Damn. It's been quite sometime since I bothered getting on Gaia, much less posting a journal entry. I wonder if anyone bothers to read these. I don't know. If you're reading this, good for you. So, what's new with me? Let us see... quick over view:
I dyed my hair again. Now I'm brunette.
I'm officially a Freshman. Whoo.
High school is amazing.
High school is terrible.
I've found a new love of contradicting myself.
I finally learned that boys are stupid.
I also learned that girls are insane.
I got tired of labels.
I'm working on my temper.
I just found silver nail polish on my floor. Sweet.
Yeah. There's been alot more. but, eh. Thats alot of typing. and i'm astonishingly lazy. I'll be joining an RP soon (By force) So I suppose i'll be on more often.
Je vous adore, je suis vraiment faire.
Avec amour,

Current favorite word: Lovebug.