I finally got to my 1st mill.(on 6 and a half), and that dude finally finished the trade. heart

I also finished my first week at this new job i have. I'm getting the hang of it.To me though, the best part of it is I'm learning corel X3 on the job. I always wanted to learn that.I think i would have even settled for photoshop, since all i had to work with b4 was paint...can anyone say:EEEWWWWW!!!!.....

I'm going to try and save up (irl) for a laptop:a macbook pro.Also for garage band and microsoft office.Those I should be able to get by christmas or my birthday (jan.16th).
There's a few other important things too, but i gotta start somewhere and i really do need those most.

I also wrote 4 pages on my story on saturday and 1 on sunday. I love making progress on it (no matter how much or little). The thing is that now that I'm working full time, i don't have as much time for it. But thats okay.Getting a job here was tough (not in the company; in my city).So I'm glad I don't have to worry about that for a while anymore.