To curb my RP cravings and find something with value, I wish to accept the semi-acceptance of my laptop into my writer's project.
"What is this Project?" you may ask, if you do. I'll be more than glad to explain.

The project:

Each school year, since the end of my fifth grade year, I have started at least one story, all in the fantasy department of reading. I ask for characters, and some ideas. Each year, something is started, and may be stored in my computer.
Since then, I've completed one project. I'd simply call that period "Blood".

The list:

5th Grade: Fish Fantasies (Finished in 6th Grade.)

6th Grade: "The End", Stage 1 (Hiatus) and "The GF Conspiracy" (Deemed "Canceled" wink

7th Grade: Continued "The End", Stage 2. (Had finished, but put on hiatus due to edits and lost final version.)

8th Grade: "What is Life" (Deemed "Canceled" due to lack of story) and "The End", Stage 3 (Hiatus, surprise!).

9th Grade: "Wann of Lies" (~Work in Progress) and "Oko Days" (Follow up to "The End", which was in stage 3, Hiatus).

Enough with the graveyard of storylines never to be completed. I want something fresh, and something I can write with ideas flowing for days. Send me characters, I should have a skeleton up someday. If your character makes the cut, I'll not only put you on my Friends List, but I'll also try to keep getting your active involvement in this year's project.
It's a fresh start, and I want the world to write the next great novel.