skyelord follow behind everyone else. ]
Elebi & Jiarchi: [Turn to eachother and shrug. They drop to the cold ground.] Wheeeee!!!
[A few second later, everyone ends up dog piled on top of each other. They have arrived at the bottom of the Aphotic Ices. It is shaped like an arena... and there is no way back up.]
[Everyone remains still. It is now pitch black.]
Cream: Umm... I'm scared...
Lucario: It is too dark to see at all...
Jirachi: Don't fret! I have the answer to our problems! [Using a special exclusive ability, she brightens the aura surrounding her. Everything is much clearer now... The room is round, and in the center, a creature stands. But it is not a Pokemon nor a Mobian, nor a human or anything else anyone besides Skyelord has seen before already...]
Skyelord: ...I knew something was fishy... [He stands.] You...
[The creature smirks and chuckles.]
[Everyone stands to get a good look.]
Equinox: What is this... Is this some sort of young lion?
[The creature is the dark colored lion Safan from Chris's nightmare. It is Daniel.]
Daniel: Whassup, dimwits? Heh-heh...
--To Be Continued...--