Guess this will be a dram journal.

I was nekkid, but not. I was riding in this bubble thing with some Digimon Tamers/chosen, and we reach a bus/train platform. It was an odd platform, with changing stalls leading to it. The stalls were a yellowish seafoam green, and they were in clusters, A swinging door opened up to the clusters of stalls. There were three clusters. I enter one, and notice that few of the stalls were empty, but fewer had people in them.
The ones that werent empty had things like a frothing cauldron, various clothes articles, and messes. I was nekkid by now, my clothes having dissapeared. I go out to check if any of the stalls in the other clusters are any better, but when I come back dissapointed, all the empties in the first set are full. I hear someone approaching, and hide under a pale blue blanket lying on the ground.

From a mirror I watch two thin brown-hooded grim-reaper-like figures (a bit like the Headmaster* in dA's hot-choc's warrior u) with glowing yellow and red eyes (like jawa) enter the cluster. One wraps up a sleeping girl in a blanket, then it heads out the enterence door to where the other was waiting. I decide to make my escape, but I am pushed past by someone and I fall back to let them pass, muttering a "sorry". The red eyed one narrows his eyes at me and tells me I made a mistake. The yellow eyed one, having put the sleeping girl somewhere else, wraps his arms around me and picks me up. I panic, thinking (truthfully) that I am bieng kidnapped, and bite him. His only reaction is an angry "She bit me" and the tightening of his grip. He hauls me down the street, and over a foot thick railing, into a park of some sort. He walks -glides!- towards a lodge, with a fire pit burning out in front. I am getting cold, and I try to huddle closer to him. (He was giving off a comfortable amount of heat.)

He sets me down, and unthinkingly I dash off. I get up the drive and nearly make it ti the railing when he catches up. I am immobalized and am sent floating to a empty -beanshaped- one tile deep- pool, where other re-captured girls are bing kept and punished. Nothing harsh, collars, a good talking to, that sort of thing. I realize I am going to be sold as a slave, and think -Okay. I get it. No more escaping-. My captor is sitting near the pool-thing, and I float down into his arms. I am shivering, and he draws me closer so I am not cold anymore. I sense he is sort of fond of me, and is determined to give me a good home. I trust him. As he lays me with my head in his lap, I fall asleep. ***End Dream***

(Now, usually I follow through what my mind tells me about the dream world and chracters I jusl left when I wake up.)
From what my dream self can recall, I was a slave before, brought to a terrible establishment and nearly got sold to an abusive master. I escaped while he was not paying attention, almost immediately after bieng bought.
Slaves are bound to thier masters in various ways: An exchanging of blood. (each at least licks the other's blood, forming a bond between the two; Sex; or a simple tag on the ear, or a collar.
It is the norm to form at least two bonds. The sex or blood, and a tag or collar. I was able to escape because none of those bonds had been formed yet.

Following up where I woke up, the hooded figure whspers to me that he will insure I go to a good home. He is satisfied I learned my lesson about not running off (he can read minds maybe?) and takes my sleeping form to the slave seller's place he works for. It is much better than the one I escaped from, and I am even healed of a wound along my side that I had obtained in the old place for disobedience or defiance.

my captor even drives off the man who was nearly my master, and sends out people to turn him in to the authorities. It seems the establishment I am now at has the government's permission to run, while the place I was at before is an underground -illegal- place. Upon learning this, I give him directions tot he old place, so it can be shut down and the slaves there get better treatment.
After a few days of healing and care, he tells me I am ready to be sold. I am moved to a new area, just as comfortable as the first, and am soon sold to a new, caring master.