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From the Dark Depths of my Mind
I explain myself through poetry and i might even scare you a bit.....read on if you wish.
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Jezebel could almost skip and laugh playfully as the flames licked at her being. She had done a good job with the destruction of this city, if she could say so herself. A fanged smile lit her face evilly as the flames cast eerie shadows in her green eyes. Her hair was as red as the flames and her skin a soft brown caramel that brought out her eyes. Jezebel had blood on her hands, of course she couldn't end the city without her own fun; she had to satisfy that succubus side of her, it was only right. And if she wasn't mistaken, she could also feel another demon nearby and wondered if her insatiable flames had overcome him as well. She laughed at the thought, skipping through the bloodied streets over burnt corpses. Half charred bodies littered the floors of doorways and in the streets. The fire did little to her for she was the fire, she controlled it's intensity and where it spread.

They had instructed her to destroy this town with no remorse and let the fire spread to other parts in Europe. 'Let the mortals try and put it out, they will be destroyed in the process...', they had said and then they would also tell her when to stop it as well. It was all for the start of their plan to turn parts of the human world into their little playground. Infiltrate their government; steal some of their intelligence for their own corrupt uses, all for the sake of ensuring the sins of these humans for their entrance to hell. Either the demons were not doing their jobs or the realm above this one was interferring with the mortals free will. That would be against the agreement if that was the case. At the moment mortals were being...good. Lucifer couldn't have that and even Hades was furious over the offense. He wanted people to torture for their sins and Hell was unnaturally getting boring. It only made her laugh, she loved corrupting souls it was what she was born to do. Although she was a demon hybrid, she had made a name for herself and moved up...or rather down in ranks to surpass even the strongest demons. Brawns had nothing on a woman who could get into your head, not to mention your bed.

Jezebel heard shouts for help not to far away, her eyes grew large with glee. Her brownish-red leathery wings spread and she was airbourne, spotting a man on a roof in the distance. Licking her lips she appeared behind him and made her appearance that of a mortal. "Are you trapped?" she asked her green eyes gleaming in the firelight surrounding the building. "Do you have a way...this building will collapse any moment!" he sounded frantic and looked in her eyes as she neared him, somehow getting lost in them until he found his body was frozen in place. Jezebel leaned up closer to his neck and sniffed, his scent told her wonders. He was an adulterer, had molested his daughter in the night. She tsked and said, "Believe me you'll get used to the heat love, where you're going..." His eyes grew wider as she took on her demon form wings and tail sprouting from brownish red scales. Without a second thought his blood was drained and his throat gone.

Cleaning up slightly; licking the blood from her lips she took to the sky once more hovering over what she would call, her work of art. Beautiful flames reaching and brightening the night sky as she watched it spread to the hills. The wind did its part to spread the carnage as Jezebel listened to the crazed, agonized screams drift into the night, just like the scent of burning flesh. She laughed at her destruction as she watched it spread, monitoring it making sure no one interfere.

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    Jeremiah Raver Alchemist
    Community Member

    Sun Nov 07, 2010 @ 10:15pm

    Heh... I was so about to start a fight with this one. Interesting start.

    Blood_Lust _Angel
    Community Member

    Tue Nov 09, 2010 @ 02:45am

    Maybe you should.... twisted

    Jeremiah Raver Alchemist
    Community Member

    Tue Nov 09, 2010 @ 05:08am

    Eh, I don't senselessly kill. wink

    Blood_Lust _Angel
    Community Member

    Tue Nov 09, 2010 @ 05:18am

    I wish to roleplay Sir nub...would you care to entertain me? Please?

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