Ah October.... walking through the stores this time of year reminds me of when I worked retail... I worked in a Fred Myers, and for those of you who haven't heard of that chain think Wal-Mart. Except Wal-Mart is a lil' cheaper in prices and a lot cheaper in product quality... Anyway, the reason I'm reminded is because every November we'd decorate for Halloween and we'd always get this particular.... statue thingy. Ya know, those butler or witch mannequins that hold a candy tray and move if people get close? Back to what I was saying, we'd get one in particular, a butler guy, that was exceptionally life like and... well...... freaking creepy as hell!!!! Seriously, one time a guy put one in a cart and pushed it towards a coworker after closing. She turned around let out a scream you could hear across the store, literally pissed herself, and started crying. *Chuckles darkly.* I was kinda upset I hadn't thought of that. Moving on, our customer service desk was right next to the u-scan and I would take great delight in placing one of those guys in the return box at customer service (those who've worked a chain store should know what I'm talking about.) so that he was looking out into the u-scan. Oh how I loved to sit on break and watch people jump at the sight of him, a few would scream.... and I remember a certain young gentleman who took a swing and then had to buy the merchandise he damaged. One of the few joys I ever found working retail.