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Is it everything чoυ dreamed that it would be

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My life is nothing liked I dreamed it would be in fact it is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Do you still want me to continue.... Okay then I guess I will but before we go please don't try to sympathies or relate to me you can't and your feeble attempts will do nothing but make you feel better so please just don't I get enough of that already without your help. If you do try to relate to me I only ask you not to follow my footsteps or try to enter a world you do not belong in because you will die or go insane like my poor mother. With that all cleared up I am Tyler Minas and no I have no relation to King Minos from Crete well not that I know off . I was born in Phoenix Arizona and as off today I am sixteen years old so yeah I should be celebrating shouldn't I but why would I want to celebrate sixteen years of monster attacks. Surprised yeah you should be I haven't yet mention that I could be a demigod. Cats out of the bag now I guess well maybe I still have yet to confirm my suspicions I could be insane like my mom it wouldn't be a surprise but that can't be true as these monster are real trust me when you have a bear like guy chocking you it simple to figure out its real. Still the body can do some crazy things if you think that something is happening to you and its not. Example if you think that you are really really sick and someone tells you the symptoms chances are your body is going to mimic your thoughts and make those symptoms a reality. Though if an Olympian God or any God for that matters shows himself to be my Father then I know I am a demigod. Now your wondering why I mentioned Olympian Gods well most of the monsters I have met are from Greek mythology so I kind of figured out if I am a Demigod then one of them is my Father.

What do I look like? Um well if you haven't noticed I'm a guy though I will admit I am a bit more feminine looking then most but I don't care it makes me different from the rest and I like that. I have brownish black hair the brown comes from my mom so I figured the black came from my Dad who ever he is. I'm tan but not golden,bronze, orange tan just tan. I'm about 5'7" weighing in at 125lbs. Overall I look average for a monster killing human I guess I haven't met any one else other then me who has fought a monster so I don't really know what others like me look like. So yeah sorry for ranting well actually I'm not. Anyways back to topic. I have stunning blue eyes or so every girl as told me though I find them annoying as they are a stark contrast against well mostly everything about me, I reflect my surrounding which is a dessert so I have a lot of brown on me in my hair ,my cloths, sometimes its grey cloths but for the most part I stick to brown. So with me wearing brown a lot my electric blue eyes ruin my look somewhat and attracts unwanted attention from guys thinking I'm trying to steal their girlfriend. It probably doesn't help I am very sarcastic in a time when sarcasm is no longer understood. Minus the monsters in my life and my crazy mother I live a normal life of a pretty boy well normal to the point where I don't have a stuck up attitude or look at myself in the mirror every five seconds.

You can tell I'm pretty friendly and polite but some guys would tell you differently though that is only because they are pissed off that the girl friends left them for me. So yeah I have a talent for pissing people off just by standing there dong nothing which i find hilarious and well interesting. Most the people I piss of though are guys and some girls because I get more attention then they do while do nothing while they work day in and day out to look good. Those are the people I dislike who can't accept the way they look and have to resort to implants and heavily applied make up to look good. Thats a fake beauty in my opinion and that is why I get more attention because mine is the real thing not fake in the slightest. Now I love to run as well it was like I was made for it but you will rarely see me running under a roof I love running underneath the sky with the endless dessert all around me. I also actually like school mainly because I can get away from my mother and actually have fun with my friends so I kind of hate breaks unless it involves me not being with my mother. Now don't get me wrong I love my mother to death but you try living with her for as long as I have you would want to run away as well. Why haven't I then well my mom needs more then anything I don't think she would survive without me.

You still want more well I think I could oblige but although my life does have its interesting moments such as monster attacks the rest is just my normal life. So you still want to hear my story well here I go then. I haven't been on this world for all that long but I was born in June on the Twentieth. On that day a massive lighting storm hit the city as well though from what I've heard it was the worst they had ever had. Soon after I was born my mother moved out of the city and far out into the dessert away from civilizations but not far enough that I had to be home schooled. When I was four a monster attacked me and my Mom I don't know how or why but as it chased us something killed it but the monster still had done damaged. It was on that day my Mother started her descent into madness and it was the day I had to start fending for myself to survive. When my teachers learned I had dyslexia and ADHD it was up to me to do everything I needed to keep in manageable but I couldn't help but think someone was watching over us as when ever we needed something or needed money a check came in the mail or what we needed did. After the first monster attack I was attacked at least once or twice a year once even three times. Out of all the monsters I have fought and either escaped form or destroyed I can only name a few. Cyclopes,Spinx, the Crommyonian Boar, Sybaris, and the Manticore the rest I have no idea what they were nor do I want to know as they seem to have come from the darkest pits of hell imaginable.

My school life was great I had a lot of friends as well as a lot of enemies. Though out of all my friends I only had one I really hung out with all the time and that was Alex Miller. Me and Alex hung out a lot and despite him being cripple the guy could run fast though in a weird way. My life at home was a different story for the most part my mom stayed holed up in her room which was filled with all sorts of objects meant to keep evil away. I could never stand being in that room I just couldn't but I took care of her she was my mother and I couldn't just stand by and watch her lose her mine. One day after school as I was walking up are long driveway I saw smoke in the distance coming from our house. I ran has fast as I could but by the time I got there the house was an inferno of flames and there was no sign of my mother. Then from behind me came a roar and then nothing. Later I woke up just outside of the Arizona state line with Alex standing over me. I heard the same exact roar from before echo in the distance and well I ran not wanting to meet up with that monster despite how much I wanted to kill it. A couple of days later I arrived at camp and I am still not settled in I doubt I will be for awhile. So there thats my story now if you excuse me I have to get to sword practice.