1. I R HOME. Out of Germany! Woot!

2. http://angelslime.blogspot.com/

My gaming editorial/column thingy. Current special is Smile Slime: My Days in the World of Dragon Warrior. The only things I've been playing lately are Dragon Warrior games, believe it or not. After I detail my lovely adventure there, I'm not sure where my gaming reportage will go. Haven't decided yet.

3. Follow me on Twitter! @suzuriheinze

4. Youtube channel revival happening. Check it out! Currently working on a HUGE thing to mark my return to the 'tubes with some custom animation using video game sprites ala the GBC Dragon Warrior remakes.

5. ...I don't get to go to France to see Gaby play like we wanted to originally. This makes me a sad fangirl. However, I'd rather be home and happy most of the time than in Germany miserable with a slight chance of being overjoyed by seeing my beloved Gaby play once or twice a soccer season.

6. Ummmmmmmm. Jade still has jet lag. Poor baby. She's a little confuzzed about the whole transition.

So, yeah!