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Hii! This bee Tai a.k.a iSoGangstahh. My friend told me to put myself back up hurr soo...VOILA!
Anyways, like I was saying before...Jarome is the bomb.
I can't see myself without bieng his friend. He's the tater to my tot [; The rice to my krispies. The beat of my heart [;
He's soo prepared to laugh around him. Oh, and he's really retarted btw. He says he isn't but...DENIAAAL!
Romey is also really sweet...but he better not be too sweet...cause he's mmy bff bitxches! RAAAAWr!
Im not giving yoou his absolute has to find out for yerselff homey G!
Taii goes bye bye!

iLy Romeey! <33