I've been levelling Jin. He's level 47 right now, guaranteed he'll be 48 by the end of the night. Anymore then that? Possibly. Hopefully. I'm trying to bump my way to 60 so he can wear the delicious brand new Ebon Inferno set I bought for him. Granted I'm missing like 3 pieces for now... I'll fix that soon.

Amy got to level 60, so I've put levelling her at a standstill for now to give others time to catch up. Plus I'm cringing over the thought of all the grinding I need to do to level her again, or else play PVP.

Ryan is job level 2, and once I'm done with Jin it's straight onto him. I have a hairstyle I want to get for him when he's level 55. He'll look good... ♥

The others are kind of not in the plan right now. Arme's stuck with needing to grind because she has NO MISSIONS, and I gave up on trying to get Seighart's crest because I have better things to be doing. It's too late now, anyways.