~~Treasure Town~~

Cruce: (Already, I'm finding it harder to even consider harming the Light of this world. It is a Light I once called home... But I just have to remember that if I don't do what I came here for, all will meet a fate worse then death, and me with it... My own life is in danger too. That should be enough, but... It's harder than Nijiiro made it sound... Nijiiro... I have a lot of questions for you...)
Tails: Wow... This is incredible. Chris told me about the other Eclipses, but I never thought that I would actually ever meet one.
Mew: This is amazing... I can just sense the tremendous power you posess.
Tails: I can sense yours also...
Al: Wow! It looks like Chris' story here has been unrolling behind our backs this entire time!
Celebi: Well, yeah. But no worries. I sense some great things in you two. Al and Adam, you guys... you two are that duo that seems like not very much to others in the beginning, but prevail through all sorts of hardships and struggles... I think an adventure for you two is just beginning.
Cruce: Chris is right. I feel like I know (And I do know) the power you two will soon acquire in your journeys ahead. Fight on with heads raised and souls unrelenting. You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish.
Al: You really think so?
Cruce: I do.
Celebi: I know so, too... Whatever may become of me in this countdown, keep your hope alive... Overcome and achieve...
Cruce: (Countdown...?) [Turns to Celebi, curious...]
Tails: Wait, Chris... What did you say...? Countdown?
Celebi: ...Yes... I'm afraid it's only a matter of days...before my realm ends. And to do what I can to save it, I had to go to the biggest extremes of all...
Mew: Oh no... And what would that be?
Celebi: The fall... to Darkness.
Mew: Chris!
Tails: What!?!?
Cruce: ...Hm? (What is he saying...?)
Celebi: I know, I know... It may seem crazy at first, but... The Apocolypse is approaching, and I don't know if there's any other way to save it... then working with the one who can cause it.
Cruce: (Is he truly...?)
Mew: ...But... Wouldn't Light have any sort of solution to this?
Celebi: I... I'm not sure... Someone named Iphilas told me Light would only take shelter in the Fantasy worlds...
Tails: Light is creation... Darkness is destruction... Wouldn't Light be able to create something capable of preventing this mayhem?
Celebi: That's just the thing... The religious philosophy of my realm predicted this to come...
Mew: Religious philosophy?
Celebi: Yeah... Reality's very savior... This is the truest Light... The divine Christianity... It's a Light not even the great figures can figure out, and has been so focused on humanity, that none of them are sure if humanity is as frail as everyone takes it for... Like we were meant for something greater.
Cruce: (He's bringing Christianity into this, but what has holding onto any religion accomplished so far? All of what befell my world had absolutely nothing with any religion at all... yet... there is still a belie in a divine face... a God... and.... this isn't even my dimension... I don't know how things work here yet.)
Tails: But you've already done what no human could even imagine. And... you don't look very human right now.
Celebi: That's because... I have a past that Light hasn't told me.
Mew: I am beginning to see a connection... Chris, you must be angry with Light... They h aven't told you about your past... And you think Darkness will provide the answers?
Celebi: I think Darkness will provide me time to find the answers myself... The answers Light would never tell me.
[Cruce's eyes widen.]
Tails: But there has to be reasons for that!... It could be dangerous.
Celebi: Even if it is... It's the truth, and I'll have to find out for myself sooner or later...
Mew: Well... If it's the only way you can devise...
Cruce: Chris...
Celebi: Uh-huh? [Looks up at Cruce.]
Cruce: Now I think I know why I've so quickly come to respect you. Your own journey is... different. It's looking like it needs you to work with Darkness; the unthinkable. All this to seek out your mystifying past. In truth, you and I are far more alike than you know. I have been with Darkness in search of a past of my own, and I have discovered many things, but... For I, not even Darkness and Light combined can possibly provide me with all the answers... There will always be a force more mighty and knowledgeable than the most powerful force known to mortals and immortals both. Seek it.
Celebi: ...Man, Cruce... Where do you come from...? I'm dying to know more about this dimension of yours...
Mew: Me too. What fascinating aspects you hold...
Tails: Now that you say that, there's a certain quality about you, Cruce. I can't explain it...
Cruce: [Smirks.] Thanks. I guess another good reason I'm beginning to respect this world is the similarities it holds to its counterpart; my own. I am, after all, one of the Connectors of my dimension. Just as Chris shares the Connection with you two, Mew and Tails, I shared a Connection with all Eclipses...
Celebi: What?! You're the Connector of your... world...?
Tails: Maybe that's the quality!
Celebi: Whoa... [Blinks.]
Mew: Hmhm, so... you must honestly be the very counterpart of Chris here. After all, you do resemble his human form strikingly well.
Cruce: I've assumed that much, but... Honestly, I ask that you all don't think of me as an entity worth wasting time over. Let's continue our little quest here. Don't let me get in your way. [Chuckles.]
Celebi: [Nods, smiling.] Whatever you say, Cruce.
Chatot: [Suddenly, from the path back to Treasure Town.] Oh! You're back! A-and with a human who looks like... Chris?! [Approaches.]
Cruce: Ah, I'm not Chris. Name's Cruce. (Chatot...) [He holds up a hand, signaling that he doesn't mean to be in the way.] 'Hope I'm not a distraction.
Chatot: Oh, why not at all!
Al: Chatot!
Chatot: Adam and Al. So, how did it go?
Lucario: Mewtwo... [Sighs.] got away. He took the Time Gear to another world...
Chatot: Oh my! Another world you say?
Celebi: We tried everything, and at first, we had him... But he lured us from this world, into a trap on the other... We got warped back here.
Chatot: ...It seems like we are dealing with someone far more powerful than we had anticipated...
Lucario: He has the power of the Time Gear... and Darkness...
Al: Sorry... Chris, Lucario... We failed you guys... [Sorrowful.]
Celebi: Wait a sec, you two. You guys did a good job. You're the reason we know where Mewtwo is now. Without you two, Adam, Al... We would've been doomed.
Chatot: [Enlightened by this.] Oh? Is this true?
[Adam and Al raise their heads, curious.]
Lucario: They performed quite well.
Celebi: Yeah, they caught on fast to the situation.
Al: You... you really mean it?
Chatot: Well... in that case... You two pass.
Al: [Excited.] Huh!? Really!?
Chatot: Why of course. It is wonderful to hear that you have done a good job alongside these two!
Al: [Jumps joyfully. Turns to Adam.] Yes! You hear that Adam! We did it!
Adam: [Jumps excitedly with Al.] Awesome! Really!?
Chatot: [Approaches Lucario, Celebi, and Cruce.] So, are you going to pursue Mewtwo?
Lucario: I would most definitely... But I am unsure of how to travel to this other world.
Cruce: I could, but...
Celebi: Whoa, you could take us there Cruce?!
Cruce: Through the use of a dark corridor, maybe... It'd be best if I didn't. I wouldn't wanna mess with the space of a dimension I hardly know.
Celebi: Hm, good point...
Tails: [Worried...] Mewtwo... I wonder what he's doing now...
Celebi: [Turns to Tails.] Oh, yeah... I do too... I hope he hasn't hurt your other friends...
Chatot: Ah, so this young Shinx is from the other world?
Celebi: Yeah, but Mewtwo turned him into that... Tails wasn't always like this.
Mew: Mewtwo's harnessed the power of that Time Gear, and a little bit from me, so it's no doubt he has those abilities.
Chatot: Ah, Mew! You are unharmed, correct?
Mew: I'm feeling a lot better now. Thanks Chatot, and it's nice to see you again.
Chatot: Likewise!
Celebi: Hey Tails?
Tails: [Turns his head to Celebi standing next to him.] Uh-huh?
Celebi: I haven't been able to piece it together... Mewtwo said he could harness more power from Mobius... But what that is strong enough is he after...?
Tails: [Closes his eyes in thought...] ...Hmm... Oh! That's not good...
Celebi: You know what he's after?
Tails: Yeah! I think he meant the Chaos Emeralds! He's going to harness their power!
Celebi: The Chaos Emeralds? That means Knuckles is in danger! We have to stop Mewtwo!
Tails: But... How do we get back to Mobius...?
[A yellow orb of light appears on the beach. Everyone immediately jolts backwards, forming a circle around it. They watch it dim, nervously. Out of it appears an enormous, white and pale purplish Pokemon. It seems to have wing-like features coming from the back of its shoulders, and a dragon-like tail.]
Cruce: [Steps back.] (Holy crap.)
[Everyone seems startled.]
Mew: [Gasps.] That's it... Palkia.
Lucario: [Only to Mew and Celebi.] (Palkia... Of course, why didn't I think of it earlier?)
Mew: Palkia!
Palkia: [Turns to Mew.] HMM?
Mew: We know who did this! It was a Pokemon named Mewtwo! He stole a Time Gear and used its power to travel to another nearby world!
Tails: I'm from the world that Mewtwo's in!
Tails: It's called Mobius.
Celebi: We were able to confront Mewtwo for a bit, until he lured us into a trap and sent us back here, and than closed the portal.
Al: We'll help too!
Chatot: Al, Adam! You have done your duty! Let's leave the rest of this in their capable hands.
Al: ...Well, alright. I guess we shouldn't meddle in otherworldly business.
Lucario: I will assist you Chris. Mewtwo is my enemy, and must be stopped.
Celebi: That's understandable, what about you Mew?
Mew: I believe I should recover my power before I can confront Mewtwo... I'm sorry Chris.
Celebi: No problem Mew! You regain your strength. Lucario and I will stop him!
Tails: Um... Is it okay if I go?
Celebi: Well of course! It is your world, regardless of what you look like.
Tails: Alright! Thanks! It's gonna be great to venture with you again Chris! We'll finish our full preparation back at my lab.
Lucario: If we get taken there.
Celebi: Well... It looks like we're ready to go!
Celebi: We'll do our best. Thanks Palkia, you really helped us out big time.
Al: Good luck!
Adam: Yeah, be careful!
Chatot: We hopw to hear good things!
Mew: Good luck you three! It was nice to meet you Tails.
Tails: You too. I hope I get to see you all again!
Lucario: What would that be, Palkia?
Palkia: [Turns to Cruce. As he does so, everyone else seems to follow his action.] THIS HUMAN... THIS HUMAN WHO SEEMS TO APPEAR AS CHRIS ONCE DID... WHO IS HE...? WHY IS HE HERE IN A WORLD WHICH HE DOES NOT BELONG?
Celebi: That's Cruce! Dont' worry, he's a good guy.
Cruce: (Ugh... Don't say that about me, Chris...) Yes. My name is Cruce Ifai. True, I'm not necessarily what you'd call from around here, but I aim to fight alongside these famed heroes to prevent the will of Darkness from spreading and manifesting into further affliction across the realm.
Celebi: And he uses big words.
Palkia: HMM... VERY WELL THEN. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL. [The lights on his shoulders become orbs and shoot toward Lucario, Celebi, Tails, and Cruce. They instantly disappear in a bright yellow orb, similar to the one Palkia appeared in...]
~~Central City~~

[Near a road leading toward city limits and next to a decently sized building, a large yellow sphere of light appears. It fades quickly, revealing Lucario, Celebi, Cruce, and Tails. Tails still seems to be a Shinx.]
Cruce: Mobius, huh? [Looks around.] (Heh, I've been here. Yeah, I was Tebice... but I've been here.)
Tails: [Quickly glances around at the surroundings.] Yes! We're at my lab!
Lucario: So this is the same spot that we had conflict with Mewtwo.
Tails: Precisely! .........Oh...
Celebi: Hm? What's wrong Tails?
Tails: I'm... still a Pokemon. A quick thought told me I'd return to normal here, but... Looks like I'm stuck like this until we can defeat Mewtwo...
Celebi: We'll get you back to normal, no worries... Ah shoot... If Tails is like this, wouldn't that mean that Mewtwo could easily--
Cruce: [Turns to the soldier.] Whoa, check it. [Points at the soldier.]
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar [Still wearing the uniform.] I gotta get out of here!! [Fleeing at a high speed, at least until he notices the three, who just watch him silently.] ...Huh? ...Did that thing and his freaky friends turn you guys into these creatures also?
Tails: Well, actually... Um... Yes, he did, but... Only to me...
Celebi: Hey, you're from G.U.N., right?
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Yeah... Even so, we stood no chance against those freaks.
Lucario: As expected... Mewtwo is on a rampage already... It looks as if he is abusing Mew's metamorphasis power... Starting with Tails. [Turns his head to Tails.]
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Hm? That's Tails!?
Tails: ...Yep... He got me too.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: This could mean serious trouble... If he got you, then there's no telling what he is capable of... [Turns to Lucario.] You know about this monster?
Lucario: Yes... An infamous enemy of mine, from my world.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Your world, you say? So this expands beyond our little world here... Go figure...
Seductive, Feminine Voice: Finally! I was waiting for you to show up again...
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: That voice... Rouge!
[From an overgrown tree nearby, a bat wearing stealthy, free-form attire decends on to the asphalt next to the G.U.N. Pokemon.]
Tails: Rouge? What are you doing here?
Rouge: Aw, Tails? Is that you?
Tails: Y-yeah...
Rouge: I just had a feeling that Mewtwo thing had something to do with your transformation... [Tilts her head a bit and focuses her eyes on the G.U.N. Pokemon.] Yours too...
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Ma'am... May I ask how you know all of this?
Rouge: Oh, simple. It's what I'm good at you know. I watched Tails get surrounded by Mewtwo and his shady friends, and then I saw four brave heroes appear to save him... Well... They sort of did... But then the hideous villain went off on a strange rampage... [Looks at Lucario and Celebi.] You two were part of those four, weren't you?
[Without them responding, Tails cuts in.]
Tails: [Somewhat saddened.] R-Rouge... Couldn't you have helped...?
Rouge: Sorry darling... You know, they key to a victory is to gather knowledge first. You should know that.
Tails: I know, but...
Celebi: You were spying the entire time? Up to now?
Rouge: Mm-hmm. I've found out some pretty helpful info also. It seems this creature is seeking power, and will throw anyone out of the way just to get it, no matter what it takes...
Lucario: So typical of Mewtwo... And that power would be...?
Celebi & Tails: [Unison.] The Chaos Emeralds.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: I knew it. Those 'ol things again...
Rouge: Well, I can easily say good luck to anyone who gets in that echidna's way...
Tails: I dunno... I'm not sure if even Knuckles can handle this on his own... [Turns to the G.U.N. Pokemon.] Were you running from Mewtwo and his shadow minions?
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Shadow minions? I was running from something like that... That pink thing turned me into this, ran off on some assault, and left the shadow creatures after me... I think they might've just been chasing us off to get us off that monster's tail... So the shadows must be with their leader by now.
Lucario: So with them, Mewtwo has to have left by now... Can you tell us which direction they went?
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: [Scratches the back of his head in thought.] I recall them heading off in that direction, toward the Green Hill area... I'm not sure what they'd be lookking for there.
Tails: Green Hill... Those guys are already spreading unrest...
Celebi: Green Hill is close by as it is, which already tells us we haven't wasted too much time.
Lucario: And I do not intend on waiting any longer. Come quickly, we must stop Mewtwo no matter what the case.
Rouge: I'll join you. Sitting around any longer and just watching would be boring. It's time to see just how "threatening" these things are.
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Good luck to you all. Don't get into too much trouble.
Celebi: Don't worry, we'll handle any problems. Stay safe yourself!
G.U.N. Soldier Chimchar: Will do!
Rouge: [Turns to Cruce.] ...Now hold on, boys. There is one matter we haven't reached. This handsome young man here does stand a chance against that Mewtwo. I saw it with my own eyes, after all. Blowing away those black creatures like they were nothing...
Cruce: Ha... Well that came unexpectedly.
Lucario: [Turns his attention to Cruce.] I beg your pardon? You were capable of defeating those Nightmares the entire time...?
Cruce: My power is dangerous... It often harms those I ally myself with. I couldn't have taken them out with everyone bunched up together like that. I wanted to show Mewtwo something to remember.
Celebi: You mean you can't control your power so that it doesn't hit us...?
Cruce: I can, but just standing near lightning... [Holds out his palm face up. Black electricity sparks in it.] like this...
Tails: Ack... That's... that's really hot...
Celebi: Yeah it is! Whoa!
Rouge: Phew...
Cruce: [The lightning vanishes. Cruce closes his fist.] It's a terrifying power... Sometimes I regret even having it.
Rouge: Hmhmhm, so it wasn't just me then. I was there. You used that very same power, and even I felt its heat...
Cruce: ...I have other abilities that are less destructive, but useful. I'll use those. 'Save the lightning... Let's not waste time here. C'mon.
Lucario: Indeed. We are off.
[The five rush off north to Green Hill...]
Celebi: [While flying.] So Tails, how come you didn't scavenge anything from your lab? It's not really like you to neglect your stuff.
Tails: [While running.] I gave it some thought, and I already knew that none of us here have any idea who or what we're dealing with now. Plus, I um... lack opposable thumbs. Also, my lab inside was thrashed from one of those darker creatures.
Celebi: Ah... Sorry to hear that...
Tails: It's not your fault. Besides, nothing too important got damaged... Even still, I don't know of anything that can stop someone like Mewtwo... But I know of someone that could...
Celebi: Huh? Reall--oh... Your friend that you told me about... What was his name again?
Tails: ...[Finds a moment to smirk.] Sonic the Hedgehog.
[The group arrives at the southern-most point of Green Hill.]
~~Green Hill...~~
Lucario: Is this the right area?
Tails: Yep. This is Green Hill... I don't see any suspicious activity yet though...
Rouge: Mewtwo and his cronies must be deeper in. Let's go.
Celebi: Got it.
[The five continue ahead with a quick pace, making sure no time is wasted in the search. They proceed smoothly... until...]
Lucario: [Suddenly stops, signaling everyone else to do the same.] Wait... The ground. [Points at two puddles of Darkness on the grassy ground.] ...
Cruce: Nightmares, people.
[Slowly, two of the average Nightmares emerge from the puddle, with large axes already in hand, and ready to strike... This Nightmares' eyes are bright yellow and brown.]
Celebi: Yep, one of the Nightmares...
Lucario: That one's eyes are gleaming yellow... That one... seems to be brown eyes.
Tails: What does that mean?
Lucario: [Turns to Tails.] ...Hmm... Tails, was it? You may not realize it, but you have the ability to manipulate electricity, and the color that these shadows' eyes are is the element they sustain maximum damage from.
Rouge: Tails... has that ability?
Tails: I have the power to do that...? But...
[The Nightmares begins to slowly approach...]
Tails: How do I invoke it?!
Celebi: ...Oh boy... I hadn't though about that...
[Now the Nightmares are closer... They seem to be walking specifically towards Tails and Cruce. The others back up, aware that any abilities of theirs is completely useless, as far as they know. Cruce stands his ground.]
Tails: Oh no... Uh, what do I do!? Guys, help!
Cruce: Tails, you gotta believe in yourself. I've been a Pokémon before. Believe in your ability to manipulate lightning. That is the true invocation of most magic. The intellectual belief that you can actually do it. You can.
Tails: ...[He seems more firm now. He nods.] Okay! [He closes his eyes, struggling to believe he can actually do anything. The lightning-based Nightmare comes at Tails while the other remains back for a few moments, watching Cruce...]
Celebi: (Cruce has been a Pokémon? He knows so much... I don't know how to activate powers as it is... I wish I can do something to help but... the NIghtmares would just phase through my attacks and do nothing...)
Celebi: Tails!!
[The Nightmare is about to strike, with its great axe raised in the air above its head.]
Tails: [Still struggling.] C'mon... I can't just... lose it all here... I refuse to!! [His eyes shoot open with a confident expression. Suddenly, several yellow lightning bolts begin to spark around him.] T...take this!!! Th-thunderbolt! [The bolts fly upward and then straight down at the Nightmare just as he swings the axe... He is incinerated in the lightning before Tails could be harmed...]
Cruce: Excellent work, Tails. [He smirks.]
Celebi: Alright!! Way to go! [Cheers him on.]
Lucario: Nicely executed.
Tails: Whoa... I did that...? [Notices the other Nightmare approaching.] Watch out Cruce!
Cruce: Insignificance. [He swings one arm out, closing his fist tightly, then straining it open. The Nightmare becomes surrounded in a spread out dome of tiny dark corridors all around him. Spikes of dark matter shoot from these corridors at rapid, varying times, reducing the Nightmare to dust upon the fourth strike.]
[The others watch, impressed at this display.]
Celebi: Did you even blink...?
Cruce: [He drops his arm, turning to Celebi and smiling. He blinks.] Yep.
--E N D I N G--