Lesson Learned

Like miguel said

All i want is you

And that was the truth

But i wish i was love arrow proof

Cuz the things you do

Drives me wild

Got me fussin like child

And cussin like a sailor

If i was a playa

I would have played ya

But that aint gentlemen like

Cuz two wrongs dont make it right

Cute and innocent though

Atleast thats what i thought so

A dream turn to a nightmare

What a disaster

Ran fast and faster

But no where else to run

It was unavoidable

I guess whatever is done, Is done

It was just part of your twisted fun

What an tragedy

You weren't meant for me

Just weren't meant to be

Like a game

You played me

What a shame

But i am partialy to blame

Though it was painful

Gotta be thankful

What advice is given you take

So you learn from your mistakes

Like when your first time getting burned

You bounce back with a new lesson learned