What a week.

Well, it's Monday again. I arrived at the Barton Train Station six days ago. Things went fairly well until I tried to leave with my goat, the conductor wouldn't let me off. I guess it's an illegal breed here, I guess I can understand with all of the negative connections with the occult, but come on. He put a bail price up, luckily one of the locals (goes by the name of Krowe) helped me pay it a few days later.

The move in was fairly uneventful. All I had was my bag and a box of stuff. I'm living in an attic above one of the shops, there's a big window right near the desk which has a great view over a little circle. Plenty of trees and lamps at night but the stars still shine through.

There are a lot of dead people though. From what I've noticed there are some other Gaians who notice their presence which I'm not used to. I'm going to try to get in contact with some of them, it'd be nice to know that others have my gift.

Alright, off to sleep. My goat is headbutting the refrigerator again and I could use a snack myself. Going to see if I can't get some signs put up for other psychics.