Fair warning:
I haven't planned out anything beyond these four worlds very well (Antifigurate, Aquatica, Tulwar V, and Nomotos), so it may seem a little rough to follow, especially since Nomotos got WIPED OFF THE FACE of Blast when Ethereal Sync died. It was just too much like Corus.
In addition to that, the Ghost World (Mirror World's counterpart.) will probably be a little sketchy.
~~Treasure Town~~

[Lucario, Equinox, Shadow, Cream, and Elebi have been greeted by an unidentified Pokémon in Treasure Town, who calls himself the Leo Avenger. his name is Skyelord.]
Skyelord: Don't worry about the heroes and Eclipses that've taken a beating, they'll be fine! They're heroes after all, am I right?
Cream: Sonic always manages to pull it together! I believe he'll be okay!
Shadow: Cream, he had lost his memory.
Cream: Oh... Uh-oh...
Lucario: I do, too, believe that the powerful figures of Mobius will reawaken. Even here, Mew rests. He will pull through.
Skyelord: So, the Lord of the Phazes has sent the Phaze Guardians and Starsign Avengers on a quest. The quest, you ask? He's sensed some suspicious activity goin' on with the Eclipses, you see, and it's our duty to find and take this threat down! I'm gonna be the first to do it, too!
Elebi: [Gasps.] You're with the Phaze Order?! (Carbuncle!!)
Carbuncle: (I know of Skyelord. He serves as the Leo Avenger of the Starsign Avengers. It would make sense he has been sent to this world, for he is a Pokémon as well.)
Elebi: (But suspicious activity?)
Carbuncle: (Precisely the exact same...)
Elebi: Skyelord? You said suspicious activity, hm?
Skyelord: That's right. Straaaaange things going on with the Eclipses. There's even an unusual aura coming from the worlds. It's... kinda dark... But that's aside the point! Are a few Eclipses nearby? [He looks in both directions.] I sense that good old presence...
Equinox: That would be me.
[Skyelord turns to Equinox.]
Skyelord: Ah-ha! Of course I knew you were an Eclipse! But I'm not getting any suspicious feelin' here. Somewhere else, probably?
Lucario: There is another Eclipse quite near. Would you like to see him?
Skyelord: Yeah. That'd be a help.
[Lucario, with Skyelord, returns to the shelter. Mew is still resting...]
Lucario: This is him. Do you feel anything unorthodox?
Skyelord: Hrmmm... Hey, I do... I do! Is that... 'That Darkness in him?!
Lucario: What!? You can sense Darkness within Mew?
Skyelord: Yea, it's not all that much, but I can't forget bad 'ol Darkness... This don't seem so good, I didn't think the Eclipses were going evil on us.
Lucario: But... he had fought alongside Chris, against Darkness...
Skyelord: ...Wh...what did you say? Just now?
Lucario: He had fought alongside Chris.
Skyelord: Chris came back to Fantasy... Well, surprise surprise... [Staring at Mew, puzzled.] But why? What is Hideaki hiding from us...? If anyone's gonna get to the bottom of this, it'll be me! I'll find Chris first!
Lucario: Don't you think that it would be best to assist the Eclipses against any potential threats from Darkness?
Skyelord: That fox girl is an Eclipse, and we can't have her, or any other, end up like this...
Lucario: ...Another has... Tails.
Skyelord: [Turns his head to Lucario.] Huh? Are you kidding!? How did Tails and Mew suffer this at the same time?
Lucario: Because the two of them were fighting alongside Chris on Mobius... That is all I know.
Skyelord: ...[Seems challenged by this.] ...Dang... What did I miss? ...Okay, I admit it... I... ne-need... some help if I'm gonna find out what's going on here.
Lucario: I will assist in any way possible... Also, if it applies to the situation, Chris' sister is here.
Skyelord: His sister? Elicia? How did she get here?
Lucario: I can't say. She is the small blue one.
Skyelord: Well, thanks for the info. Now it's up to me to stop the crises! ...Okay, us...
[Skyelord begins back up to the top of Sharpedo Bluff, but Lucario stops him...]
Lucario: There is another thing.
Skyelord: [Turns his head.] Eh?
Lucario: Two young adventurers have been injured by the Nightmares.
Skyelord: Oh brother, Nightmares? So that means they are here. Ah, crud, and that means they'll be causing a bit of trouble for everyone else. I'll stop them!
[With that, the two head back up to the top of Sharpedo Bluff.]
Elebi: Did you learn anything new?
Skyelord: A bunch of stuff... First, I found out that Mew's Ecliptic power is slowly being replaced with Darkness...
Lucario: Replaced? You hadn't spoken of that sort of activity...
Skyelord: Whoops... Oh yeah, and Elicia!? How'd you get here!?
Elebi: [Giggles.] You figured it out? Hideaki and Carbuncle guided me here to search for Chris!
Skyelord: Hideaki and Carbuncle? So everyone decided it's okay for you to get involved in your bro's adventuring?
Elebi: I guess so!
Skyelord: That's handy! Be careful out there...
Elebi: [Her eyes widen a tad, recalling something important.] Oh, Lucario...
Lucario: Yes?
Elebi: Did you tell Skyelord about...?
Skyelord: ...Wha...? [Looks back and forth between the two.] H-hey, tell me what? C'mon, a hero's gotta be in the know, y'know?
Lucario: I... apologize, Elicia... What is it that you are referring to?
Elebi: ...[Lowers her head.] ...It's... it's just whenever I say his name, I get goosebumps... just that named... Cruce. [She shudders.]
Lucario: Ah, Cruce...
Skyelord: Cruce...? ...Huh, I know what you mean, Elicia... I'm kinda getting the chills here...
Lucario: Such a strange boy... I do hope we meet him again soon.
Skyelord: What's he like?
Lucario: ...I cannot explain... I have not known him long enough to give you accurate details... Though I would say he has made a quick connection to Chris.
Skyelord: 'That so, eh? ...
[Night is coming...]
Lucario: It's getting dark. Perhaps you should all find a place to stay
Skyelord: I'll be fine! I'm gonna get to the bottom of this "Nightmare" and stop it myself!
Equinox: Shadow? Should we stay up as well?
Shadow: For as long as we can. These Nightmares I'm constantly hearing about sound troublesome.
Cream: I don't think I can stay up all night.
Equinox: You may sleep. [Chuckles.] We don't expect ourselves to stay up as well.
Cream: Okay! What about you Elicia?
Elebi: Hmm... I'm not so sure...
[At this moment, Chatot can be heard approaching.]
Chatot: Hello? Hello!
[Everyone turns to Chatot.]
Chatot: Made new friends again I see. I have come to inform everyone that our new recruits are going to be alright. Al is awakening already! Adam seems to have been injured a bit worse however.
Equinox: Pleasant to hear that they are doing well.
Lucario: I concur. Hm, to be brought down by the foe they faced with Chris... [Turns to Elebi.] I recommend you see them, Elicia.
Elebi: Did they look up to my brother?
Chatot: [Surprised.] Oh my!! Are you Chris' sister!?
Elebi: That's right. My name is Elicia Lunhalo.
Chatot: Good heavens, you truly are! I hadn't known Chris had a sister.
Elebi: Ai-yai-yai, that Chris. Distracted like always.
Chatot: On the other hand, Lucario, that is an excellent idea. I am positive that a sibling of Chris' will be able to lift Al's spirits.
Elebi: [Smiles warmly.] Okay! I'll go see the little guys and cheer them up.
Chatot: Thank you kindly! Please, come this way!
[Chatot leads Elebi into Treasure Town...]
Lucario: I suppose I should part for slumber as well. I will be here if any of you need me.
Cream: He-he! Sweet dreams!
Equinox: Let's hope they are sweet dreams.
Cream: And not Nightmares!
[Skyelord wanders off into Treasure Town... He seems curious, so he follows the path that Chatot had taken.]
~~Wigglytuff's Guild...~~
Chatot: I have brought I guest with me, Diglett. I guarantee all of you will be amazed to learn who she is!
Diglett: Really?
Loudred: A special guest!? Who IS she?
Chatot: Patience! You will soon see!
Elebi: [Giggles.]
[The two of them enter the guild and descend to the lower floors, but everyone seems to be lower, concerned about Adam and Al.]
[Deeper in... Chatot and Elebi arrive. A large amount of the guild members are talking about Adam and Al, as well as the Nightmares.]
Chatot: Everyone!
[They all turn to Chatot, questioning Elebi's appearance.]
Corphish: Hey, hey... Doesn't she look like Chris when he changed...?
Sunflora: Oh my gosh... She does!
I like to introduce a very special guest! Her name is Elicia!
Elicia: Pleased to meet all of you~! [Winks.] You may know me better as Elicia Lunhalo, Chris' sister!
[Everyone gasps in shock.]
Chimecho: Wh-wh-wha!? Chris had a sister!?
Bidoof: Golly!! I never imagined it!
[Loudred, Diglett, and Dugtrio overhear this, and rush into the conversation.]
Loudred: WHAT!?!
[Even Croagunk is impressed.]
Croagunk: Heh-heh... That's something else.
Dugtrio: Are you being sincere?!
Elebi: Mm-hmm!
Chatot: Because Team Kross had journeyed with Chris and appreciated him, I felt it was necessary to bring his sister to comfort them in their time of need. And what luck!!
Corphish: Hey, hey!
Bidoof: Gee, you ain't kidding!
Elebi: (Carbuncle, do you know of Adam and Al?)
Carbuncle: (I believe they are two young Pokémon who are merely beginning their adventures as heroes.)
Elebi: (Okay then.)
Chatot: It is getting late everyone. I recommend you all head to bed as early as possible for another day!
Everyone: HOO-RAY!!
[Everyone throws out a warm greeting for Elebi, and head to their rooms...]
Elebi: What a nice crew!
Chatot: They are, aren't they? They're pleased to meet you, Elicia! Your brother had kept the guild safe in the past after all!
Elebi: He-he-he! I have to admit, it is so cool to get to meet everyone also!
Chatot: Come with me. I'll lead you to Team Kross' room.
[The two of them walk through the guild hall, into the very last room. Adam remains unconscious, but Al, though a bit drowsy, is awake, He notices Chatot and Elebi.]
Al: Huh...?
Chatot: Hello, Al. How are you feeling?
Al: Well... I've been better.
Chatot: I understand you're upset about Chris leaving you two to deal with the Nightmares... I'd like you to meet Elicia, Chris' sister.
Al: Wh-what!? Sister!?
Elebi: Yep.
Chatot: Well, I'll leave you kids alone now.
[Chatot leaves the room...]
Al: So, you're... I never would've thought...
Elebi: [Giggles.] Trust me, I've already heard that a bunch of times. [Walks to Al and Adam. She sits in front of them.] So, I've heard you had a bit of trouble lately?
Al: We did... We were on a quick mission... a scary, huge Nightmare appeared and swept us up like nothing. If Equinox hadn't have saved us, we probably wouldn't be here.
Elebi: Yikes! I'm sorry about that, but I'm glad you're safe... Listen, I've heard some great things about you two. Don't feel like you can't handle rough situations! I know that anything conjured by Naught totally out of control!
Al: That was the case earlier.
Elebi: I bet. So, you got to travel alongside my brother?
Al: Yes, we did. He's a great guy! He can be a little intimidating though.
Elebi: That's Chris for ya!
Al: Will... will he ever come back to this world?
Elebi: I'm sure he will. I'm here! He'll come back Al.
Al: ...Thank you, Elicia.
Elebi: Hm?
Al: Thank you... Thank you so much for coming here to cheer us up...
Elebi: Of course. You deserve this life. You shouldn't have to battle with Naught's henchmen... They're trouble, even for the Phaze Order.
Al: Thanks... [Smiles cheerfully, then looks to Adam...] Adam... he was battered, and all I could do was watch...
Elebi: [Scoots near Adam.] Poor little guy... Don't worry Al, everyone's hoping for the best that Adam will make a full recovery... [Places her hand on Adam's head, patting it.] I know he'll be okay... Huh? [Her entire arm glows...]
Al: What's that? Your arm is shining!
Elebi: [This takes place for a mere three seconds before the energy is entirely absorbed by Adam...] Huh? What in the world happened just now? (Carbuncle... was that me?)
Carbuncle: (Ah! Fascinating! So your power is opposite that of your brother's after all...)
Elebi: (What do you mean?)
Carbuncle: (Both of you, to an extreme, possess tremendous power aside from the Time Traveling capabilities. It is another mysterious side effect that Lord Hideaki has recognized. You seem to posses a constructive ability, whereas your brother possesses destructive abilities. Over time, you will learn to manipulate these abilities quite well.)
Elebi: (Awesome!)
Al: Hey... Adam!!
Adam: [Sitting up, now awake...] Ugh...
Elebi: I... I really did that... (How cool... Oh? ...A strange feeling... The one I had when I met Equinox... I wonder...)
~~Drenched Bluff...~~
-Meanwhile, Skyelord is investigating the area near the Drenched Bluff for any suspicious activity.]
Skyelord: [Scanning the area. He remains in sky forme even at night due to his power as a Starsign Avenger. He does not need the presence of a Gracidea to switch formes. He may choose which forme he is in at all times.] Bah... Doesn't look like anything happened out here... Strange, somethin' was telling me Darkness was at this spot... I know I'm right! They're just hiding from me... How could I be wrong?
[Skyelord continues to search the area... It is then that he senses something completely opposite to Darkness...]
Skyelord: Hey... [Sniffs.] That smell... [Sniffs.] That smells like... an Eclipse... It's coming from... [Faces ahead.] straight that way...
[A gleam of light can be seen in the distance...]
Skyelord: ...An Eclipse... Must've sensed Elicia's presence... how strange, if Chris really was here, how come that didn't draw out the other Eclipses...? Confusing, even for me.
[Skyelord approaches the light... Both draw nearer and nearer to each other, until they meet face to face...]
Skyelord: Hello there!
Young Feminine Voice: Huh? H-hi. [Nervous, she lowers her head a bit, still focusing on Skyelord.]
Skyelord: Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. I sensed you comin' closer, and... You're an Eclipse, huh?
Young Feminine Voice: [Gasps.] Pray tell, you know about the Eclipses!? Truthfully!?
Skyelord: 'Course! I am a Starsign Avenger after all!
[The young girl is the shiny version of Jirachi, with more of a reddish blend of colors Her presence is luminous.]
Jirachi: How wonderful, truthfully! I felt a feeling like never before not too long ago, so I felt it was necessary to search for the site of which the feeling comes from.
Skyelord: So it has to be... Hey! I think I know who you're looking for!
Jirachi: You do, truthfully? Pray tell...
Skyelord: Her name is Elicia Lunhalo... It's probably better if you come with me, I'll show you to her.
Jirachi: Thank you!
Skyelord: [Nods, assured she will follow. The two of them make way for Treasure Town.]
~~Castle Blossom~~

[The new alliance of Masculine and Feminine are developing a plan to counter Lea and Pryme...]
[In the royal chamber.]
Slianna: May I ask how many Soul Spheres Lea and Pryme have?
Mark: They took ours a bit ago... But I really don't remember the two of 'em having any others.
Susie: That means we can infer that they have one, the Dragon Soul Sphere.
Mark: Ugh... [Shakes his head.] To be the first...
Kutzu: Don't worry Mark, we'll get it back, along with your army!
Mark: ...[Sighs.] Well... alright.
Lavender: And we wouldn't want to endanger this army as well... What should we do?
Susie: Hmm... I suppose I should've seen this coming... We must abandon Castle Blossom.
Kutzu: Huh?! B-but Princess Susie! Like... we can't defend our own home?!
Susie: Kutzu, you heard what had happened to the Masculine's home... With one neutralization after another, a corrupted army began to form... We cannot allow that to happen here.
Lavender: She's right. Lea can and will get much more powerful in time... We have to act fast.
Mark: Our alliance barely manages to outnumber Lea's, so we should confront her while the odds are against her.
Susie: I concur... Though it pains me to part with my castle, it is for the better, so that I may see home once again... I will call forth the Feminine for a full advance across the Starfall Plains... We will be heading to the Illusive Horizon.
Mark: The Creminine? You have joined with them before, right?
Susie: Yes, on more than one occasion. We will explain to them the situation...
Lavender: Sounds like a good idea.
Mark: In that case, I agree.
Susie: We will be advancing in large battalions which I will assign.
Mark: I'll lead the squadron I have brought here.
Susie: Understood. Everyone. Report to the main foyer and hold tight. I will call Helena to assist me with assigning divisions...
Everyone Else: Understood.
[Mark and Susie leave the room to organize the armies. Everyone else does soon after.]
[In the foyer, groups are beginning to form. Mark and Susie speak with each other, discussing the path of each Squad and Order, even considering melding Squads and Orders together to bolster power in numbers... At this time, a human wearing a black trench coat walks into the open castle... He is holding a fainted Saturn...]
Cruce: [Stops in the doorway, cradling Saturn.] ...
[Dragons and Fairies notice him, giving him both frightened and confused looks.]
Cruce: [Scans the foyer...] Hmm... Not my best entrance, huh?
Susie: [Looks down at the human holding Saturn.] Gracious! What have we here?!
Mark: The human? Doesn't that look like that Chris guy?
Susie: But that's impossible! ...I-isn't it? Oh, why does he have young Saturn like that...?
Mark: Let's check this out... He's not from around here. Maybe he's got some helpful advice. [He begins flying down to the human.] Make way!
Susie: ... Poor Saturn... Mrgh... [She follows Mark's lead, clearly concerned.]
Mark: [Hovers in front of Cruce.] Alright, Big Guy. 'Splain.
Susie: Yes, please explain... Who might you be?
Cruce: (Heh, this is like an alien greeting... 'cept they speak English... Huh, why've I never questioned why all Ecliptic Worlds speak perfect English...? ...That's funny... it doesn't make sense. They could be speaking Japanese or Korean or even like African tribal languages, but no... English...) {Weird thought. o.O} I'm Cruce. Cruce Ifai. We've met, but I wasn't exactly human at the time. I was a Fairy, yeah?
Susie: Gracious... Cruce? ...What have you done to yourself?
Cruce: Simple shape shifting. This is what I consider my true form... I venture you're thinking I look like Chris, right?
[Susie and Mark both nod, a little bewildered.]
Cruce: Long story. Anyway, we encountered a bit of trouble outside. Nightmares came by the boatload... They snuck up on little Saturn here. She'll be okay, but she needs rest.
Mark: So she was in a little over her head... [Shakes his head.] Tch. The lust to be stronger. You girlies have a strange way of tackling that.
Susie: Oh, you're one to talk! You overdo it all the time... and look where that's gotten yo--
Mark: Not the time...
Saturn: ...Cr-Cruce... [Holds her paw up, touching Cruce's chin.] Is that... you?
Cruce: Hm? [Lowers his head very slightly, shifting his focus to the awakened Saturn.] It's me, Saturn... You're okay.
Susie: Oh, gracious. Saturn, Dear... [She flies up to Saturn.] How are you feeling, Darling...?
Saturn: [Her eyes are half open. She drops her paw, looking to Susie.] Princess... Susie...? I'm better now. Cruce saved me... I... I feel a lot better.
Cruce: You still need rest...
Saturn: No, Cruce... I'm feeling good! [She seems more energetic. She smiles.] Really, I'm all better now!
Cruce: (To recover so quickly from my dark energy... I've seen this before... Not with Celebi, but... in my dimension.) [Closes his eyes, looking ashamed.]
Saturn: [Tilts her head a little.] What's the matter? W-was it something I said?
Cruce: No... No, it's nothing. I take it we're beginning to move on the offensive, Susie? Mark? [He sets Saturn down. She seems perfectly able to stand and walk and fly, though she simply waits by Cruce.]
Susie: Correct. Would you like to rejoin the others? They are within my chambers.
Cruce: Sounds good. [He nods.] Can Saturn come?
Susie: Of course. If it is not a bother, would you be so kind as to watch her, Cruce? I worry for her sake...
Cruce: I will. [Looks down at Saturn. She says nothing, simply fiddling with her dress.] Saturn?
Saturn: Mm? [Looks straight up at Cruce.]
Cruce: Let's go. I'd prefer we take the scenic route. [Smirks, lowering himself to Saturn's level.]
Saturn: [Smiles back at Cruce, nodding.]
[The two disappear in a rather small corridor...]
[In the princess' chambers.]
Safiri: Celebi...?
Celebi: [Holding the Soul Sphere.] Yeah Safiri?
Safiri: What do you think happened to Aren?
Celebi: If what Lea said was true, he's been neutralized... But he'll pull through. He's strong.
Lavender: I heard that Aren was sent to Safa to investigate the distortion in the Eclipses... Was he really defeated by Lea?
Celebi: I take it Lea and Pryme double-teamed him...
Lavender: Poor Aren... I hope he's okay.
Kutzu: Like, where else is the distortion being sensed?
Lavender: We're unsure. It's too vague... We only know that Naught is up to something... Fortunately, what's going on here might be that something we're looking for...
[A dark corridor appears in the room. Everyone is startled...]
Cruce: [Appears, still crouching near Saturn. He stands, looking down at everyone.]
Lavender: Ohh... [Shrinks a little.] There's Chris...
Safiri: B-but... But... But... [Looks back at Celebi, then at Cruce again.] ... But...
Cruce: [Chuckles, shaking his head slowly.] Heh, guys, calm down. It's just me, Cruce.
Celebi: Cruce... Oh... right! I remember! Your first appearance was a human.
Lavender: Hm, I can't stopping thinking that you are with Darkness, but I know you aren't... I've never met a shape shifter who isn't... and a pretty handsome one at that.
Kutzu: That's... that's so cool... You look sooooo totally like Chris did.
Rilia: He does!
Slianna: That's wacky... And who's your friend?
Kutzu: Saturn! How are you?
Saturn: I'm doing splendidly, thank you~. [She does preforms a curtsy.]
Cruce: I decided to switch back to this form to carry Saturn back inside. We ran into a little trouble, and I worried that she couldn't walk...
Saturn: Hehe, I couldn't, Cruce! I was out cold!
Safiri: Whoa, what happened out there guys?
Cruce: Nightmares happened. A lot of them... [Turns to Rilia and Slianna.] What happened to you two and Cel in the Ancient Growth Forest repeated itself here.
Slianna: Oh, the dark... electric... stunny thing...
Rilia: Yeah! Oh, did you see that scary Nightmare?
Celebi: The Alpha...
Cruce: That Nightmare wasn't present...
Celebi: So he wasn't... ...[Blinks.] Hey Cruce...
Cruce: Yeah?
Celebi: You've shown me your Safan and Sorenian state, but... why didn't you ever turn into a Pokémon or a Mobian?
Lavender: [Turns to Celebi suspiciously.] (This girl has been to those worlds...?)
Cruce: Heheh, [Spreads his arms out.] Alright, alright. If you really want me to turn into something, pick your poison. I like it when people suggest that kinda stuff to me... It's like a test.
Celebi: Oh, definitely Pokémon. Aren't I one? [Grins.]
Cruce: (Heh... this dimension is obsessed with Pokémon, isn't it? Then again, so is mine... What's its significance, I have no clue...) Fine, fine. I have two. I'll change into my second one, 'cause that'd cause less confusion. [Again, he lowers himself to all fours, immediately shifting into a pitch black figure. The shape of his body seems to be changing into his Safan form at first, then it becomes much smaller. He turns into a Zorua. {Fifth gen Pokémon. One of the first ones announced.} After details come back into view, he looks up and smirks.]
Lavender: Oh, by the Phaze Lord... you really are a shape-shifter!
Celebi: [Claps.] That's so sweet! I've never seen that one!
Cruce: [Rolls his eyes.] It's fun to please you, Cel.
Celebi: It's fun being pleased.
Saturn: [Now looking down at Cruce.] Hmhm~! You're so cute now, Cruce.
Cruce: Cuteness goes a long way in my history. Now, Susie and Mark were discussing plans. Let's get back down there and join up.
Celebi: I agree!
Safiri: (Hmm... Cruce's morphing is cool and all... It looks like, with Cruce around, Chris is happy and secure. It's like Chris... knew Cruce before all of this.)
Kutzu: [Looks at Safiri, assuming that he is thinking the same thing...]
[There is silence between them... Safiri and Kutzu give suspicious looks to each other, then to Celebi, who is nervously hiding the secret, though concealing that with glee around Cruce.]
[They reach the foyer.]
Lavender: Hey, is something wrong? I haven't heard a peep out of any of you for a bit.
Kutzu: Oh! Nope, it's nothing! We're just wondering about Lea~!
Safiri: Yeah, and I was wondering if I'd ever change back into a girl...
Lavender: We'll solve all of those problems! ...You know, it's strange seeing you two in the same world.
Lavender: That reminds me... [Turns to Celebi.] You said you knew about Chris?
Celebi: (Oh... crud.) Uh, yep!
Lavender: Do you know where he is?
Celebi: Umm... To be honest, not anymore...
Lavender: Oh, that's okay. When did you see him last?
Celebi: ...Here.
Lavender: Really? So he must be all over the place...
Celebi: [Gulps.] (I'm not good at this...) Actually, he told me that he would be leaving for... Safa.
Lavender: That's strange... Why would he be on Safa right now? Is something happening there too?
Safiri: Maybe he's... um... Trying to prevent time from stopping!
Lavender: ...I heard about the Ancient Growth incident, that could be true... Wait!! I remember now! Lord Hideaki told us about Chris... He was unsure where Chris was at the moment, but he'd felt that Naught was focusing The Pokémon World and Mobius...
Safiri & Kutzu: Huh...?
Lavender: ...This means that Chris must've been on those two worlds at some point in time... So this has to do with his return... Naught knows he's here...
[Rillia and Slianna exchange nervous glances.]
Celebi: ...I've been to those worlds, but I never saw Chris there... He never really told me much anyway...
Lavender: Don't worry, Celebi. Chris is like that. He can be a little... bemused.
Celebi: (Elicia always calls me that...) I noticed that...
[The atmosphere as changed... Everyone is now keeping a secret...]
[Moments pass. Eventually, most of the army enters the room... Susie, Mark, and Helena stand on the second floor...]
Susie: My fellow Fairies!!
Mark: And remaining Dragons!!
Susie & Mark: Hear us!!
[The room is silent...]
Susie: No longer can we wait and watch as our world becomes a playground to Lea, the real culprit behind this!
Mark: She's taken everything from the Masculine! Our home, my army,... our Soul Sphere...
[Everyone who didn't already know this gasps...]
Susie: Fortunately, a powerful friend of ours is holding the Fairy Soul Sphere! ...She comes to us from a world far beyond ours...
[Everyone who is standing near Celebi turns to her. Those who turn recognize the Soul Sphere, and immediately show signs of assurance that they are safe.]
Susie: And others, who come to us from various worlds... This includes Lavender, the Phaze Guardian!
[Those who are near Lavender greet and thank her warmly for assisting.]
Mark: ...But we're not safe... Not yet...
Susie: Mark is correct... Until we can join forces with the Illusions, we cannot consider ourselves safe.
Mark: Exactly... Lea's forces may be growing as we speak.
Susie: So, it's prior that we create the ultimate alliance to send Lea packing!
Mark: Today, we save our planet!!
[Another cheer.]
[A mere thirty minutes later, the entire army is standing outside Castle Blossom. The battalions that Princess Susie mentioned earlier have taken shape within the massive army. A multitude of Orders, and a few special groups, such as the Order of the Avenger Dragons{Remaining Masculine forces}, the Order of the Paradise Flower{Susie, Helena, and most of the elite Fairies}, and lastly, the huge Order of the New Hope, which contains Celebi, Kutzu, Safiri, Slianna, Rilia, Lavender, Saturn, and Cruce.]
~~Starfall Plains...~~
[The army advances across the great Starfall Plains with ease. These plains are famous for constant meteor showers. It is said that the Blessed Garden rose to the sky from here.]
Celebi: [Holding the Soul Sphere. It is humming softly. She is now wearing Fairy battle attire.] (A little strange to be wearing these clothes... I feel like my sister.) This is a bit nerve-wrecking... But exciting at the same time.
Kutzu: [In battle attire as well, however it is more unique.] Oh my gosh, isn't it? I totally don't know how this will turn out... But I'm, like, so excited we get to join with the Creminine again!
Safiri: I heard you saying that Celebi looked like a Creminine. What are they like?
Kutzu: Oh, they're, like, the most instinctive out of the Four Genders of Soren. We haven't had many conflicts with them in the past, and actually... The Fairies have joined the Illusions so many times, that the rarity of a conflict is extreme!
Rilia: So, they're friendly?
Kutzu: Totally! Plus, the Creminine and Feminine share the same goal: to bring peace to the Starfall Hemisphere... But to do that, we have to save the world, of course! [Giggles.]
Lavender: So, are you normally with any Order?
Kutzu: I'm usually with the Order of the Paradise Flower, which is Princess Susie's force. But, like, I couldn't pass up a chance to fight alongside this team!
[The Orders march on into the horizon...]
[Now comes the point which certain Orders must temporarily disband from the army, all as a part of Susie's and Mark's strategy. This includes the Order of the Lunar. They regroup, and head for a range of mountains in the distance, while the other groups head for large lakes and forests.]
Kutzu: Is everyone here?
Everyone: Present!
Kutzu: Awesome! Let's get going then.
[The Order begins toward what is known as the Star Hymn Range... Something is troubling Celebi.]
Celebi: [Walking very slowly.] (What's this eerie feeling I'm getting? It's like... someone's there... someone's waiting for me... But where, and why?)
[The same feeling bothers Cruce, but twofold.]
Cruce: [Stil a Zorua.] (Agh... I fee like crap all of a sudden. It's not this form. That feels fine... It's this atmosphere... some... pressure.)
Safiri: Celebi? Cruce?
[Everyone has stopped... Celebi and Cruce are both is far behind the group...]
Saturn: Are you two okay?
Celebi: Huh...? Oh! I'm fine, sorry. Just a lot on my mind. [Catches up to the group.]
Cruce: [Shakes the thought, not saying anything. He runs behind Celebi.]
Lavender: ...Hmmm... [Suspicious of Celebi.]
[Eventually, the Order of the Lunar reaches the first destination: Mt. Melody, the highest peak of the Starfall Hemisphere.]
[The Order of the Lunar advances with ease... so far.]
Safiri: [Shivers.] Yeesh... Why is this place giving such an odd feeling?
Rilia: I was just thinking the same thing!
Slianna: Me too!
Kutzu: ...[Scans the area...] Well... this mountain has a bunch of legends tethered to it... When we were assigned to advance through here, I was a little incredulous, actually.
Safiri: What are those legends behind this place?
Kutzu: Like, I totally forgot most of the minor ones, but I remember the most famous one! It said that "Two worlds, which are alike yet so different, exist side by side, bound by a mountain, and from the song of life and death."
Rilia: Ooh, that's deep.
Slianna: It's a little scary.
Cruce: (Mt. Melody. I remember... Am I getting this feeling from Mt. Melody? ...I didn't realize I could even get these kinda feelings in this dimension.)
Kutzu: I know! Isn't it? Like, no one knows what it means, but people have totally had visions here, and have never returned.
Celebi: (Is this true...? Wow, I didn't think something like that existed on a world like this... It just goes to show how little I know about the Eclipse worlds...)
Lavender: Yikes! Are you sure it's okay to be here Kutzu?
Kutzu: Totally, don't worry about the legends. We'll avoid the trouble, if there even is any.
Rilia: Phew, that's good...
[Long moments after they learn about this, their fast traveling brings them near the summit...]
Safiri: Ugh... Kutzu, that feeling is getting stronger...
Slianna: It feels like everything's getting heavier.
Kutzu: I know... I can barely fly anymore...
Celebi: (Agh... I feel it also. That eerie feeling I had before... It's getting even stronger.)
Cruce: (It's such a violent gravitational pull... I don't deal with this kind of stuff too often. Gravity, that is.)
~~Mt. Melody...~~
[The group, exhausted from the otherworldly presence that the mountain gives off, reaches the peak... There, an eerie humming can be heard emitting from the center of the summit. The Order, with the strength they have left, rush to the center and examine it... but nothing's there... The humming is loudest, but nothing is visible... The song is soft and gentle, but ethereal and ominous at the same time... It is coming from someone who isn't even there...]
Lavender: What's... going on?
Kutzu: I... I don't know... But... We have to get out of here. Now!
Celebi: ...(This song... it's so near...)
Safiri: I can... barely move.
Celebi: (And this atmosphere... It should feel empty, but it feels as if I were underground... Does that mean...?) ...Wait a minute... [Looks directly up into the sky. Ripples can be seen in the air. They represent distortion in the fabric of space.]
Cruce: What is this...? Could this be some cause of The Ruinous being here?
Safiri: Something related to your dimension, Cruce?
Cruce: I'll be damned. If so... I... [Shakes his head.] I dunno...
Celebi: (Someone's waiting for me up there... But with this gravity so strong, I can't reach... If it's Cruce's world... If it really is, I have to see it.)
Kutzu: Celebi? C'mon! We gotta go!
Celebi: (Wait a moment... Why gravity's so strong, I got it! It's because--)
Ethereal Feminine Voice: (Child...)
Celebi: (Wh-huh!? Who's talking!? Who was that!?)
Ethereal Feminine Voice: (Fear not, youth... It seems you have solved the riddle...)
Celebi: (Riddle? ...Wait... are you the one who is singing?)
Ethereal Feminine Voice: (Correct... I proclaim the gateway to the other side using the song of space...)
Celebi: (You were singing that...But where are you?)
Ethereal Feminine Voice: (May I ask you to explain the riddle again?)
Celebi: (...Gravity's so strong because we're upside down...)
Ethereal Feminine Voice: (Yes... Now I shall take you... Into the Ghostflower Soren as a soul...)
Kutzu: Celebi!? Celebi!! What's wrong!?
Safiri: Why's she just standing there!?
Lavender: What in the worlds is wrong with her!?
Cruce: Something's wrong. Cel!! [Dashes up to her, defying the gravity.] (Grrr, I know this!! This is the will of another power! I've seen this before! It's not gonna happen!) Don't you take her!! [Charging at Celebi, he disappears in a dark corridor attempting to take her from this power. At the same time, in a flash of blue light, Celebi vanishes from sight to everyone. The Fairy Soul Sphere drops to the flowery ground... Everyone is speechless as both Cruce and Celebi are gone, Cruce being ejected to another world by the power of this light.]
Lavender: ...C..Cel...ebi?
Saturn: Cr-Cruce...?
--E N D I N G--
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