Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be
Who died and made you king of anything?

Lemme hold your crown babe

-King of Anything Sara Bareilles

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Name: Fanchone

Likes: Wind in her face, being up high, being in control, church reform, coffee, showing off, having adventures, and a good brawl

Dislikes: Not flying, the monarchy, being stifled, when her airship needs repair, and unruly patrons

Fanchone was born to humble French farmers, who emigrated to England in order to escape the Inquisition. Both her parents were Huguenots, and they raised Fanchone to be the same.

Sadly, raising a willful young girl to question the authority of the church led her to question the authority of everything. A dangerous thing in a world where the Catholic church controlled much of the steam technology. Fanchone only survived to adulthood because she also knew when to keep quiet.

Now she runs a wildly successful aerial coffee shop, The Green Fairy, where intellectuals gather to discuss anything under the sun. And Fanchone is there among them, soaking up their ideas. Among those was the revolutionary idea that kings did not rule by divine right, but by the will of the people; and the people's will could and should topple kings.

This idea lit a fire in her mind, long disgusted by the decadent royals and their constant scandals.

Soon, a green-cloaked figure stalked the night, thwarting the will of the king's soldiers. It was Fanchone, freeing murderers and innocents alike, bent on creating as much chaos as possible, to incite revolt.

Several members of Parliament have also seen the green figure, who finds them in the night and demands their support for various measures to weaken the power of the king.

Her efforts are of course hampered by the new-arrived Marquess of Pembroke, and the two's acid-tounged encounters are becoming well-known throughout London.

Skills: Brewing a good strong cup of coffee, handling massive amounts of caffeine, acrobatics, piloting around London, witty retorts, impassioned speeches, and fist fighting

Seasonings: Absinthe, lemon, roasted coffee beans, bird feathers, and a broken chain