Been a pretty eventful day. I've been getting a local studio ready for psychics to meet. Pretty rad, but it sounds like I'll have to jump through some hoops to actually get it up and running. Got to love bureaucracy.

Talked to Leon, got my first shift as a Barton Regular tonight. Graveyard, woo hoo! I'm taking the West Side, there are a lot of ghost lanterns trying to break in but no matter. My talents at Ring-Fu are what got me my ticket here in the first place, I guess this is my first chance to prove myself. We'll see how Goti handles it.

But the big event of the day... I was busking outside of the Forum Bar, playing some Ukulele (why does no one here know what that is?) when this girl walked by. I don't know what it is about her, she just caught my eye right away. Got her name from one of the local ghosts, I guess she's new here too. Michelle Nguyen. I caught up with her later and we talked a little bit.

[NPC] Michelle Nguyen
Phantom Wickit
So I saw while I was busking outside of the coffee shop today. I'm kind of new in town, getting a feel for the scene, but your hair was like... Well, I wrote you a haiku.

Oh Michelle Nguyen,
I'm a beat without a tune,
but I dig your walk.

Haiku is so 1995, but next time you can most def. flag me down to buy me an espresso.

Yeah, I'm a sap, what ever. I'm hoping to catch her again, I told her about this coffee place down the way that I think she'll like.
Alright, time for a cat nap. Got to report to the Guild House at 1:30am for my guard shift.