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Rants, rants everywhere~
Discrimination on gaia
Am I pissed off? You bet your sweet ass I am.

So. Recently, my last account got banned from gaia. Why, you ask? Firstly, the mods didn't like the fact that I had "toddlercon" in my interests section. Second, they deleted my journal entry on supporting pedophilia.

Now, I can kind of understand why they deleted my interests section. That one is debatable. However, I cannot understand why they deleted the one on pedophilia. If my memory serves correct, didn't the ToS say that posting things that encourage child abuse are against the rules?
My post did no such thing. In my post, I stated that I support the pedophiles that don't abuse. Basically, the deletion was unjustified.

I am disappointed in the mod that did this. The new rules are disappointing also. Gaia is made up of tons of anime fans, most of which love lolicon and shota. Even toddlercon. I really don't see how cartoons having relationships equates to real life child abuse. They don't specifically state that saying you support toddlercon is against the rules, but the mod that deleted me must have gotten the wrong idea.

Discrimination against non harming pedophiles and toddlercon lovers is wrong. I am ashamed of gaia for this. They even once deleted a legal gaia guild on them. The mods use and exploit the rules to their benefit, even though they go against the rules themselves. Not unlike the real world. I'll get to that rant in my next post. For now, keep on enjoying life, and be proud of whatever sexuality you are.

X Sai Kaitou
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X Sai Kaitou
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    commentCommented on: Mon May 09, 2011 @ 06:30am
    the world is filled with bigiots who cant desern from reality from fantasy in terms of its effects on the real world. like people in america see all these law, medical and cop shows and think they know health and law....idiots.

    ps your a** is sweet? XD thats a new one. XD

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