(wed. nov. 3, 2010)
Today I had a seizure this morning and my mom told me to lay down and i didn't want to miss school, but she said lay down, and i slept all day, then when i woke up around 12 hours later around 6:20pm. i had a bad stomache /stomach ache i don't remember how to spell it right. -_-; and then stomach presents etc.
(tue.) yesterday was bad, my therapist was over and my dad stole my mom cells phone to use because he never pays the bills for his, and he came at me and was pissed off that i had my moms cellphone and wouldn't give it back to him, and he was in a violent rage and was swearing like crazy, and he stuck his hand in my therapist;s face and it was almost like he was going to hit her. he left the room after a violent rage and he too the wifi box to the computer, and the computer mouse etc. and said: "since you took the phone i'll take some things from you!!!" -he screams- . and i called th e cops/police on him, and my therapist was like "tell them he's not here anymore; he left, sarah he left". the police could hear her saying that in the background and they said they'll send someone over to jot things down ( write down what happened/what was going on)- so the police came over i had to tell them everything about my dad. and one of the 2 officers that came over was the one who has arrested my dad for drunk driving, and so he knew my dad. etc. etc.... and so that's what has been going on,
--- (mon.) and the day before yesterday he stole MY cellphone and was using it, i got f-ing pissed at him. ---

-i don't want him to make my moms bill on mine or her cellphone big. he owes over $500 dollars on his cellphone bill and he lied and said his phone was broken in half. ( and its not!!! i saw it!) he's too busy being drunk, and buying beer and other alcoholic drinks at bars and restraunts to pay his bills etc. and some of his bill collectors (like places where he gets his electrical supplies) calls our house or sends us faxes through the printer.
... gonk scream stressed sad cry crying
and how have you been?