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The Authority

1.1 Relation to Existing Agreements. Any Existing Agreements are hereby replaced
by this Contract as of the Signing Date. The other Existing Agreements have in
the meantime been nullified by the Party(ies); and as such shall no longer apply.

1.2 Proclamation of Governing Law. This Contract shall be construed in accordance
with and governed by the laws of the Infernal Court of Diyu under the reign of the 1st
Yama; and all related courts of Infernal Law. The proceedings will be overseen by an
agent of the Infernal Court of Diyu. In this matter, the Soul Contractor Warrax will
serve that purpose.


The Parties

2.1 Tasn Zheng, Demon Hunter and Agent of Vatican Section X, St.Andrew
Division, undertakes by the association with this Contract to abide by the Laws of the
Contractor and its Governing Entities. The entity Tasn Zheng acknowledges that it
understands the implications of the magical and Demonic Contract; and also that its
soul is at risk if the Terms stated within are not properly adhered to. In the name of
____________, I ______________, acknowledge that the stipulations that lie herein
will be adhered to after the signing or I will suffer the consequences of the breach of
contract, thus paying the price, possibly with my soul. I understand that this contract
will take the form of a marriage union and as such, my behaviour will reflect this
when relevant. I acknowledge status as the Wife and my behaviour will reflect this
when relevant.

2.2 Warrax1, Soul Contractor, Agent of the Infernal Courts of Diyu, 5th High General
of Tarturus (11th Layer) and 7th Regent of Naraka (4th Layer) undertakes by the
association with this Contract to abide by the Laws of the Contract and as Contractor,
to answer all questions pertaining to this Contract given by the Party, Tasn Zheng.
In the name of _____________, I ___________, acknowledge the stipulations that
lie herein will be adhered to after the signing or I will suffer the consequences of the
breach of contract, under Infernal Law Article 375 which relates to Demonic Entities,
and may suffer up to the severity of incarceration, demotion, or the removal of rights
depending on the judgement of the Infernal Courts. I understand that this contract will
take the form of a marriage union and as such, my behaviour will reflect this when
relevant. I acknowledge status as the Husband and my behaviour will reflect this
when relevant.


The Benefits

3.1 Growth of Power Base. Through prolonged exposure to their opposing powers,
both Parties will develop a resistance to the opposing power. They may also gain
strength by use of their combined knowledge and/or ritual. By access to the other
Parties Agency, both Parties will gain knowledge they might otherwise have never
acquired. Both Parties will essentially increase the strength of their Base Powers.

3.2 Cooperation of Agencies. Through cooperation of Agencies, there exists the
possibility of joint or allied missions, expeditions and sharing of knowledge. This
constitutes a decrease in casualties and stabilises the relation between the Agencies,
thusly, peace and cooperation is promoted and indicates a rise in power for the
associated Agencies.

3.3 Inheritance. The combined wealth as stipulated in ARTICLE 3.4 will be inherited
by the offspring of Tasn Zheng and Warrax, adopted or otherwise; in the event of the
deaths of both Parties. Wealth will be evenly distributed between offspring, with none
receiving more or less than the other.

3.4 Shared Financial Wealth. All material wealth of Warrax and Tasn Zheng will be
shared and combined. This includes any and all currencies applicable to either Party;
and is not limited to the Mortal Realm or Mortal Currency.

3.5 Freedom of Passage into Associated Territories. Both Parties may pass freely
into the Agencies and Realms of each other; without bias towards or against their
person or persons, in any physical manner. This implies that Warrax may enter
into a Church and not be persecuted; and also that Tasn Zheng may pass freely
through all Hells associated with Warrax without hindrance. Exception to this rule
would be that rogue demon or church parties will be dealt with by either Party as
is their discretion; but subject to the Laws of the Realms they find themselves in.

3.6 Soul Amnesty. So long as the Contract is kept, Tasn Zheng will receive Soul
Amnesty, granting him freedom from the usual cost of Contract and allowing him
to retain his soul before and after death. The Soul Contractor Warrax undertakes to
ommit the soul of Tasn Zheng from the Soul Register in the event that the Soul of
Tasn Zheng was already bound for Damning. This will be according to the basis of
equivalent trade.


The Prohibitions

4.1 Consummation of marriage. The Parties of Tasn Zheng and Warrax shall not
consummate the nuptial Contract in any way. The relationship between said Parties;
under the guise of matrimony, shall not be allowed to exceed that of platonic relation.
This implies that under no circumstance, will they ever attempt to procreate. Failure
to adhere to this will result in Legal Action, under Infernal Law being taken upon both

4.2 Violence towards Opposing Agencies through use of the Contract. No Party may
use the free passage outlined in ARTICLE 3.5 to cause harm to the associated Parties
Agencies. This includes, entering a Church or Region, Plane or Pocket of Hell, with
intention of causing injury or harm, physical or otherwise to associated members of
the related Agencies.

4.3 Unauthorised use of combined wealth. No Party may utilise the combined wealth
outlined in ARTICLE 3.4 without the express written or verbal consent of the
associated Party. This includes and is not limited to; Tasn Zheng entering a store and
purchasing large quantities of goods utilising the name or wealth of Warrax. The same
sanction applies to Warrax.

4.4 Singular Marriage Agreement. The Parties of Warrax and Tasn Zheng may
not under any circumstance, enter into a contract of similar nature with any Party;
including but not limited to a nuptial contract or distribution of wealth. This implies
that either party cannot remarry, or marry while the Contract is in effect.

4.5 Restriction of Contract with the Ward. Restriction is placed upon the Soul
Contractor, Warrax; regarding the Ward of Tasn Zheng. Under no circumstance will
he be allowed to Contract with the Ward, until she reaches Legal age of consent;
as stipulated by Tasn Zheng; unless stated otherwise by the Party of Tasn Zheng,
verbally or in written form.

4.6 Non-Exploitation Policy. The Parties of Tasn Zheng and Warrax shall be
prohibited from undertaking any action which exploits the physical property of
either Party as a reagent or tool of any kind. This includes but is not limited to;
Tasn Zheng or Warrax taking any item of clothing or physical property of the being
of the other Party (This includes but is not limited to; a strand of hair, a sample
of skin, a drop of blood.etc.) without the express consent of the associated Party.

4.7 Confidentiality Agreement. The Parties of Tasn Zheng and Warrax undertake
to keep all information shared and agreed upon to be confidential, secret and under
no circumstance will they reveal this knowledge without the express consent of
the associated Party. This Agreement also applies to knowledge gained through
associated Agencies.

4.8 Non-shared custody of the Ward. Custody of the Ward of Tasn Zheng will remain
as such, and will not be shared by Warrax. Sole responsibility lies with Tasn Zheng
regarding the Ward's upbringing and guardianship; up to but not limited to such time
as the Ward reaches maturity and the age of consent.

4.9 Premature Death Restriction. If for any reason, either of the Associated Parties
meets their demise before the Signing of this Contract, it will be rendered void and
have no effect and all benefits and prohibitions as outlined in ARTICLES III and IV
will not apply.


Term and Termination

5.1 Term. The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date hereof and
shall continue and remain in full force and effect, until this Contract is
terminated in accordance with this ARTICLE V.

5.2 Termination by mutual consent.

(a) This Agreement may be terminated by mutual written consent of all

(b) In the event of termination pursuant to ARTICLE 5.2(A), the
consequences of Termination outside of the original cost of Contract shall be agreed
among the Parties in writing , unless
the form of a notarial deed is required under Infernal Law or there is an extension of
Contract and the stipulations have been altered. Termination of Contract will result in
the revoking of all Benefits as stated in ARTICLE III.

5.3 Expulsion for Breach. In the event that any Party makes a breach of contract, the
BREACHING PARTY will be subject to Expulsion unless reparations are made,
which will be decided upon by the relevant Infernal Court. The BREACHING
PARTY retains no right to refuse the penaltly. The BREACHING PARTY will also
incur the following penalties if reparations are not made:

(a) The forfeit of the combined wealth as stated in ARTICLE 3.4 to the other Party.

(b) Forfeit of Sanctuary, which marks a termination of ARTICLE 3.5 and also implies
that the remaining Party will not allow safe haven to the BREACHING PARTY in
any form.

(c) The forfeit of one third of the Parties combined strength, including, material
wealth, physical, magical and territorial power to the remaining Party.

(d) In the event that the Party of Tasn Zheng makes a Breach of Contract, Soul
Amnesty as outlined in ARTICLE 3.6 will be denied and a soul or souls equal to the
strength of Tasn Zheng's must be offered in exchange or the Party of Tasn Zheng risks
losing its soul to Damnation.
In the event that the BREACHING PARTY receives these penalties it will constitute
the Expulsion of said Party, and the Contract will be immediately terminated and
rendered void.

5.4 Termination in Case of Death of either Party. In the event that either Party
meets an untimely demise after the Signing, then all wealth and territories will be
bequeathed to the remaining Party. All familial and fincancial responsibility will
also be given to the remaining Party. All Benefits as stated in ARTICLE III will be
retained by the remaining Party and all Prohibitions as stated in ARTICLE IV will be
nullified. In the event of the demise of the Ward's guardian Tasn Zheng, custody will
be given to Warrax or if a Will exists, it will be arbitrated by the Infernal Courts.

5.5 Post-Termination Covenants. Upon the termination of this
Contract, each Party or the remaining Party, at its own cost, shall promptly return to
the Disclosing
Parties any and all documents and materials constituting or containing
Confidential Information of the Disclosing Party which are in its possession or
control, or at its option, shall destroy such documents and materials and
certify such destruction in writing to the Disclosing Party or in the event that one
Party has met their demise, that Party's representative.



6.1 Governing Law and Dispute Resolution.

(a) This Contract shall be construed in accordance with and governed
by the laws of the Infernal Court of Diyu under the reign of the 1st Yama.

(b) The Parties shall try to settle any disputes by way of mediation.

(c) All disputes arising in connection with this Contract or its
validity or any agreement provided herein which cannot be resolved by mutual
agreement of the Parties or mediation shall be finally settled in accordance
with the Arbitration Rules of the Infernal Institution of Arbitration e.v. (Dis Pater)
without recourse to the ordinary courts of law (except for challenges to the
validity of resolutions which shall be submitted to the competent
courts). The place of arbitration is subject to change and will be upon neutral ground.
The arbitral tribunal
consists of three arbitrators. The arbitrators must be capable of being
appointed a judge in accordance with the relevant Infernal legal rules. The
substantive law of the homeland of Tasn Zheng is applicable to the dispute.
The language of the arbitral proceedings will be English.

6.2 Binding Effect. This Contract shall be binding upon and inure to the
benefit of the Parties hereto by way of a blood pact.

6.3 Assignment. Other than as expressly otherwise provided herein, this
Contract shall not be assignable or otherwise transferable by any Party hereto
without the prior written consent of all the other parties hereto, and any
purported assignment or other transfer without such consent shall be void and

6.4 No Third Party Beneficiaries. Except as specifically provided by this
Contract, nothing in this Contract shall confer any rights upon any Third

6.5 Entire Contract. This Contract constitutes the entire agreement and
supersedes all prior agreements and understandings both written and oral,
between or among any of the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

6.6 Language for this Contract. All agendas, notices,
other documentation relating to (i) Interaction between the Parties,
(ii) documentation provided by the Parties and
(iii) interaction between the Infernal Courts, including without limitation this
Contract, meetings of the Agencies and the Parties of Tasn Zheng and Warrax, shall
be prepared in and entered into the English language. In the event of any dispute
concerning the construction or meaning of this Contract, the text of the Contract as
written in the English language shall prevail over any translation of this Contract that
may have been or will be made.

6.7 Other rights. Each of the Parties shall join with the
other Party in exercising all voting rights and other rights and powers of
control as are respectively available to them in relation to the Nuptial effects of the
Contract under the Articles of Association for the time
being in force and shall each take or refrain from taking all other appropriate
action within their respective powers so as to procure that at all times during
the subsistence of this Contract all provisions concerning the nature and
function of the Contract and the regulation by the Parties of its affairs set out
in this Contract are duly observed and given full force and effect and all
actions required of the Parties are carried out in a timely manner.

6.8 Severability. In the event that any term, condition or provision of
this Agreement is held to be or become invalid or be a violation of any
applicable Law, statute or regulation, the same shall be deemed to be deleted
from this Agreement and shall be of no force and effect and the Agreement shall
remain in full force and effect as if such term, condition or provision had not
originally been contained in this Agreement. The validity and enforceability of
the other provisions shall not be affected thereby. In such case or in the event
that this Agreement should have a gap, the Parties hereto shall agree on a valid
and enforceable provision completing this Agreement, coming as close as possible
to the economic intentions of the Parties. In the event of a partial invalidity the Parties
agree that this Agreement shall remain in force without the invalid part.
This shall also apply if parts of this Agreement are
partially invalid.

The undersigned parties do hereby agree to the terms of this Contract and undertake to sign using their blood, mortal or otherwise to magically bind themselves to this Contract.

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