~~Ancient Growth Forest~~

[The group had been stunned by a strange attack from a Nightmare who had apparently been in league with Pryme. Cruce, using his own dark powers, has helped heal their ailment. One of the Phaze Guardians have appeared, but could not help the group, at Celebi's words at least... He has run off in pursuit of Pryme, and is attempting to stop Darkness' plans for Safa. He believes this is the disturbance of the Eclipses... When it is far from correct.]
[Still early morning.]
Ray: [He is capable of standing, though his body still feels slightly asleep.] I wonder how Safiri is... I feel good enough to try to go on.]
Slianna: [Moving freely.] Me too. Are we okay now, Cruce?
Cruce: If you feel okay, then we've got no time to waste.
Celebi: He's right. [Places her hands on her hips, fully recovered.] Safiri and the forest are in danger. I can't time travel to stop this, but... I think Cruce here is all we need to stop Pryme and Lea.
Cruce: I'm just glad to help out, Cel. Anything you guys need...
Celebi: [Closes her eyes halfway, staring happily at Cruce... the darkness inside of her has grown, but this is in no way Naught's Darkness... it is Cruce's.]
Slianna: All right! Let's save Safiri!
Ray: Wooo! Yeah!
Celebi: [Nods.] Right! Off we go. [She takes flight, starting ahead.]
Cruce: [Runs at the back of the group...] (Hmm... My darkness... will it infect them...? I had no intentions for that... If it does, I'm... I'm sorry, I wanted to help.)
[Unexpectedly, the sky darkens as the group moves.]
Celebi: Huh...? Hey, is it getting darker?
Ray: It is! ...But why? What's going on?
Slianna: ...This... this can't be... there's no way...
Ray: Slianna, what are you talking ab--...Oh... That... Y-you're right! How could be happening so early?
Slianna: It's never come this early in the year...
Cruce: Hmm...?
[The sky becomes even darker...]
Celebi: What? Hey, um... what's going on? Is it bad?
Slianna: No... it's...
[The sky darkens even more... Slianna tilts her head upward as the four stop.]
Slianna: An Ancient Leaf...
[Ray stares at it, entranced.]
Ray: That's awesome~!
Celebi: The Ancient Leaf? Oh! I remember! Slianna, you said it happens every year...
Slianna: Turning day to night... but I wasn't expecting it to come this early...
Ray: Maybe the Ancient Growth's leaves are falling... because of Darkness...
Slianna: It's possible... They're... ugh, killing our sacred tree...
Cruce: Given how high the tree is, it would take days for a leaf with that much aerial drag to fall to the forest. The cause lies elsewhere... regardless, the forest is calling out to those who can save it. We have to get moving.
Celebi: (It's similar to the Connection...Yes, I can feel the Ancient Growth Forest calling to us for help... It has not deserved this...) This beautiful place... won't fall to Pryme!! Let's hurry!!
Ray: Right! Let's get going!
Slianna: Mhmm!
[The four continue to delve deep into the forest in pursuit of Pryme and the Nightmare Alpha.]
Ray: [Running, panting.] Hey... Slianna!
Slianna: Yeah?
Ray: The energy in the forest... It's close to dying.
Slianna: ...You're right...
Celebi: Safiri's presence... it's... it's changing... It's weird...
Slianna: [Gasps.] Do you think she's okay!?
Celebi: I... I don't know...
[The four come to a stop before the almighty Ancient Growth. The trees of the forest come to a circular clearing before its presence. As Celebi, Ray, and Slianna come closer, a faint lighted, tube-shaped elevator appears before them. It is flickering, low on magical energy.]
Ray: Pryme has to be within the Growth. Let's hurry!
[They step inside of the transporter. Within a second, their bodies become small lights that shoot up into the air, through the tube-shaped transporter... it flickers as they ascend.]
[Suddenly, the transporter powers down. It vanished, and the four revert back into their original selves.]
Slianna: Huh!? [Looking around, she begins falling.] Whaaaaa!!!!!!!
Ray: [Falling.] Ahhhhhh!!!!!
Cruce: [Falling.] Agh!
Celebi: Gotcha! [In flight, she catches Ray's arm and Slianna's tail. Celebi struggles to keep her direction of flight, which is up.] Cruce!!
Cruce: Mrgh! [Immediately, his body turns pitch black again. As soon as it reshapes, he flutters his butterfly-like wings to stop in midair. The body then becomes further detailed, though still with black fur and a fox BP... Now a Fairy Sorenian, Cruce finds herself in an all too familiar situation.] (I'm not gonna fall down this tree again...) {Cruce's Sorenian form looks exactly like Lunaire now.} [She catches up to the other three.]
Slianna: Cruce made it... Celebi!
Celebi: Ergh... [Looks up. She spots a pink glow coming from the sacred chamber of the tree...] Can't give up here!! [She ascends...]
[Within a minute, Celebi reaches the caved in chamber of the tree, where she spots Lea, Pryme, Aren, and who they assume is Safiri. Aren is struggling to stay on his feet, Safiri is knocked out, and the two of Darkness are locked in battle with Aren.]
Celebi: Aren!!
[Lea and Pryme turn around.]
Pryme: What!?! How did you get up here!?!
Lea: Awww, look who it is! Hello there, little Miss Celebi... How did you get up here? [Places her free hand on her hip.]
Celebi: [Floating into the chamber, she releases Ray and Slianna and they prepare themselves.] Lea! Pryme!!
Cruce: [Flies up from behind them, now hovering and watching the scene.]
Aren: Y-you four!! I'm g-glad you made it!!! But be careful!
Slianna: What have you done to this place!?
Ray: You'd better leave! Or else!!
Pryme: [Aggressive.] Or else what!? What are you going to do, Ray!?
Ray: Erm... I... I'm going to fight!
Slianna: I am too! You'd better stop this mess!
Celebi: Safiri!!
[Before Celebi can run to Safiri, the very same Nightmare Alpha from before rises from the ground in an instant and creates a transparent wall of dark electricity...]
Celebi: Whoa!! [Leaps back, almost falling off. She regains balance.] You!!
Nightmare Alpha: You have luck... Celebi.
Lea: I do apologize, Dearie... but we don't have the time for a tea party right now.
Cruce: We could. Less violence and drama.
Celebi: This is no tea party, Lea! What did you do to Safiri!?
Lea: If you have to know, we stole Safiri's power, using that to steal the energy of this little forest.
Pryme: You can't stop me now! I've got the power of an Eclipse!
Ray: Saf-firi!!
Celebi: Grrr... You dirty scum...
Lea: [Gasps.] Why you--! You watch your tongue! I'll have your little squirrel friend neutralized in no time!!
Ray: Wh-what!?
Celebi: [Shields Ray.] As if you haven't caused enough trouble...
Lea: ... [Giggles.] Well! It certainly does me nicely to know that you're taking Naught's little challenge seriously! Hee-hee!
Celebi: Lea... I'm beginning to think this is all a lie... Darkness' lie...
Aren: N-Naught's challenge!? What is she talking about!?
Lea: [She gasps as Celebi speaks, ignoring Aren.]... You... what...?
Celebi: [She turns, facing Cruce.] ...
Cruce: [Her jaw remains dropped.] C-Cel... What...?
Celebi: Cruce, I feel like I can trust you... because now I'm beginning to remember everything... you were someone like me, who shared a Connection with Eclipses from your dimension...
Slianna & Ray: WHAT?!
Aren: Wh-what is going on?!
Lea: Shush! ... [Glaring at Cruce.] You're that shape shifter... Grr... You stay out of our affairs! I will not allow you to sway Celebi from her goals! From her past!
Celebi: [Snaps at Lea.] Cruce isn't doing that! Cruce has told me that there is a power greater than Darkness or Light, and I have to seek it... I have to! It's in order to find my true past... That's the only way it will work. Everything else is a lie!!
Cruce: Cel... you do remember... (What could I have done to trigger Cel's memory...?)
Celebi: Cruce... [Closes her eyes.] I feel I'm growing closer to your darkness... your Grayness...
Cruce: Embrace it, Chris. Let it empower you, and you will be rewarded. The intentions of Grayness are not evil. They seek the truth.
Lea: Silence!! [She points her staff at Cruce. It glows an intense green.] Everything our lord worked for will not be laid to waste, you fool!! I will eradicate you myself and leave no traces!!
Pryme: Lea... What the hell is going on...?
Lea: This Cruce imbecile... this meddlesome pest is messing with our lord's great design for Chris... The interloper is stealing our prize.
Cruce: [Smiles, lowering her head a little.] I'm not stealing anything of yours, Lea... I'm showing Cel the path that must be followed for a Connector. Your design is a pretense.
Lea: Silence now!! Blast Hurricane! [A funnel of wind shoots from her staff, through the electric wall, and at Cruce violently.]
Cruce: [Disappears via the use of a dark corridor, reappearing only inches from Lea's staff and grabbing hold of it, and pushing it away. This startles both the Nightmare Alpha and Pryme. They dash back quickly.] What's wrong with you, Lea?! You were like a sister to me in my dimension, so why are you so against Cel here?! It's ridiculous!
Lea: [Inches back in a little fear.] ...Y-you're the ridiculous one... Y-you must be with The Ruinous...
Celebi: What?! Cruce!
Cruce: ...The Ruinous...? No, you're mistaken... I... I may not be from this dimension, but I am not with The Ruinous... I believe they are my enemy I came here with... I suffer from amnesia, but not even that can stop me if I have enough leads to it.
Celebi: (It can't be true... Cruce cant be with The Ruinous... His darkness feels excellent inside me. It feels so in place...)
Nightmare Alpha: Shade Lea, do not underestimate this one! She swept aside variable Nightmares with the greatest ease!
Lea: Believe me, I have not overlooked this.
Cruce: [Lets go of the staff and backs away. She begins casting.] You won't escape...
Pryme: EHHH! WRONG! It's Pryme time! [With Lea's assistance, he conjures a dark portal... Lea pushes Aren into it, and The Nightmare and Pryme leap into it as well...) Cacth'a later, freak!! [He scurries into the portal.]
[The wall of electricity disappears, but the portal and Safiri remain. The other trio rushes to Safiri.]
Cruce: ...Agh... Cowards. [She cancels the casting, turning back.] How's Safiri?
Celebi: [She shakes all of the thoughts that Cruce filled her head with.] Safiri!! [Kneels.] ...[She bobs her head back a bit...]
Ray: Wh-th...that's not Safiri...
Slianna: Who's... who's he?
Celebi: No, guys... this is Safiri...
[The differentiated Safiri coughs, startling the three.]
Safiri: [Cough, cough.] Agh... Ack.
Celebi: Safiri!
Safiri: ...Oh... my head... Sheesh, what on Safa happened? I feel... exhausted...
Slianna: Saf! You're okay!!
Ray: Thank the Ancients!
Safiri: [He turns himself over, facing up.] Slianna? Ray?
Ray: Whoa...
Slianna: Yikes!
Safiri: You two... [Smiles.] I'm glad to see you... W-...why do I sound...?
Celebi: Like a boy?
Safiri: Huh? [Turns his head.] Who're you? You look... a little strange for a Safan... Ah--no offense...
Celebi: I'm not a Safan... [Smirks warmly.]
Safiri: ... [Manages to pull himself up... Safiri comes close to Celebi, studying her.]
Cruce: (Safiri as a boy... ) [She approaches the group.]
Celebi: ...(The Eclipse of this world... Safiri... I've missed her... And this boy is the same person... This may very well expand beyond Safa... Even still... I missed Safiri.)
Safiri: [In awe...] ...It's... It's you...
Celebi: I've missed you...
[Safiri walks up to Celebi and snuggles his head against hers. Celebi returns this and hugs around Safiri's neck.]
Safiri: Chris... What's happening to us?
Celebi: Don't worry... we'll get you back to your normal self again...
Safiri: ...But... what about you?
Celebi: ...This is who I am... My name is Celebi now...
Safiri: You're... You're intending on staying feminine?
Celebi: Oh, that? That's all Lea's fault. I'll get her back for that, trust me.
Safiri: Heh-heh-heh!
[Celebi releases Safiri. He turns around to his other friends.]
Ray: Safiri... I don't care what you look like, we still love ya!
Slianna: We were so worried!!
[The three come close together.]
Safiri: We're finally back together! Ugh, I was discombobulated this entire time... I didn't see any of this coming.
Celebi: [Staring at the portal...] (They left the portal... I wonder...) Hey guys...
[The four turn to Celebi, questioning her.]
Celebi: Pryme took the power of the Ancient Growth, with Lea's help... And now he's off to cause trouble somewhere else, with your power Safiri...
Safiri: [Growls.] Pryme... That jerkface dingo. We have to stop them! We can't let the forest stay like this...
Ray: And we need Safiri's power back!
Safiri: ...Well... To be honest, I still have some of my power...
Celebi: (So... It is like the Mew situation... Mewtwo only took some of his power... the transformation power... Safiri had the power to control most plant-life... We'd make a great team with the powers I maintain now... ) Wherever those two are, I just hope we can deal with them... [Looks to Cruce.] I... I know we can.
Safiri: ...[Looks up at Celebi.] ...You...you mean "we" as a team?
Celebi: Of course. Just like old times!
Safiri: All right!! This'll be great!
Ray: Let's make this an adventure to remember!
Slianna: Yeah! Today, we save our world!
Celebi: (I just hope Naught isn't leading me into a trap...) C'mon. Let's go. This should lead to the world Lea and Pryme escaped to...
[The five leap into the portal, unsuspecting what lies in wait for them on the other side...]
...(Cruce... I have never seen anyone stand so aggressively against Darkness just like you... I remember you now... You're... you're not from here, but the more I venture with you, the more I feel I'm getting closer to you. Closer to you than Darkness or Light. Closer to Grayness.)...
--E N D I N G--
Grayness in this Sync is such an outside viewpoint...
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