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From the Dark Depths of my Mind
I explain myself through poetry and i might even scare you a bit.....read on if you wish.
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On the highest branches of an old Sequoia she watched the night with bored eyes. There was never a time where the evening was so uneventful that even she would happen to fall asleep during its beauty. The wind howled threatening to knock her off of her perch but the branch held in which she was grateful. It was calm and tranquil, the animals were quiet and the nearby river silently trickled down its path. She wondered if there would be ever a time of peace for her. Running for her life every waking minute was not what she had in mind when she left her kingdom centuries ago. She vowed they would never capture her...she had made that mistake before and she regretted the consequences of her actions greatly afterward. They plagued her dreams and she hardly slept but she kept going. They, once loyal subjects of her mother before the murdered her, now pursued her for her blood...unique in its way of making those stronger than ever possible. Unique also because when taken in it can transfer most of her thoughts and her powers to the drinker. Which is why she vowed never to let anyone drink from her.

The mansion rose out of the trees like a dark omen, yet it seemed to beckon to her. Instead she listened to the night, wary and utterly bored... that is until she found herself leaping from branch to branch toward the dark manor. She knew that it couldn't be empty, there seemed to be a power emanating from the mansion itself or someone inside. She stopped herself landing on another branch this one a bit closer to the forest floor. Just then rain started to fall, she had been so caught up with thoughts of the mansion, she hadn't noticed the clouds until lightning flashed brightly and the thunder boomed overhead. She loved the rain so she didn't mind when a few minutes later, she was soaked to the bone. Her dark red hair clung to her face and her boots became muddy as she dropped down to the ground with a light thud. She walked through the clearing to the mansion, stretching her arms out as she walked, clearly enjoying the wet weather. However she couldn't stay out and play in the rain all night she had to seek shelter from those who pursued her just in case they were close. Walking up the front steps to the porch, the door, she found it was slightly ajar. She pushed the huge door softly and it creaked open heavily, revealing darkness inside.

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