I've been on Gaia since 2004. But back then I was a completely different person. I went by a different name, I acted different, I was quite possibly a different person. Mainly because I was a dumb kid back then, but now I am a 23 year old adult who still.... is lurking on these forums. I belong to no clique, I belong to no fandom, no bias, no "gang".

I am X-Death and I am a long-time Gaia Member, hardcore RPG gamer and collector.

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I started Gaia pretty much as a method of my friends getting on my account and using it as a Gold collector from polls and stuff since back then you actually GOT gold from doing things on here. You see, back in the day there actually was an economy until they went all Cash crazy on us... but I digress. Eventually a friend from school told me that I needed to start getting onto Gaia more and I figured 'eh, why not?'.

Well technically I started off with the name "MooqIes", Tellah and Ess are probably the only few out there who'd even remember that.

So I introduced myself to the subforum as X-Death. I was pretty much today's idea of a troll. I acted like a little brat, started arguments a lot, swore, acted pretty stupid... These were the days when Tellah had his radio show and the Gaia forums were an actual source of entertainment. You see, back in the day the Final Fantasy subforum had actual substance and topics lurking in it, unlike today where it's just repeated forums of old news and other nonsensical crap that no one cares to stick around for. The stuff that actually provides entertainment ( The Riddle thread for example ) people ignore.

Eventually I got into an argument after time and time again. Finally the thread finally ended and X-Death was permabanned after an argument; an ourburst that I really should have known better. And with the ban, I lost somewhere up to 1m Gold ( back then. Right now it'd be somewhere near 20m gold maybe )

Neo X-Death

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So, next in line came Neo X-Death. Sounds predictable sure... but hell, I was surprised Neo X-Death was even available! I got X-Death because I signed up a year after the creation of Gaia, and I used the lesser used form of ExDeath's name. But as Neo X-Death, I tried my best to behave myself.

In these times I spent most my time doing Gaia fishing and slots. Harmless fun, right? These were the days when Gaia Games were actually entertaining until Gaia butchered them to the point of unplayable. Gaia Puzzles actually was a source of money and fun.

So I continued to stick around the FF subforum. I always frequented the Riddle thread... I'd like to pretend that the ban somewhat matured me... But not very much. As you see, I was still just a dumb kid. I was probably 16, maybe? I'm not entirely sure.

This is probably the beginning of a long love-hate relationship between Gaia and I as you see, it probably began the era where I was banned for pretty much anything. Any butthurt troll could easily press the 'Report User' button and watch my username disappear. However, I think it lasted a year and a half?

This was part of the time when I actually decided to quit Gaia. I posted in the Riddle thread that I'm done with Gaia. I don't really recall exactly what I said and why... but it lasted 9 months and when I came back... just about no one seemed familiar anymore. I felt like a stranger.

It was also with Neo X-Death where I made the Seraphic Gate thread. Derrived from the tri-Ace thread, I revived the guild with my own touch of magic and it thrived into an actual nice hangout. It didn't quite grow as much as I intended... but it still was a nice place.

Nothing was really noteable about Neo X-Death other than it was just the second username I had. And it was permabanned for saying the acronym "stfu" to a troll. And I don't mean a Gecko like troll where it SOMEWHAT has a point in starting arguments a lot, I mean a troll where he joined a thread just to say the same nonsense he said in the other thread 3 minutes ago.

Neo X-Death lost maybe a bit less than X-Death. Again, nothing real memorable.

Imperial Soulblade

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So I kind of ran out of X-Death's here. Back in the AOL days, I had the name Infenral X-Death but I thought the name sounded a bit childish, so I decided to go original and went for Imperial Soulblade. Now I BELIEVE I had a name before this.. but I cannot recall. Either way, it doesn't matter since it wasn't really a majority name.

In this era, I kind of got creative since I knew another ban was coming. It was pretty much fated. So I began trying to be even MORE mature and actually using as much tact as I can. "stfu" is completely restricted, don't swear at anyone, don't bash people, just... try and act completely natural. Yet with all this in mind, I knew it was coming.

And it did! It was an argument I started with someone in PM. I mentioned something to some guy trying to defend a friend of mine and it took the mods 6 months to ban me. I remember PMing the mod saying:
"Did you seriously just ban me for something I did 6 months ago?"
"Well, the fact of the matter is, you still violated the ToS"

So with this line of reasoning, I could right now be banned for something I said on X-Death 5 years ago, but only because the mods just NOW got around to doing it. This absolutely infuriated me and who can blame me?

Ondores Lies ( sorry, Ondores Lies got a name change and no longer has an avi )

I made Ondores Lies about 4 months after the ban. It was at first just a mule I made as a joke because... honestly, who can believe Ondores Lies? I had a mule named Romalia and another mule named Paio ( I think ) and Paio was just some stroke of the keys I thought of. Honestly, I made the name Paio just to troll. I had it with Gaia's bullshit, banning me for not using spellcheck if they had the chance. Romalia was there for me to transfer my gold and items to, just to see what would happen.

Those two got banned pretty damn fast.

So I went onto Ondores Lies and just said ******** it. if I get banned, I get banned.

Which is actually kind of funny because I never did get banned again since then. I mean, I still to this day remind myself that I will get banned one day once again since this s**t stays on your record FOREVER and it's just a virus. So I just went with it.

Ondores Lies was a fun account. People enjoyed it, I enjoyed it... I tried to keep up with new pictures with Ondore quotes in my sig. I occasionally did a bit of jokes where it was very clear I was just lying and people would say "DONT LISTEN TO ONDORES LIES" good time.

But eventually, I just didnt wanna lose the account. So I made a new account.

Ronin Straylock

Ronin Straylock is a ripped off name of my DnD friend ( Ronin Strelocke ). I liked the sound of it so I used it as my own. He's not on Gaia so it shouldn't bother him at all. Not to mention, I also wanted a theme for my avatar involving Ninja's and swords. So it worked out fine for me. This account seemed to be where I was most known for on the forums.

Lost Dynamis

Lost Dynamis was a name change from Ronin Straylock since I just... wanted something new. Dynamis is not from FFXI, like a few might think. I actually got it from Xenosaga 3... an enemy in Michtim uses a move called...... something Dynamis. I made another account a long time ago with the Dynamis name in it but I just didnt care for it. So I never used it again after that.

Now you may ask why I would make this? Well, some of you out there might not know who you're talking to. Should you care? Maybe not, but I just think that after 7 years of being on here. I might just wanna highlight my life on here. So from X-Death to Dynamis, I live on...