So I watched a new anime very recently. I'd been thinking of watching it for a long while, but what finally convinced me to do so was the amount of delicious doujinshi I had of the series. I was like, what the ******** man? Every Raildex doujin I have is god-tier. So I figured it was worth a watch, and I had time to burn while I was at my dad's internet-less house for the week.

I burned through that s**t like two days, because woooaahh I really liked it. I wouldn't say it's above Kanon, Princess Tutu, Gurren Lagann, or even Code Geass, but it's up there.

The premise is that there are two main factions of people with "powers" in the world, those who operate via science, aka 'Espers', and the religion-based magicians. The magicians are much more undercover as opposed to espers though, as the mages keep their operations hush-hush while espers have a whole city dedicated to furthering their skills. This place is called Academy City, and it's where the whole anime takes place. Our main character is Touma, a guy who runs into a lot of misfortune because his ability to nullify magic and physic powers is also rumored to cancel out good luck. He meets Index, a lost nun from an English church, and the series extends from there.

There are alot of super awesome characters, even if many of them don't get much screentime, so it was a bit to hard to decide on a favourite character, and while Misaka (You best call her Biribiri!) is by far my favourite female, the one guy who captured my heart is this weirdo.

User Image

Is he ******** psychotic as a bat from hell? You bet your boots he is. I'd also like to give him a gigantic hug and keep him company for just about ever, but that loli there beat me to it. Am I jelly? ******** yes. Is there anything I can do about it? Lol what no. ;_; She is little Misaka Misaka and cute as ******** though so I can forgive her.

Watch it

Also, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, I have begun to play it more often now. I'm now maining Warwick, and apparently I'm decent, but my self-esteem took a good drop when my boyfriend took him up for one match and showed me who's boss. ******** douche.

I'm procrastinating a bit with Grand Chase because no ******** missions besides PVP and stuff. Ugh. I'll get over that lump in due time.