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all my thoughts and things
Name: Spider

Species: Consumer

Age: His body has a low-set metabolism so it takes him a long time to age, his estimate though is about 100 or so years

Birthday: August 19, 1910 (An estimate)

Zodiac signs:

Eastern: Leo

Western: Dog

Egyptian: Horus

Celtic tree: Hazel

Celtic Animal: Salmon

Native American: Salmon (hehe two in a row that's rare >.> )

Aztec: Ocelot

Norse: Thor
animal: goat cx

Canadian: Beaver

Totem: Vulture

Appearance: When he looks at himself in the mirror he sees himself with sunken in red eye, sunken in cheeks, scars over his face, his canine teeth are long and pointed like a wolf's, he is extreamly white and he has dried blood all over his mouth and chin at most times. He basically has the appearance of a skeleton but a bit more evil.

Clothing: He wears what ever he feels like usually a tee-shirt, jeans, and a trench coat and just plain old tennis shoes

Weapon: His teeth mainly, but he tries to wait for an opening or an opportunity and uses it to his advantage. He has been trying to use his special ability to change his appearance to extend it to where he makes a duplicate of himself or to confuse an enemy

Abilities: Has a never ending appetite where he has to constantly eat, and his ability to change his appearance, to what the person he is about to consume, wants or fears.

Personality: Patient, laid-back, civilized when need be, random but still calm.

Bio: He doesn't know how he came into the world, all he knows is that he cannot stop eating. He sometimes goes through phases of what he consumes in a year or shorter period. Like one year he'll eat only prostutes, then the next year he lives life like a normal person eating meat only in hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meats. Sometimes he just starves himself.

Weakness: When he smells blood, even though he can be extreamly patient, he has to find the source of the smell and consume it. Also when he eats a person he sometimes feels remorse if that person didn't do anything wrong.

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