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Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
Final Fantasy 7
Story Prologue ( haven't thought of a name for it yet )
Crack! sounded my rifle, and another enemy downed. I grinned as I pulled the bolt action back, then pushed it forward and locked it in place, loading another .338 Lapua Mag bullet, ready to fire. My Remington 700 Bolt Action, was dead accurate, and incredibly deadly. Hiding in a tipped doughnut sign on top of a building, I had full coverage from all angles, and could see everything. I had plenty of ammunition, and my only objective was to kill as many of these terrorists as possible. The only thing I had to bug me was a radio, that was connected with Bio-Hazard, my team member on the ground.
"Specter, you still there? Over."
" Copy, I'm still alive. Unfortunately for them." I joked, she laughed. I saw her run across a large street, and I covered her with the crosshairs just behind her. This prevented any misfires from hitting her. A terrorist jumped up from behind a car, and I silently moved the crosshairs and put a bullet right through his neck with a loudCrack! I never bothered with a silencer, because the only way they could here me is if I missed, and that was a near impossibility with my accuracy being 97.9% out of 100. The only time I bothered with silencers was in a high concentration of hostiles area.
"Specter, I'm going inside the building now."
" Copy, but hurry. I can see a large group of around 15 to 20 men, heading your way and fast. I'll try to hold them off, but get out of there soon."
"You afraid for me?"
"No, I just hate finding new partners." I commented as I pulled the trigger, knocking a terrorist on his back. Quickly, I reloaded then shot again, taking out another man. Slide the bolt back, push it forward, lock it in place. It became a rythmic song. Back Forth, lock, Fire. The clatter of the bullet hitting the roof of the building added to the music.
" Sir, I am going to help you kill them off, because you need to see this."
" Roger, be down in a jiffy." I answered, jumping out of my spot, grabbing my rifle and going to the stairs.
" Who still says "Jiffy"?"
" Me."
" Why not." I answered. Soon I was out of the building and running for the building, about 200 yards away. The terrorists had seemed to multiply, suddenly coming in twos and threes and fours at me. I never stopped running, shooting them with my rifle. Then a man jumped in front of me, shoving an AK-47 in my face. I raised my rifle to shoot, and all I was rewarded with was a click. An empty rifle. The man grinned, then readied his gun to shoot. There was a burst of gunfire, and the man was thrown off his feet, sideways.
" Sir, if your gonna run, at least have a full gun."
" Shut up and cover me, I'm almost there."
"Whatever, Mr. MSG." She giggled, I swore and kept running. Silently I let the rifle hang from its strap, and unholstered my Colt 1911 .45 ACP handgun. A handgun that had been in service for a century, yet is still one of the most reliable handguns made. One man popped out of a car, I grabbed him, kicked him in the chest, then put a bullet through his heart. Then I ran. While I was running, something happened. I heard a click. Then another one. then an explosion about 4 yards behind me. I was thrown from my feet, flying through the air and landing on a car. My leg was on fire, but still there. Several large pieces of shrapnel stuck out of my leg, blood dripping from the wound.
" Stupid mines..." I groaned,
" Sir! You still got a leg?"
" Mostly." I rolled off the car and ran towards the building. It was only around ten yards, but my leg was severly injured and I could only just run. About five yards from the building, a large, bloody man tackled me. My gun was thrown from my hand, and I could barely keep him off. his entire body was covered in what looked like bite marks, and it looked like he was attacked by a hungry wolf. Blood poured from his mouth, and it seemed he was trying to bite me. I pulled out a knife and shoved it in his heart, but he didn't even notice. A bullet cracked from Bio's gun, blowing the mans head to shreds. I was covered in blood, but I barely cared. I wanted to get out of here fast. I grabbed my pistol and ran back to Bio, who was on the radio.
"... An evac helicopter, ASAP. Specters been seriously injured." She waited a second, then hit the button again.
" But sir, he barely made it ten yards! We can't get to the edge of town in five minutes!" another wait...
" Yes sir...." She looked up at me. " Sir, we need to look at this fast, then get to Evac point B. They said that A was too hot."
" Well then show me." I groaned. My leg was slowly going numb. I took off my jacket, leaving just my T-shirt, and my vest on. I wrapped my leg with the jacket to slow the bleeding. Then I went inside.
Inside was a gorefest of blood, and some chemical. There were dead bodies and blood and body parts everywhere, most had syringes in them with a purplish, grayish fluid in the syringe. I looked around. Then I pulled out a camera and quickly took a picture.
"Lets go." I said, turning to the door. Bio silently put my arm around her neck and we started running towards Evac point B, we had four minutes. Several terrorists were shooting at us, but I could fire more accurately with a handgun, and easily killed them. A man who looked like the bloody one who tackled me ran towards us, but stopped , turned, and tackled one of his own men and tore out his throat. Suddenly it seemed like a free for all, bloody people attacking us and our team. This didn't bother me, it helped us and didnt slow us down.
We got to the evac point right as the helicopter did, the helicopter just off the ground. I let go of Bio, then turned around and shot the guy chasing us between the eyes, then hopped onto the helicopter and we flew off.

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